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List of All Frog Pokemon

List of All Frog Pokemon

We’ve featured cat Pokemon, dog Pokemon, and even snake Pokemon, but this time we’re putting the spotlight on our croaky friends!

In this article, we’ve listed all frog Pokemon in the games so far. They are listed and arranged according to their Pokedex numbers.

So how many frog Pokemon are there, actually? Currently, there are 15 frog Pokemon in the games. This includes the tadpoles too. 

We’ve got the ever-popular Froakie evolution line, as well as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet newcomers Tadbulb and Bellibot.

Frog Pokemon List

Here is the full list of frog Pokemon names, as well as their type and the generation they’re from.

BulbasaurGrass/PoisonGen 1
IvysaurGrass/PoisonGen 1
VenusaurGrass/PoisonGen 1
PoliwagWaterGen 1
PoliwhirlWaterGen 1
PoliwrathWater/FightingGen 1
PolitoedWaterGen 2
TympoleWaterGen 5
PalpitoadWater/GroundGen 5
SeismitoadWater/GroundGen 5
FroakieWaterGen 6
FrogadierWaterGen 6
GreninjaWater/DarkGen 6
TadbulbElectricGen 9
BelliboltElectricGen 9


Bulbasaur looking happy on the ground
Source: Bulbapedia

First on the list is Bulbasaur, the Grass/Poison starter Pokemon from Gen 1.

With its stumpy legs and stout body, Bulbasaur is a combination of a frog with a plant bulb on its back. Its “ears” are inspired by horned frogs.

According to Pokemon character designer Ken Sugimori, the idea of keeping a small frog as a companion gives the Pokemon experience a touch of reality. You can easily form an emotional connection with your cute partner Pokemon that way.

And he’s right! Bulbasaur has even leaped its way into some dinosaur Pokemon expert’s heart.


Ivysaur getting ready to battle
Source: Bulbapedia

Even though Ivysaur is the second evolution of the Bulbasaur line, it is actually the first one that was designed among the three. Venusaur and Bulbasaur were created way later.

Ivysaur is also based on frogs, with its ear-like protrusions similar to the “horns” of horned frogs. Its flower is a bit more blooming compared to Bulbasaur’s and is considerably heavier.

The Pokedex notes that the weight of the flower makes Ivysaur’s legs stumpier but stronger. It’s always leg day for Ivysaur!


Venusaur absorbing the sunlight with its flower
Source: Bulbapedia

Up next is the final evolution of the Bulbasaur line – Venusaur!

Just like the other two, Venusaur is also based on frogs, particularly horned frogs. Venusaur’s ears are shown to have holes, so it’s not just a gland-looking body part like in frogs and toads.

After Ivysaur, Venusaur was the next one to be designed, and from its details they created Bulbasaur. It looks more like a toad Pokemon than the other two, and its flower looks like a Rafflesia.

According to the Pokedex, Venusaur gets its energy from the sun. Its big flower absorbs sunlight, which it converts into energy. Praise the sun!


Poliwag walking on land
Source: Bulbapedia

Wagging its itty-bitty tail is Poliwag, the Water type “Tadpole Pokemon”!

Poliwag is definitely based on tadpoles. Its swirl is actually based on a tadpole’s intestines, which you can see due to its see-through belly. Yay?

But apparently, Poliwag is a favorite of Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon. Who can blame him, when Poliwag tries to adorably waddle on land!

With its untrained legs, Poliwag attempts to explore the dry world above the waters. But since it’s not a good walker and gets spooked easily, it immediately jumps back in to swim.

In the anime, Misty caught a Poliwag while adventuring in the Orange Islands.


Poliwhirl showing its belly swirl
Source: Bulbapedia

Here we have Poliwag’s slimy evolution – Poliwhirl!

With a sturdier set of legs, this blue frog Pokemon can now confidently walk on land compared to Poliwag. But to keep its skin from drying while on land, it secretes sweat to keep its body moist.

This sweat is oily and slippery, which makes Poliwhirl really good at slipping away from enemies. Its belly swirl, which now swirls the opposite direction compared to Poliwag’s, can also make enemies drowsy when stared at.

Poliwhirl can simply slip and slide to freedom!


Poliwrath delivering a strong punch
Source: Bulbapedia

Flexing its muscles, we have the excellent swimmer and fighter – Poliwrath!

With a Water Stone, Poliwhirl evolves to Poliwrath and becomes a Water/Fighting Pokemon.

In this evolution, it has gained huge muscles that it uses for swimming and martial arts. It is even noted to be very good at smashing through ice! 

As a testament to its muscular form, the Pokedex even says that it has almost zero percent body fat. Gym bros, we have the perfect blue frog Pokemon for you right here.


Politoed happily hopping
Source: Bulbapedia

The Poliwag line is given a different final evolution in Gen 2 in the form of Politoed!

Politoed is a pure Water type Pokemon, as opposed to Poliwrath’s dual type combination.

To get Politoed, you have to give Poliwhirl a King’s Rock and trade it to someone. It will then evolve into this green frog Pokemon.

Croaking and singing are pretty important for this Pokemon. Politoed usually acts like a leader to other frog Pokemon in its evolution line, and it will croak loudly to gather Poliwag and Poliwhirl.

Politoed may be based on European tree frogs or glass frogs. It’s about time that we get a frog Pokemon that’s green!


A group of Tympole swimming up to attack
Source: Bulbapedia

See its headphone-like cheeks? It’s all about audio when it comes to the Tympole evolution line!

Tympole is a Water type tadpole Pokemon from Gen 5. Tympole and its evolutions use vibrations and sounds in their day-to-day lives, such as in communicating and fighting.

For Tympole, it uses its cheeks to create a very high-pitched sound undetected by humans and other Pokemon. This sound is sent to other Tympole as a warning for any danger. 

They can then gather together to launch an attack, as shown in a Pokemon Black and White episode. In it, a swarm of Tympole tried to attack Oshawott!


Palpitoad fighting with another Palpitoad
Source: Bulbapedia

After Tympole, we have Palpitoad, the appropriately categorized “Vibration Pokemon”!

After reaching level 25, Tympole can evolve to Palpitoad. If Tympole was a pure Water type, Palpitoad becomes Water/Ground instead.

Palpitoad has bumps and lumps all over its body that it uses for vibrations. These vibrations can actually cause earthquakes and underwater waves! It can even disorient enemies and prey. Bigger bumps have a bigger vibration range.

These lumps are probably based on real-life toad warts. Seeing as Palpitoad is a tadpole toad Pokemon, that checks out!


Seismitoad battling in the rain
Source: Bulbapedia

Up next we have Tympole and Palpitoad’s final evolution – the Water/Ground type Seismitoad!

The great Pokemon character designer, Ken Sugimori, expressed his desire to create a toad Pokemon line, after the team created the frog-inspired Poliwag family.

Seismitoad was actually the first one to be designed. Palpitoad and Tympole followed. According to Sugimori, Seismitoad is based on Japanese common toads, making it a great example of a toad Pokemon.

Seismitoad has retained the bumps and lumps from Palpitoad. Aside from vibrating and making earthquakes, the head lumps can now hit enemies with a paralyzing goo. 

While that doesn’t sound fun, the Pokedex does add that old people like to use Seismitoad as a massage chair!


Froakie looking happy and laid-back
Source: Bulbapedia

Now we’re moving to the frog starter Pokemon from Gen 6 – Froakie!

Froakie is a Water type, light blue frog Pokemon, that debuted in Pokemon X and Y. It’s categorized as the Bubble Frog Pokemon due to the bubbles it adorns around its body.

These bubbles, or Frubbles, shield Froakie from attacks. Although they pop, these bubbles are quite flexible and can reduce the damage Froakie gets from enemy hits.

Real-life frogs actually make foam nests to protect its eggs. Froakie’s bubbly foam may be a reference to this!


Frogadier getting ready to attack
Source: Bulbapedia

Upon reaching level 16, Froakie turns into Frogadier!

Frogadier is also a pure Water type Pokemon. While its appearance is still frog-inspired, there is now a ninja element in its design.

The Frubbles around Froakie’s neck now extend like a ninja scarf around Frogadier. Its frog skin has now taken a darker blue shade as well – like a ninja’s suit!

Frogadier is known for its incredible speed. The Pokedex says that it can climb up a 2000-foot tower in just a minute! 

This swiftness is definitely reflected in its Speed, which is its highest stat. In the anime, you even see it run on water due to its incredible leg speed!


Greninja leaping in the air
Source: Bulbapedia

Froakie and Frogadier’s ninja transformation is finally complete in the form of Greninja!

Greninja is now a Water/Dark ninja-frog Pokemon. Its skin is fully dark blue like a ninja suit, and its tongue wraps around its neck and face like a ninja scarf.

The Pokedex notes that Greninja has swift but graceful movements, and would toy around its opponents.

It even uses quick and sharp throwing stars made of water that can slice through metal! No wonder Water Shuriken is one of its signature moves.

Greninja is arguably the most popular frog Pokemon ever.

As a testament to this popularity (and coolness!), it repeatedly wins a lot of popularity polls, such as the Pokemon election during the Volcanion movie and 2020’s Pokemon of the Year voting.

Charizard, who?


Tadbulb floating in the air during a thunderstorm
Source: Bulbapedia

A tadpole newbie to the Pokemon world, let’s give an electrifying welcome to Tadbulb!

Tadbulb was just recently introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s an Electric type tadpole Pokemon that can float in the air due to electricity.

Tadbulb is obviously a mix between a tadpole and a lightbulb. Its head is round like a lightbulb, and it even has a copper-like material around its body and on its tail.

Like other Electric Pokemon, such as Flaaffy and Luxio, Tadbulb can generate and store its own electricity. It wags its copper-tipped tail to produce currents. Shake it, Tadbulb!


Bellibolt showing its plasma ball belly
Source: Bulbapedia

Using a Thunder Stone, Tadbulb evolves into Bellibolt, Gen 9’s EleFrog Pokemon!

Bellibolt was also just added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s an Electric type frog Pokemon that has a plasma ball-like belly!

Bellibolt’s face can be confusing at first. It has bulging eyes but also two dot-like eyes at the center of its face. This is apparently a reference to “false eyes” present in a lot of real-life frog species.

Pokemon fans were first introduced to Bellibolt through a livestream of Levincia’s Gym Leader, Iono.

Since she’s a streamer and influencer in the game, Pokemon’s official Youtube channel decided to have her do a livestream to introduce her partner Pokemon, as promotional material for the upcoming games.

Iono about you, but it worked!

A group of happy Froakie
Source: Bulbapedia

Well that was a ribbit-ting read! Which animal-inspired Pokemon should we feature next?

If you want to see more cool Pokemon in their equally cool Shiny forms, check out our Best Shiny Pokemon list where we featured Greninja’s Shiny version!

Froakie Hermosillo

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And greninja is a ninja Pokémon

Froakie Hermosillo

Wednesday 12th of July 2023

Bulbasur ivysaur and Venasaur are not frog Pokémon


Wednesday 22nd of November 2023

@Froakie Hermosillo, yes they are look it up. It says that it resembles a frog.