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Fire Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Fire Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Fire types are some of the coolest (or hottest) Pokemon in the entire franchise.

Some are even revered or quite feared due to their lore and ruthless high Attack and Special Attack stats.

However, the right type of Pokemon can dismantle that fear quickly.

Let’s discuss Fire Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses, and resistances.


Fire Pokemon Weakness Strengths
Infographic showing Fire Pokemon’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Resistances and Vulnerabilities

What Pokemon Are Good Against Fire?

Water, Ground, and Rock type attacks are super effective against Fire Pokemon.

Some excellent moves to use against Fire Pokemon are Hydro Cannon, Earthquake, and Rock Slide.

If you come across a dual Fire and Flying Pokemon then Rock moves are doubly effective!

Not a lot of Fire Pokemon have a secondary type that can neutralize these weaknesses, especially with Water.

However, Fire Pokemon can fight back against these types if they learn Solar Beam, which is a Grass type move that is strong against Water, Ground, and Rock.

If you’re wondering how Fire Pokemon can learn this Grass type move, think of it as drawing power from the sun. The bottom line is you have to keep this in mind when battling with Fire Pokemon.

What Are Fire Pokemon Strong Against?

Fire type moves deal super effective damage to these types of Pokemon:

  • Bug
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Steel

To easily remember it, think of it as fire burning grass and insects, fire melting ice, and fire heating up steel.

Fire is notably good to use against Steel type Pokemon who are known for their defensive coverage.

Some Steel dual types have a whopping 12 resistances.

Cinderace attacking Alolan Ninetales
Source: Bulbapedia

What Are Fire Pokemon Resistant To?

Fire Pokemon are resistant to these types of moves:

  • Bug
  • Fairy
  • Fire
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Steel

With 6 resistances, Fire is the second most resistant type, right after Steel with 10 resistances.

Fire Pokemon are not immune to any type, but there’s no type that is immune to it either.

However, Fire Pokemon are immune to burns. Interestingly, some even get stronger when hit with a Fire type attack, thanks to abilities like Flash Fire.

Best Counters For Fire Pokemon

Some excellent Pokemon to use to counter Fire Pokemon are Vaporeon (Water), Milotic (Water), Swampert (Water/Ground), Dreadnaw (Water/Rock), and Rhyperior (Rock/Ground).

These Pokemon tick the boxes when it comes to Fire Pokemon’s type weaknesses. They can also fight back against Fire Pokemon’s glass cannon tendencies.

Dreadnaw, a recent addition to the games, and Rhyperior both have high HP and Attack, so it can take hits and dish out against Fire Pokemon. The rest of their stats are not so good, however, so watch out for that.

Vaporeon and Milotic both have very high HP and great Special Defense to tank Fire Pokemon’s attacks. They also have excellent Special Attack that work very well with their special moves.

Swampert is a well-rounded choice for its stats. It has excellent HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense, except Speed.

Water Pokemon are generally very good counters for Fire. And if you want to fight using Legendary Water Pokemon, we’ve got a handy list for that too.