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Fae Farm: How To Upgrade Staff

Fae Farm: How To Upgrade Staff

Thanks to your trusty magical staff, going through monster-infested dungeons and mines in Azoria is a breeze.

The combat gets even easier once you learn how to upgrade your staff in Fae Farm.

But getting there isn’t easy-breezy, and you might even be clueless about how to get the final upgrade for your staff.

Let me help you with your magical journey so you can unleash your magic’s full potential!

So, here’s how to upgrade your magical staff in Fae Farm.

Encountering sprite Nebby in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

How To Upgrade Magic Staff

After getting your staff, you start with no spells at all. But the more you play, the more spells and staff upgrades will be unlocked for you.

  • Check your Almanac for magic staff upgrades: In your Almanac, specifically in the Magic section, you’ll see multiple magic staff silhouettes. These are your staff upgrades waiting to be unlocked. It’s a good idea to check your Almanac every now and then to see your progression.
  • Progress through story quests: To unlock magic staff upgrades, you have to deal with the four elemental sprites in Azoria and finish their quests. Once you’ve dealt with them, you will learn a spell from each of them that can upgrade your staff.
  • Visit the Wisp Mother for the final upgrade of your magic staff: The final upgrade, called the Crystal Magic Staff, can be acquired through the Wisp Mother’s shop. Check below for the full payment required for this final upgrade. Be warned, the payment is quite hefty!
Using the magical staff in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Final Staff Upgrade From Wisp Mother’s Shop

So you’ve finished all elemental sprite quests, learned all four spells, and brought peace to Azoria. But what’s this? Your Almanac says there’s a final magic staff to unlock!

This is the Crystal Magic Staff, the final staff upgrade in Fae Farm.

To get it, you have to buy it from the Wisp Mother. Head to her shop and prepare to bring these items to pay for the upgrade.

  • 1 x Ancient Lumber
  • 1 x Polished Diamond
  • 2 x Polished Garnet
  • 2 x Polished Ruby
  • 2 x Polished Sapphire
  • 2 x Polished Rose Quartz
  • 2 x Polished Amethysts
  • 3 x Polished Peridots

Important Note: When viewing or checking the requirements needed for the upgrade, make sure you scroll all the way down to see all of the materials needed for the payment.

You can get Ancient Lumber from the lower part of The Mountain or at the Mountain Farm. Meanwhile, you get polished gems through a Gem Polisher crafting station.

For more info on crafting stations and how to craft, check out our Fae Farm crafting guide. We also have a guide on upgrading all your tools and backpack.

Now go and enjoy your fully upgraded magical staff!