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Fae Farm: Switch and PC Comparison Guide

Fae Farm: Switch and PC Comparison Guide

Fans of magical farming games with cute characters have been eating well thanks to the recent release of Fae Farm.

In this enchanting world, you get to grow crops, use magic spells and potions, go spelunking in dungeons, and woo other villagers. It’s a great game for those who enjoy games like Stardew Valley.

But with the game’s release on both PC and Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering which of the two platforms is the better pick for it.

Here’s our quick comparison guide to help you decide where to experience this cozy farm life sim.

Price Point

Fae Farm Price Nintendo Switch PC
Source: Phoenix Labs

The biggest difference between Fae Farm’s PC release and Nintendo Switch version is the price tag.

Fae Farm on Steam is $39.99. Meanwhile, it’s a whopping $59.99 on the Switch!

But hold your horses! Before you get yourself in a magical tizzy, there’s a reason for this huge price gap.

The Switch version is the deluxe version of the game and already includes the game’s two future DLCs.

Meanwhile, the PC version’s $39.99 is just the base game. You can still get the deluxe version on PC if you want though ($59.99).

Still, it’s nice that the PC version offers you an option to just get the base game, whereas on Switch you don’t have that choice and have to be all in from the start.


Screenshot of Home and Crops in Fae Farm
Source: Phoenix Labs

Graphics is also another notable difference between PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, the processing power of a modern PC is better than a Switch, so expect a better experience, graphics-wise, on PC.

However, we give credit where credit is due to the hybrid console.

Although some players have reported seeing blurry or pixelated faces on the Switch, and some getting rare and quick frame drops, the overall experience of Fae Farm Switch players, graphics-wise, has been good.

It’s not as perfect as PC, but it’s far from being game-breaking and unplayable.

Do note that some Switch players have mentioned that the tiny font in the game can be straining on the eyes if you’re far away in docked mode. It’s not a problem when you’re playing on handheld, however.


Source: Phoenix Labs

This might be something you haven’t considered before but the ability to easily move around in the game using your preferred controllers is an important factor to think about.

It’s especially important to consider in Fae Farm because the game lets you run, jump, and even swim to your heart’s content!

So which version has the better controls?

The PC version of Fae Farm requires you to use a keyboard and mouse but with partial controller support included. On the Switch, you use the console’s controllers.

Many players have reported that using the keyboard to move around can feel clunky and rough at times. If you struggle with the KBM combo, you might have to get a controller.

Mobility and Comfort

Player using an Emote on Fae Farm
Source: Phoenix Labs

If you want to farm on the go instead of sitting in front of your computer or TV for hours on end, then the Switch might be a better choice.

Thanks to the console’s hybrid nature, you can just pick the console up from the dock and continue tending to your magical homestead on your bed or while commuting.

However, if you have a Steam Deck, then you get the mobility and comfort of a Switch but with better graphics and framerate.


Multiplayer screenshots from Fae Farm
Source: Phoenix Labs

In Fae Farm, you get to play with three other players, either through local or online.

You get to share a farm with them, help each other finish quests, and generally share the game’s progression.

However, the PC release and the Nintendo Switch version handle the game’s online multiplayer aspect in a slightly different manner.

On PC, you can simply invite online friends through Steam’s friend list or your Phoenix Labs account. On the Switch, however, you and your friends need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online.

Having a Nintendo Switch Online is an additional expense compared to playing it on the PC, so keep this in mind when picking your Fae Farm platform.

Have you decided where to play Fae Farm? Let us know in the comments below if you plan on playing it on the PC or the Switch!