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Fae Farm: How To Use Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability

Fae Farm: How To Use Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability

So you’re happily spelunking in Saltwater Mine, breaking rocks here and there and hoarding as many stones and ores as your backpack can hold.

But then back in town, Cleo the Semi-retired Adventurer gives you a quest to upgrade your pickaxe into an iron one and then have you use its new iron pickax magical ability.

However, nowhere in the quest did she give you any info on how to do that. Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

This quest has stumped many players, myself included, which is why I thought it was imperative to make this guide. The fewer people Cleo can confuse, the better for the future of Azoria.

Without further ado, here’s how to use the iron pickaxe magical ability in Fae Farm.

Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability on the Almanac

The Iron Pickax Magical Ability

The iron pickaxe magical ability is a special ability that iron pickaxes can do. It can smash rocks within a 3×3 range.

Here’s how you can use it on both the PC and Switch:

  • PC: Press ‘f’ on your keyboard.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press and hold ‘y’ button on your controller.
Cleo with a quest for the player character

Cleo’s Magical Tool Hacks Quest

Your life in Fae Farm opens up more thanks to Cleo’s quests.

She gives you access to the first dungeon (Saltwater Mines), introduces you to upgrading your tools via Cinder, and tells you about tool abilities. Most likely, she’s why you’re here to learn how to do the iron pickaxe magical ability!

One of her quests is the Magical Tool Hacks Quest. Here’s how to complete it:

  • Upgrade your pickaxe to an iron pickax via Cinder the Blacksmith. Bring two iron ingots to Cinder to upgrade it.
  • With your newly upgraded iron pickaxe, do the iron pickax magical ability by pressing ‘f’ on the keyboard or ‘y’ on the controller.

Once you’ve done these two things, go back to Cleo to finish the quest.

Cleo's locations in Fae Farm

Cleo’s Locations

This semi-retired adventurer moves a lot! It can become a problem if you’re trying to talk to her to finish her quests.

So where is Cleo in Fae Farm? Here are some of her known locations in Azoria:

    • Docks
    • Beach
    • West Town, or left of Town Center
    • Plains of Plenty

    The best way to find Cleo is to open your map, find her icon on it, and track her. So while you’re running around, there’s always an arrow pointing you in her direction.

    Unfortunately, some players have reported that she sometimes goes missing from their map.

    When this happens, try to exit the game and open it again. You can also wait until the next day to see if she pops up.

    Cleo telling the player character to upgrade their pickaxe
    Source: Fae Farm / Release Gaming

    How To Upgrade Your Pickaxe Into an Iron Pickaxe

    Upgrading your pickaxe into an iron pickaxe not only completes Cleo’s quest but this stronger tool also helps you hit rocks better.

    Here’s a quick summary of how to upgrade your pickaxe into an iron pickaxe:

    • Collect iron ores: In the early floors of Saltwater Mine, you can only get iron ores from defeating Jumbles, which are the enchanted things that serve as dungeon monsters.
    • Make two iron ingots: You make ingots through the Stone Forge. You will need 10 iron ore and two coal to make one iron ingot.
    • Go to Cinder: Bring the iron ingots to Cinder the Blacksmith. She is on the right side of the Docks area. You’ll also have to pay 500 Florins for the upgrade.

    To learn more about how to upgrade your pickaxe and other tools, check out our complete guide on upgrading Fae Farm tools.

    If you’re having trouble looking for iron ore, our iron ore guide can lead the way.