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Should You Give Seluvis’ Potion To Nepheli in Elden Ring?

Should You Give Seluvis’ Potion To Nepheli in Elden Ring?

Whether or not to give Nepheli Seluvis’ Potion is one of the difficult decisions you have to make in Elden Ring.

During Ranni’s questline, you will encounter a rather unusual NPC called Seluvis. At some point during his quest, he will ask you to give a potion to Nepheli.

Seluvis wants Nepheli to be one of his puppets and this potion will achieve that.


Who Should I Give the Potion to Elden Ring?

Seluvis giving potion in Elden Ring
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There is no correct choice when it comes to who you should give Selvius’ potion to.

There are three options to whom you can give the potion: Nepheli, Sir Gideon, and Dung Eater.

Whichever option you pick comes with a reward and a consequence.

We discuss in detail below what happens when you give the potion to each of Nepheli, Sir Gideon, and Dung Eater.


Give Nepheli potion
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Morally, you shouldn’t give Nepheli Seluvis’ potion. Additionally, it will also stop you from completing her questline.

If you give Nepheli the potion she will become a doll, depart Roundtable Hold, and become Seluvis’s slave.

You will be able to purchase her spirit summon from Seluvis, though.

While giving Nepheli the potion rewards you with the Dolores puppet Spirit summon, it also locks you from completing Nepehli’s quest.

If you do decide to do this, you can inform Seluvis and he will teach you sorcery.

It’s important to note that the only difference between giving Nepheli the potion and not is that you don’t get her as a summon.

Sir Gideon

Give Sir Gideon potion
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Sir Gideon is a good option to dispose of the potion because he won’t take it but Seluvis will think he has.

When you show Gideon the potion, he will ask you to give him the potion.

If you decide to give him the potion, he will discard it and encourage you to tell Seluvis a lie about delivering the potion to Nepheli.

Surprisingly, it works and Seluvis will still offer to teach you sorceries.

However, if you decide to keep it, he would warn you that there is a risk of Nepheli becoming a puppet, which is precisely what Seluvis wants.

Dung Eater

Give Dung Eater potion
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A third choice is to keep the potion and give it to the Loathsome Dung Eater once you locate his physical form.

To begin Dung Eater’s quest you need to show a Seedbed Curse to his ghost in the Roundtable Hold.

Eventually, you’ll reach a point at which you can feed it to him in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds.

First, you must defeat him in the moat then he will request you to get him Seedbed Curses.

Instead of Seedbed Curses, you can give him Seluvis’ Potion at this moment. Once you’ve given him the potion, it will make him into a puppet.

This way, he’ll be available as a summon from Seluvis but only if you don’t kill Dung Eater.