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List of All Fox Pokemon

List of All Fox Pokemon

There are a lot of Pokemon based on real-life animals and there are few more popular than fox Pokemon!

Below, we’ve compiled all the fox like Pokemon that have appeared in the games so far. They are listed according to their Pokedex numbers.

Currently, there are 10 fox-inspired Pokemon – from beloved fiery Vulpix, to recent additions like the crafty Thievul evolution line.

Every Fox Pokemon Ranked

Here’s a quick rundown of all fox Pokemon so far. We’ve also included their basic info, such as their type and generation.

We’ll be updating this table and article if more fox Pokemon will be added in the future.

VulpixFireGen 1
Alolan VulpixIceGen 7
NinetailsFireGen 1
Alolan NinetailsIce/FairyGen 7
EeveeNormalGen 1
ZoruaDarkGen 5
Hisuian ZoruaNormal/GhostGen 8
ZoroarkDarkGen 5
Hisuian ZoroarkNormal/GhostGen 8
FennekinFireGen 6
BraixenFireGen 6
DelphoxFire/PsychicGen 6
NickitDarkGen 8
ThievulDarkGen 8

10. Vulpix

Kanto Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix together
Source: Bulbapedia

We’re starting our list with the hot and cold fox Pokemon – Vulpix!

Vulpix started out as a pure Fire type Pokemon in Gen 1.

According to the Pokedex, it starts out with one tail, and as it grows the tail branches out and splits to form more tails. Apparently, these fluffy tails are warm and cuddle-worthy!

But don’t let Vulpix’s adorableness distract you from its sly fox tactics.

In Pokemon lore, when a Vulpix is cornered by a stronger opponent, this fire fox Pokemon won’t hesitate to fake an injury to limp away to safety.

In Gen 7, Game Freak decided to make an Ice type version of Vulpix – Alolan Vulpix.

This white fox Pokemon had to adapt to the cold and snowy mountains of Alola, thus developing white fur and ice powers. Improvise, adapt, and overcome!

9. Ninetails

Kanto Ninetails and Alolan Ninetails side by side
Source: Bulbapedia

Using a Fire Stone or an Ice Stone, Vulpix evolves into Ninetails! And yes, it has nine tails.

In its original Kanto form, it retains Vulpix’s Fire typing. But as Alolan Ninetails, it becomes an Ice/Fairy Pokemon.

This typing combo is unique to this blue fox Pokemon and no other Pokemon currently has it!

Both forms of Ninetails are shrouded in mystery and ethereal mysticism.

In its Kanto form, Fire type Ninetails is said to live for a thousand years due to the powers in its tails.

It can hypnotize with its fire, control minds with its red eyes, and even vengefully curse anyone who wrongs it. With these qualities, it seems to be based on the folktales of kyuubi.

Meanwhile, Alolan Ninetails resides in snowy Mount Lanakila and will guide lost travelers to safety. Its home in the mountains is said to be holy, thus people think of it as a deity or a holy messenger.

8. Eevee

Eevee standing in a field
Source: Bulbapedia

Here’s a foxy surprise – Eevee is partially based on foxes too!

Although Eevee isn’t based on a particular animal, Motofumi Fujiwara, Eevee’s character designer, has said that Eevee’s features are an amalgamation of traits from dogs, cats, and foxes.

When you look at Eevee’s fluffy fur and tail, it does resemble that of a fox’s. Even some of its Eeveelutions, like Flareon, resemble the real-life critter.

Speaking of its tail, a female Eevee’s tail has a flower or curved-shaped pattern on its tip. This is actually a recent addition, and prior to Sword and Shield female Eevees did not have this trait.

Since then, they’ve updated female Eevee’s design in the current games, including Pokemon Go.

7. Zorua

Zorua in the forest and Hisuian Zorua in the snow
Source: Bulbapedia

This next fox entry is a bit tricky. Hailing from both Unova and Hisui regions, here’s Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokemon!

Just as its category suggests, Zorua is a bit of a trickster. Its timid nature makes it hide from enemies and humans. So it uses tricks and illusions to shield itself from others.

To scare off enemies, it’ll disguise itself as another Pokemon. To get food from human communities, it can even take on the appearance of a human child.

Sadly, life in Hisui wasn’t so easy. Due to humans and Pokemon driving it away, plus the harsh weather in Hisui, Zoruas got wiped out and came back as vengeful spirits.

From a black fox Pokemon, it transformed into a white fox regional form. However, you can see its blue Shiny version featured in an animation short.

But yes, Hisuian Zorua is powered by spite, malice, and resentment that came from its unfortunate life.

6. Zoroark

Zorua about to attack
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s go to the dark side with our next Pokemon, Zoroark! 

This dark fox Pokemon has upped its trickster game after evolving from Zorua. As Zoroark, its illusions look so real that others have a hard time distinguishing it from reality.

Not only can it make illusions of its form, it can also make illusions of places and settings. It uses this skill to protect its lair.

While regular Zoroark’s illusions might look real, they are ultimately harmless illusions. However, Hisuian Zoroark is a different story.

Hisuian Zoroark’s ghastly appearance is even referred to as the “embodiment of death” by Hisuian residents.

Due to dying and coming back as a vengeful spirit, its illusions are full of spite that it can actually make anyone insane.

5. Fennekin

Fennekin sitting on the floor
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s take a break from all the scary stuff and have something adorable grace our list. Up next is this cute fox Pokemon from Gen 6, Fennekin!

Fennekin is one of the starters of Pokemon X and Y. It’s based on real fennec foxes, as well as the folklore of kitsune in Japanese.

Kitsune foxes are supernatural beings with magical abilities. This tracks with Fennekin’s concept, since it has high Special Attack in its stats and its later evolutions like to use a stick as a wand.

Fennekin is a pure Fire type Pokemon, and according to the Pokedex it releases very hot air from its ears. 

It is also fond of chewing on twigs. Just imagine playing catch with twigs with this cute fox!

4. Braixen

Braixen holding her stick with a ribbon
Source: Bulbapedia

Our fire fox Pokemon train continues with Braixen!

After reaching level 16, Fennekin will start evolving into Braixen. Just like its previous evolution, it retains its pure Fire typing.

It also retains its fondness for sticks and twigs!

Braixen carries a stick stuck in its bushy tail. It will then take it out to use for attacks, with the friction of the stick and tail enough to ignite it.

As a Braixen, it definitely continues its magical kitsune theme. Its Special Attack stat has also immensely increased, making it fully take advantage of its magic-like Fire type attacks like Fire Spin and Fire Blast.

3. Delphox

Delphox holding her stick that's on fire
Source: Bulbapedia

More fire fox Pokemon? We’ve got one more. Behold, the Fennekin final evolution – Delphox!

Delphox is a Fire/Psychic dual type Pokemon. Like its previous evolutions, its concept is based on Fennec foxes, kitsune, mages, and oracles. It still uses a stick as its fire wand.

Its highest stat is still Special Attack, and it now has more Special moves, like Mystical Fire, Psychic, and Psyshock.

Since it’s also a Psychic type Pokemon now, Delphox is known to gaze at the fire of its wand to see the future. Its psychic abilities also aid it in making intense fire vortexes.

2. Nickit

Three Nickits sitting together side by side
Source: Bulbapedia

Watch out, this next fox Pokemon is a bit of a sly thief and might steal your heart with its adorableness!

Nickit is a Dark type Pokemon from the lands of Galar in Gen 8.

Instead of finding or hunting for food, Nickit prefers to steal food from people. And you bet it’s a good thief!

Its cute paws have very soft pads that make Nickit’s steps really quiet and stealthy. Furthermore, its tail can even brush out any paw prints left in its trail. 

Its highest stat is Speed, which works really well with its concept of being a thief. You’ve got to be fast to steal after all!

Nickit’s name comes from the British slang “nick” which means to steal. Just don’t let it steal your expensive Pokemon cards!

1. Thievul

A trio of Thievuls in a dark street
Source: Bulbapedia

And Game Freak’s most recent fox addition so far is none other than this dark fox Pokemon, Thievul.

At level 18, Nickit starts evolving into Thievul. And like its previous evolution, it is still a Dark type Pokemon continuing with the concept of a fox robber.

Special Defense, Speed, and Special Attack are its top three stats. It uses these and its thieving skills to steal food and eggs from Pokemon and humans. 

Thievul even marks its target with a scent, so it can easily stalk it. It’s pretty fast and lithe, and it steals from its target when its victim least expects it.

Losing lunch to a thieving fox? That’s not a fun surprise at all.

Serena brushing her Braixen's tail
Source: Bulbapedia

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