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Fae Farm: How To Upgrade Your Tools and Backpack

Fae Farm: How To Upgrade Your Tools and Backpack

When it comes to farming, mining, and whatnot, you’re only as good as your tools.

This is especially true in Fae Farm since farming and other activities have a touch of magic to them!

It’s best to upgrade your Fae Farm tools and backpack right away to continue your magical journey in Azoria.

But if you’re lost on how to do that, we’ll point you in the right direction.

This Fae Farm tools upgrade guide will list down what you need to do to level up your tools and direct you to the important townsfolk for the job.

How To Upgrade Tools

In Fae Farm, you can’t upgrade your tools and backpack on your own. You have to go to the right people skilled for the job.

There are four important townsfolk that you need to remember for upgrades:

  • Cinder the Blacksmith: She upgrades your axe, pickaxe, scythe, shovel, and watering can. Her shop is on the right side of the Docks area. From the Town Center, go down the stairs and head to the right.
  • Eddy the Sailor: He will sell you fishing rod upgrades. You can find him at Stay-A-While Bay.
  • Mel the Beekeeper: You can buy net upgrades from Mel. He lives in the West Town area.
  • Skye at the General Goods Store: She expands your backpack or inventory capacity. Her stall can be found at the top left side of the circle of merchants in the Town Center area.
Locations for Cinder, Eddy, Mel, and Skye in Fae Farm

Eddy and Mel will have quests for you early in the game. You’ll get acquainted with your fishing rod and net thanks to them.

The rest of your basic tools will be given to you by the mayor at the start of the game.

Cleo the Semi-retired Adventurer will give you quests to upgrade your pickaxe for dungeon spelunking, which will start your long-term interactions with Cinder the Blacksmith due to her long list of upgrades.

Don’t worry, these quests will become available as you progress the story, so you won’t miss it.

Every Tool Upgrade in Fae Farm: What They Do and What They Cost

We’ve compiled a full list of all available tool upgrades in Fae Farm—from farm tools and backpacks to your net and fishing rod.

We’ve included the materials you need to gather, what each upgrade costs, and info on what these upgraded tools can do.

Tools that can be upgraded via Cinder the Blacksmith

Farm Tool Upgrades

Here’s the full list of all farm tool upgrades that you get through Cinder the Blacksmith. Not only do these upgrades make the tools better and stronger, but you also get a tool magic ability!

Copper UpgradeIron UpgradeFeyrite UpgradeSilver UpgradeOrichalcum UpgradeGold Upgrade
Cost1 x Copper Ingot,
100 Florins
2 x Iron Ingots,
500 Florins
3 x Feyrite Ingots,
1,500 Florins
4 x Silver Ingots,
2,500 Florins
5 x Orichalcum Ingots,
3,500 Florins
5 x Gold Ingots,
5,000 Ingots
AxeChops Oak TreesChops Flutterwood TreesChops Sporewood TreesChops Ancient TreesChops Frostwood TreesChops all trees hit with its air blade
PickaxeBreaks Iron Ore rocksBreaks Feyrite Ore Rocks and learns a magic ability Breaks Silver Ore rocks and learns a stronger magic abilityBreaks Orichalcum Ore rocksBreaks Gold Ore rocksBreaks all rocks in a 9×9 range with a charged hit
ScytheUses less energy and cuts moreCuts Clover FeedCuts SporeweedCuts Frost ThistleCuts FireweedCuts everything while you spin
ShovelDigs MulchUses less energyDigs Shade JellyDigs Peat MossDigs Volcanic AshDigs Flame Salts and digs in 7×7 range
Watering CatHolds more water and uses less energyHolds more water and uses less energyHolds more water and uses less energyHolds more water and uses less energyHolds more water and uses less energyWaters crops in 9×9 range
Fishing rod upgrades in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Fishing Rod Upgrades

Here are all fishing rod upgrades available through Eddy the Sailor. The upgraded rods are sturdier and better at catching rare fish.

Unlike farming tools, you won’t need to hand over any materials. You just need some Florins.

Eddy can be found at Stay-A-While Bay.

Fishing Rod UpgradesSkill Level RequiredCost
Sturdy RodFishing Level 31,000 Florins
Advanced RodFishing Level 52,500 Florins
Master RodFishing Level 75,000 Florins
Critter Net upgrades in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Net Upgrades

Here are all the critter net upgrades available through Mel the Beekeeper. Upgraded nets are sturdier, stronger, and can catch rare critters.

Like the rods, you also won’t need to gather materials for the upgrades. Florins are all you need.

Mel the Beekeeper can be found in the West Town area.

Net UpgradesSkill Level RequiredCost
Sturdy Critter NetCritter Catching Level 31,000 Florins
Advanced Critter NetCritter Catching Level 52,500 Florins
Master Critter NetCritter Catching Level 75,000 Florins
Backpack upgrades in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Backpack Upgrades

Early in the game, you’ll start with 16 slots in your backpack. But with so many items to forage and mine, you’ll quickly fill that up.

To get backpack upgrades in Fae Farm, talk to Skye in Town Center.

Her stall should be at the top left point in the circle of merchants in town. She will sell you backpack upgrades at a hefty but reasonable cost!

The first backpack upgrade costs 500 Florins and unlocks a row of eight slots in your backpack after the initial 16 slots.

The second backpack upgrade costs 2,500 Florins and unlocks the fourth row.

The third and final backpack upgrade costs 5,000 Florins and unlocks the fifth row, giving you a total of 40 slots in your inventory.

Inventory slots in Fae Farm

And that’s it for our full Fae Farm tools upgrade guide. With better tools, you can now go back to farming or spelunking in the mines with no worries.

For more Fae Farm tips and tricks, check out our list of Fae Farm guides and articles. As always, we’ll do our fae-ry best!