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How To Get Fodder in Fae Farm

How To Get Fodder in Fae Farm

Raising animals is another aspect of Fae Farm’s farmer life.

Aside from growing magical crops and breeding flowers, you later get to unlock a new farm with a barn and raise animals that give you milk and wool.

However, unlike your Chickoos and Cottontails, Woolyhorns and Mamoos don’t eat Plant Fibers. You must know how to get Fodder in Fae Farm to feed these new animals in your barn.

From one farmer to another, let me lead you to where this Fodder grass grows! Here’s our quick guide on how to get Fodder in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm Fodder Walkthrough

Surprisingly, Fodder is not that difficult to get and there are three ways to get this elusive animal feed.

Without further ado, here’s where to get Fodder in Fae Farm.

Cut Fodder Grass at the Ranch

Cut tall grass to get Fodder in Fae Farm

The easiest way to get Fodder in Fae Farm is by foraging it in the wild. See that tall grass? That’s Fodder!

The ranch in Plains of Plenty where you buy Woolyhorns and Mamoos has patches of Fodder grass in its fenced area. You can also find some tall grass in the Chickoo and Cottontail farm below.

It’s not the most efficient and you’ll have to wait for the grass to grow again, but it’s the best way to get Fodder if you’re a beginner.

Craft a Fodder Grass Patch

Crafting a patch of Fodder grass makes things easier

Interestingly, there aren’t any Fae Farm grass seeds in the game but you can still grow grass to get Plant Fibers and Fodder by crafting them.

To know how to grow grass in Fae Farm, you simply have to open your Construction Catalog. Press ‘c’ on your keyboard or the down button on your controller to start crafting. Press it again to open the catalog.

Go to the Outdoors tab, which is the first tab in the catalog. This is where you can craft soil beds. To the right of the soil beds are the recipes for the grass patches.

Requirements needed to craft Fodder grass patch in Fae Farm

You will need 5 x Mulch, 5 x Rough Peridot, and 3 x Shell Bits to make a patch of Fodder grass. You can dig Mulch at Spooky Woods, mine Rough Peridot in Saltwater Mines, and get Shell Bits by putting snails and crabs in a Lowlands Critter Conservatory.

You can also get some Mulch in Hazy Haven, which is where the barn is. Catching snails and crabs can also give you Shell Bits as random drops.

Once you have all the materials needed, craft and place your Fodder grass patch. Then, using your Scythe, you can cut it to your heart’s content.

Cut Withered Crops To Get Fodder

Cutting withered crops gives you Fodder

Crops wither when the season changes. While it’s sad to see your entire field of crops all withered and dead, you can still put them to good use as Fodder.

Yes, withered crops turn into Fodder when you cut it.

So don’t feel too bad about the loss of your thriving beans or pumpkins, they get a new life in the form of Fodder and get to feed your fluffy Woolyhorns and Mamoos!

Feed Fodder to barn animals in Fae Farm

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