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Top 7 Most Fun Elden Ring Builds

Top 7 Most Fun Elden Ring Builds

In Elden Ring, the most effective builds tend to be the most popular.

However, some players love to experiment and try different playstyles.

Thankfully, the Lands Between is full of all different kinds of weapons, armor, spells, and incantations.

This offers plenty of room for creativity when it comes to making a fun build.

While these Elden Ring fun builds may not always be the most efficient in combat, they can often lead to some of the most memorable experiences.

7. Assassin Build

Assassin Build Elden Ring
  • Sneak up on enemies and deal critical damage
  • Focus more on gear instead of stats
  • Offers a fresh and fun approach to the game with a unique stealthy playstyle

Elden Ring’s new sneaking mechanics have added a whole new dimension to gameplay. This allows the players to embrace the role of an assassin in the Lands Between.

The Assassin Build focuses on staying invisible, sneaking up on enemies, and dealing critical damage with backstabs and riposts.

Rather than focusing on stats, this build is all about the gear you equip.

For example, the Black Knife Armor is a must-have thanks to its Muffle Sound effect, which allows you to sneak around undetected even at full sprint.

Adding the Ash of War Bloodhound’s Step to your favorite dagger can also be a game-changer in close-range encounters.

The Assassin Build is a fresh and fun approach to the game, offering a unique stealthy way to play Elden Ring.

6. Archer Build

Archer Build Elden Ring
  • Uses bows or crossbows to attack enemies from a distance
  • Focus on Dexterity and Strength attributes
  • Uncommon build that provides an archer-like playstyle

The Ranged Build offers a different kind of playstyle that allows you to shoot enemies from a safe distance using bows or crossbows.

Focusing mainly on Dexterity and Strength attributes, this build is perfect for those who prefer to keep their distance from the heat of battle.

As a result, you need to always have a stock of arrows before engaging in combat.

In case you run out of arrows, it’s important to pair this build with a reliable weapon of your choice.

Moreover, the two must-have items for this build are Arrow’s Reach Talisman and Arrow’s Sting Talisman, which increase the range and damage of your arrows respectively.

While this is not a very common build, the Ranged Build can give you the experience of playing the game like an Archer.

5. Poison Build

Poison Build Elden Ring
  • Focuses on applying the Poison status effect to enemies, dealing damage over time
  • Prioritize both Arcane and Mind, but the gear is also important
  • Satisfying build to watch enemies’ health go down as they succumb to Poison

The Poison Build is a playstyle that focuses on applying the Poison status effect to enemies that deals damage over time.

It’s important to note that once the Poison status effect is applied, it cannot be reapplied on the same enemy.

This build is perfect for those who want to let a secondary effect do most of the work for them.

Just like the Assassin build, stats aren’t as important for this build as the equipment. However, consider investing points in both Arcane and Mind.

The essential items for this build include the Poison Mist Incantation, which is the primary method of applying Poison, and the Mushroom Set, which increases damage dealt by 10% to nearby poisoned enemies.

For additional Poison application, make sure to equip the Ash of War Poisonous Mist with your main weapon.

The Poison Build is not only effective, but it’s also incredibly satisfying to use.

There’s nothing quite like watching a boss’s health rapidly go down as they succumb to the Poison Status effect.

4. Scarlet Rot Build

Scarlet Rot Build Elden Ring
  • Similar to Poison Build but more potent, dealing damage at a faster rate but with a shorter duration
  • Prioritize Arcane, Mind, and Vigor, but the gear is just as important
  • Another satisfying playstyle to watch enemies’ health rapidly decrease

The Scarlet Rot Build is an intriguing alternative to the Poison Build, both focusing on applying a status effect to enemies.

However, instead of Poison, this build relies on inflicting Scarlet Rot to deal consistent damage.

The Scarlet Rot Effect is like Poison, but on steroids, rapidly burning through an enemy’s health pool.

While it does deal damage faster than poison, its duration is shorter.

To make the most of this build, you should invest in Arcane, Mind, and Vigor stats, as well as equip the Rot Breath Incantation as your main method of applying Scarlet Rot.

Additionally, The Kindred of Rot’s Exultation Talisman is a must-have since it raises attack power by 20% Scarlet Rot occurs in the vicinity, and the Mushroom Crown is the best armor piece of choice.

3. Dragon Build

Dragon Build Elden Ring
  • Make the most of the Dragon Communion Incantations
  • Prioritize Faith, Arcane, and Vigor stats
  • Unique build that provides a dragon-like playstyle

For players who want to channel the power of dragons, the Dragon Build is the perfect choice.

This Dragon Build revolves around using Dragon Communion Incantations to deal massive damage to enemies.

The key to making this build effective is equipping the Dragon Communion Seal, which will enhance the power of your Dragon Communion Incantations.

In order to ensure you can cast incantations uninterrupted, the Bull-goat Set is the best armor set to use thanks to its high Poise stats.

Additionally, If you want to invest in the Dragon Build, make sure to prioritize the Faith, Arcane, and Vigor attributes.

The Dragon Build not only provides a unique dragon-like gameplay experience but also proves highly effective.

2. Bleed Build

Bleed Build Elden Ring
  • Focuses on causing the Hemorrhage status effect to damage enemies with repeated strikes
  • Prioritize Vigor, Dexterity, and Arcane stats
  • Offers a fun and effective gameplay style through the repeated strikes and the swift combat style

The Blood Build is a unique playstyle that relies on causing the Hemorrhage status effect to damage enemies.

By repeatedly striking enemies, the bleed bar fills up and causes the target to lose a significant portion of their health.

For this build, you should prioritize Vigor, Dexterity, and Arcane stats.

Additionally, the Rivers of Blood weapon is an excellent choice for this specific build, especially when combined with Blood Incantations.

Moreover, equipping the Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman can boost your attack power by 20% when Blood Loss happens nearby, making it an essential item to complement this build.

There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing a strong enemy health bar quickly diminish as you deliver successive attacks, exploiting the power of the Bleed effect.

Not only is the Blood Build fun, but it’s also a highly effective way to traverse the harsh world of Elden Ring.

1. Pyromancy Build

Pyromancy Build Elden Ring
  • Uses Fire Monk Incantations to deal Fire damage to enemies from a distance
  • Prioritizes Arcane, Faith, and Mind attributes
  • Fire Incantations can be very fun to use and visually entertaining, while also making this build effective

Pyromancy Build is a great choice for those who enjoy dealing high damage with fire-based attacks from a distance.

This build focuses on using Fire Monk Incantations to deal Fire damage to enemies.

For best results, you should prioritize leveling up their Arcane, Faith, and Mind attributes. Also, the recommended weapon is Blasphemous Blade as it fits perfectly for a Pyromancy build.

In order to make the best of the Fire Monk Incantations, it’s advisable to use the Fire Scorpion Charm Talisman which increased your Fire damage by 12%.

Additionally, Marika’s Soreseal Talisman can be a good addition since it raises Mind, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane by 5 per each.

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With the optimal playstyle revolving around staying at range and using Fire Incantations, you’ll be able to unleash a fiery storm upon your enemies in Elden Ring.