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Fae Farm Multiplayer Guide: How To Play With Friends on PC or Switch

Fae Farm Multiplayer Guide: How To Play With Friends on PC or Switch

Fae Farm is one of the newest farming sims that have entered the RPG gaming genre.

It’s adorable, full of fairies, the farming is full of magic, and it’s definitely cozy.

Luckily, you can share its farm-life coziness with friends and family through Fae Farm’s multiplayer option!

If you need some help setting this up, here’s our Fae Farm multiplayer guide detailing what you need to do and what you should expect from it.

We’ve even added an FAQ portion to answer the most commonly asked questions about the game’s multiplayer gameplay.

How To Play Fae Farm Multiplayer (Online and Local)

Multiplayer tab can be found in the pause menu

Here’s how multiplayer works in Fae Farm, both for online and local play. Follow these instructions to set up a multiplayer session with friends and family.

While in the game, open the menu (press the ‘esESCbutton on your keyboard or ‘+’ on your controller) and go to the Multiplayer tab.

You’ll then see four options: Phoenix Labs Friends, World Invites, Host Local, and Host Online.

But before you can choose any of these, you will need to set up a Phoenix Labs account.

Setting up is quick and easy—when the game prompts you to set up an account, follow the instructions and the game should link your Steam or Switch account immediately.

You can also change your name in Fae Farm through your Phoenix Labs Account.

Multiplayer options in Fae Farm

Phoenix Labs Friends is where you manage your in-game friends list. You can directly add your Steam or Switch friends here. You can also add someone by inputting their Phoenix Labs account ID.

World Invites is where you can accept multiplayer invites from your friends. Choose this if you want to join someone else’s game or world.

How to invite friends in Fae Farm

If you’d rather have people over and be the host, you can host through Host Local (for Nintendo Switch players who would rather play locally) or Host Online. Your friends can then join you in your game or world.

Reminder: For those playing on the Switch, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online.

And that’s it! You can now enjoy a magical farming experience with your friends.

Fae Farm Multiplayer General Info

How Fae Farm multiplayer works
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Before diving into the multiplayer experience of Fae Farm, it’s best to know what you’re getting into and acquaint yourselves with its gameplay restrictions.

Here’s what you need to know about Fae Farm’s Multiplayer gameplay.

  • Whether locally or online, you can play with up to three other players. As of this writing, there is no option for couch co-op. You have to be on different computers or consoles.
  • You’ll be asked to make a new character when joining someone’s world or game. That will be your character whenever you join their game.
  • You share money, items, chores, house, and general progression with the host. You cannot bring the host’s items back to your own world or single-player game.
  • When it comes to Fae Farm romance, whoever wins the romanceable candidate’s heart first gets them. Two players can’t marry one character.
  • Multiplayer can get buggy. You might find yourself losing tools, tool upgrades, and even progression. 
  • Make sure to check the mailbox! This is where you’ll find your staff, wings, and other important items for you to use in multiplayer.
  • Fae Farm has cross-play across PC and Switch versions of the game. However, there is no cross-progression.
Fae Farm multiplayer gameplay sample
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Fae Farm Multiplayer FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about Fae Farm’s multiplayer gameplay.

Fae Farm multiplayer is not working!

If you’re the host, make sure you’ve properly sent your invites to your friends. If you’re playing on Switch, make sure you have an active NSO subscription. If you suspect it’s a bug, contact Phoenix Labs immediately.

Is Fae Farm multiplayer cross platform? 

Yes, Fae Farm has cross-play across all its current platforms (Steam and Epic Game Store for PC and the Nintendo Switch).

Is Fae Farm multiplayer progression shared?

All game progression is tied to the host of the world. You cannot bring any items or quest progression done in another world’s multiplayer to your own solo game.

Where are my Fae Farm multiplayer wings?

You can find your wings and magical staff in the mailbox. Try to open all of the mail, even opened ones, to see if it’s attached to one of the letters.

How does Fae Farm multiplayer marriage work?

Fae Farm multiplayer marriage works on a “first come, first serve” basis, meaning whoever marries the romanceable candidate first gets that character.

You can work together to finish quests in multiplayer
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Have you given multiplayer a try? Let us know in the comments about your Fae Farm multiplayer experience!

For more Fae Farm tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, check out our Fae Farm section.