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Fae Farm: How To Get Iron Ore

Fae Farm: How To Get Iron Ore

In Fae Farm, Iron Ore is an important resource used for crafting items and upgrading your tools.

From fences and other decorations to farm tools that can make farming in Fae Farm easier, it’s a must to know how to get Iron Ore.

The game even highlights the importance of it by giving you iron tool-related quests early in the game (thanks, Cleo).

So if you’re lost on how to get it or don’t know how to properly mine in Fae Farm, let us lead you to where the Iron Ores are.

Have your pickaxe at the ready—let’s go spelunking!

Where To Get Iron Ore

As you know by now, Fae Farm isn’t just about farming.

You also get to explore caves and mines that serve as dungeons in this game. It’s filled with rocks to mine and ‘enemies’ to defeat.

The first mine that’s available to you is the Saltwater Mines, located at the lowest southeast point on the map, to the left of the Beach area.

Thanks to quests from Cleo, you’ll eventually get the keys for it if you follow the game’s story progression.

There are two ways to get Iron Ores in Saltwater Mines:

Defeat Jumbles To Get Iron Ore Drops

Defeating Jumbles can get you some Iron Ores

Jumbles are the enchanted objects that attack you in the mines. Defeat them and they might drop Iron Ores now and then.

If you’ve already explored the early floors of the mine and were surprised to find a couple of Iron Ores in your backpack despite not seeing any Iron Ore rock (it was a pleasant surprise for me), it’s from the Jumbles.

Defeating Jumbles is the easiest way to get Iron Ores early on.

Jumbles like the Drecksion, which looks like a compass, start appearing around Floor 4. Just wack ‘em three times or so and you should be good.

Other Jumbles, like the Tresroar, which looks like a mad treasure chest, and the Octowheel, an annoying spinning ship’s wheel with an attached octopus, can be a bit tough. Just jump around and hit it to stop its attacks.

Go To Floor 10 and above in Saltwater Mines

Saltwater Mines' 10th floor and beyond has Iron Ore rocks
Source: Fae Farm / Release Gaming

Once you’ve unlocked the 10th floor of Saltwater Mines, mining for Iron Ores will get easier. Floor 10 is where you start seeing Iron Ore rocks.

Like the other rocks, simply face the Iron Ore rock and your tool will immediately change to a pickaxe.

Click on it or press ‘a’ while facing it to mine it.

Iron Ore rocks look similar to Coal rocks. But there’s a stark difference in their appearances: Iron Ore rocks have more rocky protrusions on them, similar to Copper Ore rocks.

Once you see them side-by-side, you’ll immediately see the distinction.

Tips and Tricks on How To Get Iron Ores

Dungeon Tracker in Fae Farm

Here are some advice and reminders that will make your Iron Ore spelunking easier.

These are based on our experiences—we can’t let running away from Jumbles while mining go to waste, so we might as well turn it into something useful!

  • Always check the dungeon tracker: Click or press ‘a’ on an activated pedestal to check its dungeon tracker. It will tell you important info like resource chances and which floor has certain ores and gems.
  • Teleport through the dungeon tracker: No need to waste your time on floors with resources you don’t need. Once you’ve activated a floor’s pedestal, you can now quickly teleport to it.
  • Devote enough time: Staying in the mines can easily eat through your whole day. Plan a day for mining so you won’t have to rush through things.
  • Bring food and potions: Foods and potions that can replenish your energy and health or boost your mining power are quite useful!
  • Fainting is okay: If you get close to losing all your health, don’t worry. You’ll just faint and get teleported outside Saltwater Mines.
  • Stay past your bedtime: Don’t worry, you won’t be penalized if you go past your bedtime. You won’t faint or lose items and health—you’ll simply teleport to your house.
  • Remember the seals you need: Note or write down the seals that you have to craft to unlock the floors. But to make things easier, we’ve made a handy-dandy guide to all the dungeon seals that you need.
Fainting in Fae Farm won't have any penalties

And that’s how you mine Iron Ore in Fae Farm.

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