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Fighting Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Fighting Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Fighting Pokemon are known for their impressive and intimidating offensive power.

From its high Attack stat and decent Speed, it can hit fast with a blast!

So if you want to know how to counter this type by utilizing its weaknesses, or eager to make it even mightier by avoiding its pitfalls, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a quick guide on Fighting type Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses, resistances, and suggested counters.


Fighting Pokemon Weakness Strengths
Infographic showing Fighting Pokemon’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Resistances and Vulnerabilities

What Are Fighting Pokemon Weak Against?

Fighting type Pokemon are weak against (or take more damage from) the following types of moves:

  • Fairy
  • Flying
  • Psychic

That means Fairy, Flying, and Psychic type attacks are super effective against Fighting Pokemon.

Therefore, some of the moves to utilize (or watch out for) are Air Slash, Moonblast, and Psyshock. All of these are super effective against Fighting Pokemon.

For regular Fighting type Pokemon, they can learn Rock type moves to counter Flying Pokemon, Poison moves against Fairy Pokemon, and Dark and Ghost type moves to attack Psychic Pokemon.

Interestingly, having Steel as its secondary typing will neutralize all of those weaknesses!

So, if your Pokemon is a Fighting/Steel Pokemon, such as Lucario, Cobalion, or Zamazenta in Crowned Shield Form, it will only take normal damage from those three types above.

Fighting/Steel Pokemon do have to deal with other weaknesses though: Fighting, Fire, and Ground type moves.

What Are Fighting Pokemon Strong Against?

Fighting type moves are super effective against Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel Pokemon.

With five types vulnerable against it, Fighting Pokemon actually have the most number of types that are weak against it, tied with Ground type.

It is also the only type that can actually deal a super effective hit against Normal type.

With its high Attack stat, it’s good to use its physical damaging moves like Close Combat and Counter.

Dark, Ice, and Normal types have not-so-good Defense stats as well, so it adds to Fighting’s advantage.

What Are Fighting Pokemon Resistant To?

Fighting Pokemon can easily resist Bug, Dark, and Rock type moves.

That means moves like Bug Buzz, Dark Pulse, and Rock Slide, to name a few, don’t really affect Fighting Pokemon that much, and the damage will be minimal.

However, it’s important to note that Fighting Pokemon are not immune to any type.

Best Counters For Fighting Pokemon

Some of the best Pokemon to use against Fighting Pokemon are Gardevoir, Togekiss, Xatu, Crobat, and Lunala.

The best way to combat Fighting type Pokemon is to take advantage of its weaknesses, its lower Special Defense stat, and the types that resist or are immune to it.

That means you should use Flying, Fairy, and Psychic type moves that are special moves for super effective hits. In addition, Bug, Fairy, Flying, Poison, and Psychic types can resist Fighting type moves.

Gardevoir and Togekiss are both Psychic/Fairy with high Special Attack. Xatu is Psychic/Flying with also a high Special Attack stat. These dual typings are weaknesses of Fighting type Pokemon.

Lunala is Psychic/Ghost and not only does it have a high Special Attack, Psychic types are strong against Fighting and Ghost types are immune to it.

While Crobat doesn’t have a high Special Attack stat like the others, its Flying/Poison dual typing can be effective against Fighting.

This is due to Flying being strong against Fighting, and Poison as a type can resist Fighting type moves.

Some excellent moves to use against Fighting Pokemon include:

  • Moonblast: Fairy type move with 95 Power and 100% Accuracy
  • Hurricane: Flying type move that only has 70% Accuracy but 110 Power, and when it hits it has a chance of confusing the enemy
  • Psychic: Classic move which is a good special move to use for its 90 Power, 100% Accuracy, and a chance to lower the enemy’s Special Defense

If you’re interested in how other types stack up, check out our Pokemon type matchups chart.