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Fae Farm: How To Craft – Full Crafting Guide

Fae Farm: How To Craft – Full Crafting Guide

Crafting is an essential part of your farm life in Fae Farm. You get to create things like food and resources from raw materials, as well as craft decorations that can turn your lovely abode into a proper home.

But you might be wondering—how do you craft in Fae Farm?

Well, little sapling, we’re here to give you a quick crash course on crafting in Fae Farm.

It’s as easy as pressing a button, and soon you’ll be turning your farmed materials into properly crafted items!

Screenshot showing how to craft a small Zoom potion
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Steps on How To Craft in Fae Farm

Crafting in Fae Farm might not be that intuitive or seem obvious at first, but here are the step by step instructions:

  1. Go to your Homestead: You can only craft while inside your Homestead or outside but within the area of your Homestead. Head there to start crafting.
  2. Press ‘C’ on PC or the down button on Switch: While in your Homestead or Homestead area, you have to press a button to start crafting mode. Different platforms have different designated buttons. Press the letter ‘C’ on your keyboard if you’re playing on PC, or hit the down button on your D-Pad if you’re playing on your Nintendo Switch.
  3. Open the Construction catalog by pressing the same button: Press ‘C’ or the down button again to see your list of crafting recipes. 
  4. Select a recipe to craft: You can scroll through the different recipe categories by pressing ‘R’ and ‘T’ on your keyboard or the ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons on the Switch. To select a recipe, click with the left mouse button on PC or press ‘A’ on Switch.
  5. Place the item: Once you’ve picked a recipe to craft, you’ll have to place it within the grid lines shown on the screen. These grid lines will also help you position the items more easily.
  6. Reclaim a crafted item: You can get rid of an item by “reclaiming” it. This will essentially un-craft the crafted item but give you back the materials used to make it. Whether you placed an item wrong or simply don’t have any need for it, reclaiming is a great way of getting rid of it without wasting resources.
Honey Hives and Propagation Hives as crafting stations in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

All Crafting Stations

Now that you know how to craft, the next step is to know all the unlockable crafting stations in Fae Farm.

That’s right, you’re not limited to crafting away on a single work table. There are different kinds of crafting stations in the game, each with its own functions and specific items that they can produce.

  • Cooking Fire: Cooks simple energy-restoring foods.
  • Beverage Station: Brews and mixes energy-restoring and temperature-regulating drinks.
  • Seal Crafting Station: Crafts dungeon seals.
  • Stone Forge: Crafts bricks, glass, and ingots.
  • Lumber Station: Crafts lumber.
  • Food Prep Table: Preps chopped ingredients for recipes. 
  • Cooking Hearth: Cooks high-quality foods that can restore more energy and give skill buffs.
  • Artisan Table: Cooks gourmet foods.
  • Garden Bench: Preps seeds, seedlings, and fertilizers.
  • Loom: Crafts paper and textiles.
  • Decorating Table: Crafts home decor items.
  • Gem Polisher: Polishes gems and turns raw crystals into gemstones.
  • Honey Hive: Houses bees that in turn create honey.
  • Propagation Hive: Helps fruit trees make saplings.
  • Lowlands Critter Conservatory: Houses lowlands critters that leave behind resources you can use.
  • Fae Critter Conservatory: Houses fae critters that leave behind resources that you can use.
  • Mountain Critter Conservatory: Houses mountain critters that leave behind resources you can use.
  • Potion Ingredients Station: Crafts potion ingredients.
  • Potion Brewing Cauldron: Brews strong potions.
  • Animal Lure: Gathers animals nearby and tries to prevent them from wandering away.
Picking up a recipe scroll in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

How To Get Crafting Recipes in Fae Farm

What’s the use of knowing how to craft or having crafting stations if you don’t know what to craft anyway? Fear not, rookie crafter, here’s where to find the recipes!

  • Pick up recipe scrolls around Azoria: While exploring the world of Fae Farm, you’ll find scrolls scattered around the place. These will refresh every day, so check daily and keep an eye out for them!
  • Find and forage for new resources: Discovering new materials will also teach you new crafting recipes. It’s always a good idea to pick up as many resources as your bag can hold.
  • Complete quests: You can also learn new recipes as a reward for finishing quests. 
  • Level up your skills: You get to learn higher-level recipes when you level up your skills. Basically, the better you are, the more recipes you can craft.
  • Progress the story: The more you play and go through the story, the more you unlock recipes. Keep playing to unlock more!