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Fae Farm: How To Use Fertilizers

Fae Farm: How To Use Fertilizers

Fae Farm wouldn’t be Fae Farm without the use of fairy magic in farming!

In this cozy farming game by Phoenix Labs, you get to grow crops in a magical way, all thanks to special Fae Farm fertilizers that boost and transform your crops.

This unique crops-and-fertilizer system is what makes the game stand out from other farming sims.

However, this very same unique system can also get a little confusing. You might find yourself dazzled but also puzzled like me.

But fear not, eager farmer, we’re here to give you a quick guide on how to use fertilizers in Fae Farm. Let’s get to the muddy bottom of this, shall we?

Putting fertilizer in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Release Gaming

How To Place Fertilizers

It might not be immediately obvious, but using fertilizers in Fae Farm is easy.

Make sure you’ve planted your seeds and watered your soil beds. After that, all you have to do is face or select the soil bed that you want to fertilize.

A pop-up with fertilizer options should show up under you, just like when you select seeds for planting. You can choose which fertilizer to use before clicking or pressing ‘a’ on the soil bed again.

In summation, it’s plant, water, and fertilize, in that order.

Fertilizer Types – What They Do and How To Get Them

Currently, there are three kinds of fertilizers in Fae Farm: Zippy Fertilizer, Bounteous Fertilizer, and Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer.

Fertilizers in Fae Farm make your farming easy and magical. They have different uses and varying effects on your crops. Read on to learn more about them.

Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer

Buying Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer
What it does:Transforms crops (chance-based)
Where to buy:Holly’s Seed Shop (Town Center) for 50 Florins
How to craft:1 x Mulch, 1 x Frog Sweat, 1 x Ammonite on Garden Bench

If you’ve seen our Full Crops List article and Farming Guide, you might be confused about how the game has 36 crops from just six seeds.

A carrot from a turnip seed? Yep, it’s all thanks to the Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer!

This fertilizer transforms your crops into a seasonal or fae variant, although it doesn’t happen all the time since it’s based on chance.

So if you use it on a cauliflower seed during the summer season, there’s a chance you get an artichoke instead. Or if you use it on a corn seed during spring, you might get rice.

You can get it at Holly’s Seed Shop at the Town Center. It’s priced at 50 Florins each, but you have to be at Farming Level 3 to buy it.

Crafting Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer

To craft it, make a Garden Bench first (3 x Oak Lumber, 15 x Clay, 15 x Silt; make a Lumber Station to craft lumber). You’ll need 1 x Mulch, 1 x Frog Sweat, and 1 x Ammonite to craft 10 Magic Crop Swap Fertilizers using the Garden Bench.

You can get mulch from the beige mounds in Spooky Woods, located at the top right of the map.

But you’ll have to get the first upgrade on your shovel from Cinder the Blacksmith, which requires 1 x Copper Ingot and 100 Florins, to dig up mulch.

Ammonites can be picked from the beach. Meanwhile, you get Frog Sweat by catching frogs or harvesting them from a Lowlands Critter Conservatory (which needs 5 x Beech Lumber, 5 Stone Brick, 20 x Plant Fibers, and 20 x Silt to construct).

Zippy Fertilizer

Buying Zippy Fertilizer
What it does:Makes crops grow faster
Where to buy:Holly’s Seed Shop (Town Center) for 35 Florins
How to craft:1 x Mulch, 1 x Bug Juice, 1 x Sand Dollar on Garden Bench

Whether you need to harvest your crops soon due to a recipe or a quest, or it’s almost the end of the season and you’re running out of time, the Zippy Fertilizer is the crop savior you’ll need.

It advances the crop’s growth by one day and even gives a random chance of skipping another day each night.

It’s great for seeds that need 12 days of watering, like the bean seed family and the pepper seed family.

Not to mention, it’s perfect when you need to harvest crops before the start of the new season.

You can buy it from Holly’s Seed Shop at the Town Center for 35 Florins each. But remember to reach Farming Level 3 first, otherwise, you won’t be able to buy it.

Crafting Zippy Fertilizer

If you want to go the crafting route, you have to make a Garden Bench first (scroll up to see how). Then, gather 1 x Mulch, 1 x Bug Juice, and 1 x Sand Dollar to make 10 x Zippy Fertilizer.

As mentioned above, mulch can be found in Spooky Woods, but you must get the first shovel upgrade to dig it.

Sand Dollars can be found at the beach, while Bug Juice is dropped by critters when you catch them with your net or when they’re in a Lowlands Critter Conservatory.

Bounteous Fertilizer

Buying Bounteous fertilizer
What it does:Increases crop yields (chance-based)
Where to buy:Holly’s Seed Shop (Town Center) for 35 Florins
How to craft:1 x Mulch, 1 x Flutter Dust, 1 x Coral on Garden Bench

In a nutshell, you harvest more crops with the Bounteous Fertilizer. But since it’s chance-based, you won’t know exactly how many you’ll harvest in the end.

Still, it’s a fertilizer that’s good to use for rare crops or seeds that take a while to grow. That way, you’ll get more despite waiting a while.

Like the other fertilizers, you can buy it from Holly’s Seed Shop. It’s priced at 35 Florins each and will require you to be at Farming Level 3 first.

Crafting Bounteous fertilizer
Source: Fae Farm / Release Gaming

If you want to make it, craft a Garden Bench first (scroll above for the details), then gather 1 x Mulch, 1 x Flutter Dust, and 1 x Coral to make 10 x Bounteous Fertilizers.

There are mulch mounds at the Spooky Woods, but you need an upgraded shovel to dig it up.

Pick up corals at the beach. Flutter Dust is a chance drop when you catch bugs with your net, although you can also farm it through the Lowlands Critter Conservatory.