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Ghost Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Ghost Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Ghost Pokemon are one of the harder ones to remember what types stack up well against it.

With currently only 70 Ghost Pokemon among the more than 1,000 in existence, they’re the third-rarest type.

To learn more about this relatively rare and troublesome Pokemon type, here’s a quick guide to taking advantage of Ghost Pokemon’s weaknesses, resistances, immunity, and strengths.


Infographic showing Psychic Pokemon’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Resistances and Vulnerabilities

What Are Ghost Pokemon Weak Against?

Ghost type Pokemon are weak against the following types

  • Dark
  • Ghost

This means any Dark or Ghost type attacks used against a Ghost Pokemon will be super-effective.

So, watch out for Dark and Ghost moves like Crunch, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, and Curse, to name a few.

In addition to Dark moves being strong on Ghost Pokemon, Dark Pokemon can also resist Ghost moves.

It’s the only type that resists Ghost moves, making Ghost the least resisted type, tied with Dragon.

Interestingly, Ghost type Pokemon are also weak to their own type.

Most notably, the Ghost type move Curse will have a different effect on Ghost Pokemon.

Curse will alter a Non-Ghost Pokemon’s stats, while Ghost Pokemon will lose half of its max HP when hit by it instead!

Furthermore, Normal types may not be one of its weaknesses, but Ghost moves do not affect Normal Pokemon.

The good news is that Ghost Pokemon can easily run away from battles against wild Pokemon, no matter the Speed.

So if your Ghost Pokemon is faced by a Dark or Ghost Pokemon in the wild, running away is a viable option.

What Are Ghost Pokemon Strong Against?

Ghost type moves are strong against (or deal super effective hits) to:

  • Psychic
  • Ghost

Psychic Pokemon usually have a high Special Defense, so it’s best to use physical Ghost moves that can target their low Defense or utilize moves that can lower their Special Defense.

As for its fellow Ghost Pokemon, the average stats for its Defense and Special Defense aren’t that different, so special or physical moves are both okay.

Just keep in mind that Ghost moves like Curse affect Ghost types differently.

Overall, Ghost moves are known for their status-inducing effects!

Some of the best Ghost type moves to use are Shadow Ball, which is a special move that can lower an opponent’s Special Defense; Shadow Claw, a physical move that can land a crit; Hex, a special move that can deal quite the damage if the opponent already has a status condition; and of course, Curse.

Status condition-wise, Trick-or-Treat adds Ghost type to the target’s typing, Spite cuts 4 PP from the opponent’s recent move, and Destiny Bond brings its opponent down when the user faints. Those are some scary moves!

Mega Banette fighting
Source: Bulbapedia

What Are Ghost Pokemon Resistant To?

Ghost Pokemon can resist Bug and Poison moves.

So Bug moves like Megahorn and X-Scissor, as well as Poison moves like Gunk Shot and Sludge Bomb, pose no threat to this type.

Immunity-wise, Ghost Pokemon is immune to Normal and Fighting. It’s the only type that is immune to more than one type!

Best Counters For Ghost Pokemon

Some of the best Pokemon to use against Ghost Pokemon are Darkrai, Sableye, Houndoom, and Mabosstiff.

Mega Gengar is excellent in Pokemon GO, too. Take a peek at our suggested strategy below and see what works for you!

Since Ghost Pokemon are weak to Dark and fellow Ghost Pokemon, it’s best to use a pure Dark Pokemon or a combination of the two.

Darkrai is a pure Dark type Mythical Pokemon with a very high Special Attack. In Pokemon GO, a Snarl and Shadow Ball combo is good to use.

Sableye has both Dark/Ghost in its typing, and has a boosted Defense and Special Defense in its Mega form.

Meanwhile, dog Pokemon Houndoom (Dark/Fire) and Mabosstiff (Dark) are also good options.

In Pokemon GO, Mega Gengar (Ghost/Poison) is a must-have Mega Pokemon. It might be a double-edged sword since it’s also weak against Ghost moves, but its Shadow Claw-Shadow Ball move set is a beast.

Some of Dark moves to consider using are Crunch, Dark Pulse, and Knock Off. For Ghost moves, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Hex, and Curse are great to use.