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Fae Farm: How To Make Steamed Fish and Finish Neppy’s ‘A Watery Wonder’ Quest

Fae Farm: How To Make Steamed Fish and Finish Neppy’s ‘A Watery Wonder’ Quest

After reaching the depths of Saltwater Mines, you get to meet your first Sprite in the game: Neppy.

But unlike a typical dungeon boss, Neppy doesn’t want to fight. Nope, Neppy wants a feast!

One of the food items Neppy requires is Steamed Fish. This isn’t a Fae Farm recipe that is immediately available to players, so there will be confusion on how to make it.

If you’re wondering how to cook Steamed Fish in Fae Farm to complete Neppy’s quest, here’s a quick recipe guide on how to make it.

Fae Farm: Steamed Fish Recipe

How to make Steamed Fish in Fae Farm

To cook Steamed Fish in Fae Farm, you will need 1 x Fish Fillet and 2 x Fresh Greens. You will also need a Food Prep Table and a Cooking Hearth to make the dish.

The Food Prep Table is where you chop and prepare certain ingredients, like dicing veggies, filleting fish, and churning milk into butter, to name a few.

Fresh Greens recipe in Fae Farm

Open the Food Prep Table and select the items you need to prepare for the recipe. Fresh Greens will need Wild Spring or Dandelion Greens, while any fish is okay for Fish Fillet.

The rarer the fish, the more Fish Fillet you can get from just a single fish. For example, a River Cod can only give 2 x Fish Fillet, but a Rockfish can give 3. Meanwhile, Wild Greens can be foraged in the wild.

Fish Fillet in Fae Farm

Once you have these prepped ingredients, it’s time to open the Cooking Hearth. Pick Steamed Fish from its list of recipes and wait for it to cook. Voila, you now have Steamed Fish!

How To Build a Food Prep Table and a Cooking Hearth

If you don’t have a Food Prep Table or a Cooking Hearth yet, here’s how to build them.

Press the down button on the controller (for Nintendo Switch) or the letter ‘c’ on your keyboard (for PC) to open construction mode.

Press it again to open its catalog and go to the crafting section to build those two crafting stations mentioned above.

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To build a Food Prep Table, you will need 1 x Beech Lumber, 1 x Copper Ingot, 2 x Stone Brick, and 1 x Oak Lumber. You will need a Stone Forge and a Lumber Station to make ingots and lumber.

To build a Cooking Hearth, you will need 2 x Beech Lumber, 3 x Stone Brick, 3 x Clay Brick, and 2 x Copper Ingot. Bricks are also made on the Stone Forge.

How To Complete Neppy’s Quest

How to complete Neppy's A Watery Wonder quest

Now that you know how to make Steamed Fish, completing the rest of Neppy’s request will be easy-peasy.

If you need a guide, here’s our quick Fae Farm: Neppy Quest walkthrough:

  • Make 5 x Steamed Fish: Follow the recipe above.
  • Fish 3 x Sardines: Sardines can be found by the docks.
    Make 20 x Diced Roots: You can make this through the Food Prep Table, too. You will need root vegetables like Turnips or Carrots.
  • Pick up 10 x Sand Dollars: Head to the Beach (lower right on the map, near Saltwater Mines) or at Stay-A-While Bay (lower left) to forage these.
  • Pick up 10 x Corals: Like Sand Dollars, these can be found at the Beach or Stay-A-While Bay. You might have to come back the next day to find more.
  • Go back to Neppy to give the items: After you’ve gathered and made everything, head back to the 25th floor of Saltwater Mines. Interact with the pillars in front of Neppy’s fountain to give the items.

After doing that, simply talk to Neppy to fully finish the quest. Good job!