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Fae Farm: Magical Farming Guide

Fae Farm: Magical Farming Guide

In Fae Farm, you’re not just simply planting seeds and harvesting crops. There’s some magic added to its farming!

But for newcomers, this might seem confusing or intimidating, and you’re probably puzzled over how seeds change, so we’re here to help make your magical farming journey as easy as possible.

Here’s our quick Fae Farm farming guide that tackles the basics of farming and explains the magic side of seeds.

Grab your metaphorical shovels and let’s get planting!

The Basics

The moment you arrive in Azoria, the Mayor will give you quests that are tutorials to help you settle into the game as a newcomer. One of them is farming.

Whether you’ve forgotten how to do it and need a refresher or just checking how farming works in Fae Farm, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plant seeds in Fae Farm.

Craft Soil Beds

Crafting soil beds in Fae Farm

You don’t just dig a hole in the ground and plop down seeds. In Fae Farm, you craft the soil beds needed for the seeds to grow.

To craft, press the down button on the controller or ‘c’ on the keyboard to open crafting mode, then press the down button or ‘c’ again to open the crafting catalog.

The first craftable item on the Farming tab is the basic soil bed.

You will need 1 x Silt, 1 x Sand, and 1 x Beech Log to craft it. You can get silt and sand from digging dirt mounds while chopping up the pale-colored logs and trees will give you Beech Logs.

After crafting the soil bed, you can then easily place it on your farm with the help of the game’s grid guide.

Later, you’ll unlock more kinds of soil: Flower Soil, Hydro Soil, Spring Soil, Summer Soil, Autumn Soil, Winter Soil, and even Fae Soil.

Plant the Seeds

Planting and buying seeds in Fae Farm

Once you’ve placed all the soil beds you want, face one of them and it should be highlighted. Click it (or press ‘a’ on your controller on the highlighted soil bed) to start planting seeds.

The seeds you have in your backpack should pop up underneath and you can choose which ones to plant. Click or press ‘a’ on the soil beds to plant the seeds.

After planting, face the soil beds with the seeds and click or press ‘a’ to water them. Ensure you water your crops daily or else they won’t grow.

Interestingly, there are only six Fae Farm seeds available so far. These are turnips, cauliflower, beans, potato, corn, and pepper.

However, that doesn’t mean we only get six crops. Thanks to magic fertilizers, we get way more than that.

To know how long it grows and what crops it yields, we’ve made a separate Fae Farm crops list article about it.

Use Fertilizer To Speed Up, Nourish, or Transform Your Crops

Using fertilizer while farming in Fae Farm

Once you reach Level 3 Farming, you get to use fertilizers to boost your crops. You even get a quest from one of the townsfolk about how to use it.

To use fertilizers, face one of the watered soil beds and click or press ‘a’. A plot with fertilizer will have a mark to distinguish it from other soil beds.

You can either craft your own fertilizer or buy it from Holly. Crafting it will need resources and crafting stations you probably don’t have yet, so the easiest way is to buy it.

At the moment, there are three fertilizers available:

  • Zippy Fertilizer, which hastens the growth of crops
  • Bounteous Fertilizer, which makes crops yield more
  • Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer, which transforms crops. Check out our Fae Farm Fertilizer article for more info.

Zippy and Bounteous cost 35 Florins each, while Magic Crop Swap costs more at 50 Florins. And even though they’re helpful, the prices can get hefty when bought in bulk!

For more info about it, we made a separate article about Fae Farm fertilizers.

Farming Tips, Tricks, and Reminders

Clearing away withered plants and running out of water while watering crops

Now that you have the gist of Fae Farm farming, here are some tips, tricks, and reminders to make your magical farming journey more bountiful and to avoid the same mistakes I did!

  • Crops wither during the first day of a new season: On the first day of a new season, all crops planted during the previous season will die. Make sure you don’t plant too close to the end of the season!
  • Plant as early as you can: Because of this end-of-season deadline, it’s always a good idea to plant early in the season so your crops have enough time to grow and yield.
  • Water your crops every day: Watering your crops will let them grow to their next stage. For example, turnip seeds need four days to grow, but only if you water them during those four days.
  • Upgrade your watering can: An upgraded watering can holds more water. Upgrade your tools at Cinder the Blacksmith’s workshop. 
  • Plan your Fae Farm layout: It’s best to have your soil beds closer to the well, so that when your watering can runs out of water you won’t have to walk too far.
  • You can destroy your soil beds and reclaim the materials: In Fae Farm, you can easily destroy crafted items and get back the materials you used for them. This way, you can move your soil beds and rebuild them without worries.
  • Pause your game properly: Opening the crafting or construction screens won’t actually pause your game (hopefully, this gets changed), so make sure you don’t waste too much time. To pause, open your map or Fae Farm menu instead.
  • Save some crops to make seeds: Once you’ve built a Garden Bench, you can turn one crop into three seeds. This is very useful for Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer variants, so you don’t have to keep using the fertilizer to get certain crops.
  • Store as much as you can: Luckily, the storage in Fae Farm is infinite. It’s best to store some items that you might need later, such as crops to turn into seeds and fertilizer materials.
A cutscene in Fae Farm showing a farmer and his animals

FAQ: Answering the Most Puzzling Fae Farm Farming Questions

My Fae Farm seeds are not changing. Help!

To change your Fae Farm seeds and get seasonal variants, you have to use the Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on your crops. Check out our Fae Farm fertilizer guide for more info.

How do I get more seeds in Fae Farm? Where to buy seeds in Fae Farm?

You can get more seeds in Fae Farm by turning one crop into three seeds using the Garden Bench. For the base seeds, you can buy them from Holly’s Seed Shop in town.

Can I make flower seeds?

Sadly, you cannot make flower seeds using the Garden Bench. You can only do that with crop seeds. To get more flowers, you’ll have to breed them or buy them from flower shops.

How do you get Fae Crops in Fae Farm?

While on your Azoria farm, you can get Fae Crops by planting seeds in a Fae Soil Bed. Spoiler alert: Once you’re in Fae Acres, the crops will instantly grow into Fae Crops.

What is the Farming Skill in Fae Farm?

Your Farming Skill in Fae Farm is important because it improves your digging power and digging efficiency. More farming-related items and activities open up to you as well.

You can level up your Farming Skill in Fae Farm by planting, watering, fertilizing, and harvesting crops.

Do you have any questions about Fae Farm farming? Got Fae Farm tips we don’t know yet? Let us know in the comments below.

If you need ideas for planning and designing your farm, our Fae Farm layout suggestions might help!

Check us out for more Fae Farm guides. As always, we’ll do our fae-ry best!