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Should You Let Fia Hug You in Elden Ring?

Should You Let Fia Hug You in Elden Ring?

Fia is an NPC known as a deathbed companion that you will find inside a small bedroom at the Roundtable Hold.

Once you encounter Melina, she will invite you to make her your maiden. Afterward, you’ll gain access to the Roundtable Hold, the game’s central hub.

Upon arriving there, you’ll come across many NPCs available. Among them, Fia stands out as a particularly intriguing character that piques your curiosity.

It might sound strange, but you’ll actually get the opportunity to give Fia a hug.

This isn’t something typical in FromSoftware games, which is why people can feel confused. They’re unsure whether they should go for the hug or if it’s just another trick to deceive the player.

Should You Let Her Hold You?

Fia Let Her Hold You Elden Ring
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You should definitely give Fia a hug, and no need to worry, there’s no catch or surprise behind it.

It’s just a new quirky feature that’s uncommon in Elden Ring.

Considering the tough challenges and difficult times you’ll face in the Lands Between, a hug might be exactly what the Tarnished (that’s you) could use.

But wait, there’s more.

When you hug Fia, you’ll receive an item called Baldachin’s Blessing. This special item has a few different parts to it.

First off, having it in your inventory will slightly lower your maximum HP by 5%. This will be shown by the red square icon under your health bars.

A decrease in your health from a hug might not sound like a good thing, but there’s more to it.

If you decide to use this item, it will consume 20 FP (Focus Points) and provide you with a 35% reduction in physical damage, a 34% increase in Poise, and a 50% boost in resistance to being staggered.

These benefits last for 15 seconds.

Therefore, we recommended using the item shortly after you get it, ideally just before you enter a battle.

That way you get the benefit of it while minimizing the HP reduction.

Once you’ve used the item and its effects wear off, you will get back your full HP.

You can only have one Baldachin’s Blessing at a time, no matter how many times you hug Fia.

However, Fia will keep giving you one every time you hug her, as long as you don’t already have one.