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6 Best Ways To Earn Money Fast in Fae Farm

6 Best Ways To Earn Money Fast in Fae Farm

Although you start your life in Azoria on easy street, fees from tool upgrades and house renovations soon add up.

Not to mention you need to save 10,000 Florins if you want to have a wedding!

With all these bills, you’ll need to learn how to make money fast in Fae Farm.

But fear not, big Florins spender! Whether you’re a new player or a veteran of the game who needs a refresher, our Fae Farm money making guide will teach you the six best ways to earn money in the game.

You’ll need all your farming, foraging, mining, cooking, and crafting skills for this.

Grab your tools—we’ve got some Florins to make!

How To Make Money in Fae Farm

You don’t need any Fae Farm money glitch, cheat, or trick to get the Florins rolling.

Once you have these methods down pat, you’ll live the wealthy farm life in no time. It’s also immensely satisfying to see your hard work pay off!

1. Forage, Catch, and Sell (Great For Beginners)

Fishing, foraging, and catching critters can help you make money in Fae Farm

For those new to Fae Farm, the best way to earn money during the early stages of the game is to forage materials and catch critters as much as possible.

Pick up all the seashells at the beach, hoard all the berries you can, catch all the butterflies and frogs you see, and reel in as many fish as your stamina lets you. You can sell all these and more.

But try to save a few or even a stack of certain items in your house storage. You’ll need some of them later for quests.

2. Do Shipping Contracts

Shipping Contracts can also help you make money

Once you’ve solved the mystery of the whirlpools that have been plaguing the waters of Azoria, you’ll be able to do Shipping Contracts.

These are basically item requests that will be shipped outside of Azoria.

If you have the items on hand or in your storage (hoarders, it’s your time to shine), Shipping Contracts are a great side hustle on top of your other money-making options.

The downside is the time limit and the limited number of contracts you can accept. So make sure you pick ones that you can easily fulfill!

3. Finish Quests

Job quests can give you helpful rewards

The townsfolk in Azoria are generous and helpful, and for every quest you finish for them, you’ll be rewarded plenty!

Tip: Once you finish the Saltwater Mines story, most NPC vendors will start giving Job Quests to you

So if you’re planning on mining or forging your day away, accept Cinder the Blacksmith’s Job Quest first. Or if you’re planning on fishing, Nessa has fishing jobs for you.

Quest rewards can be Florins, food, or items

Oftentimes you get items or food rewards, which you can sell if you want. Other times, you get actual Florins.

In short, it’s good to fulfill NPC requests since you get rewards while also continuing the story or improving your relationship with them.

A Fae Farm money guide that involves being best buds with people? Count us in (while also counting our Florins, of course).

4. Sell Cooked Food

Selling cooked dishes can be more profitable than selling raw produce

Instead of simply selling raw produce, it’s immensely profitable to cook them first before selling them. Yes, cooked dishes give you more Florins in the market!

For example, maybe your first instinct is to sell your new batch of freshly harvested turnips at 20 Florins a piece.

Now, hold your horses, eager farmer, because prepping or cooking your turnips through one of the cooking-related stations increases their value.

Using the Food Prep Table, one turnip can turn into two portions of Diced Roots, which can be sold for 13 Florins each. If you roast a turnip using the Cooking Fire station, its price becomes 23 Florins.

Cooking Tuber Salad and selling it can help you earn money in Fae Farm

If you use two Diced Roots along with four Fresh Greens to make a Hearty Salad in the Cooking Hearth, you can sell it for 35 Florins each.

Meanwhile, a Tuber Salad, which only needs two Diced Roots and one Chopped Vegetable, can be sold for 42 Florins per serving!

You can do this to all raw produce—from vegetables and fruits to wool and eggs!

Tip: Cooking and prepping can take a lot of time, but if you chop or cook a big batch before you sleep it’ll be done in the morning!

5. Make and Sell Ingots

Make ingots and sell them for a profit

Just like cooking raw produce, turning ores into ingots using the Stone Forge can be very profitable.

A Copper Ore can be sold for 12 Florins each. Turn 10 of it into a Copper Ingot and you can now sell it for 130 Florins.

Dedicate an entire day or two in Saltwater Mines and mine as many ores as you can.

Before sleeping, turn these into ingots to save time. In the morning, they’ll all be done and ready to be sold in the market!

Tip: Upgrade your backpack so you have more inventory space. This way, you can hoard as many ores as you can (don’t be like me who had to drop some items to make space).

6. Sell Polished Gems

Selling polished gems is the best Fae Farm money hack

Money-wise, gathering foraged items, cooking raw produce, and making ingots are all well and good. But our favorite Fae Farm money hack, and arguably the best in the list, is selling polished gems.

Once you’re able to, craft a Gem Polisher. You’ll only need 2 x Iron Ingots, 20 x Rough Citrine, and 15 x Rough Peridot to make one.

With a Gem Polisher, you can polish all the rough gems and turn them into very valuable and profitable polished versions of themselves.

A Rough Citrine sells for 10 Florins, but a Polished Citrine can net you a whopping 125 Florins a piece!

Build a Gem Polisher so you can polish gems

It’s the same for the other gems. Rough Peridot’s value is 15 Florins but a Polished Peridot can sell for 188. Rough Aquamarine and Rough Topaz value for 20 and 25 each, respectively, but their polished versions can sell for 250 and 313 Florins!

That is an insane markup! A day spent in the mines can immediately net you thousands of Florins. Better get to polishing quickly!

Utilize all the tables at the market

How’s that for a Fae Farm money guide? We hope you’ll try some of these tips. If you have more money-making ideas, let us know in the comments below.