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Fae Farm: How To Craft a Copper Seal

Fae Farm: How To Craft a Copper Seal

So you’ve finally unlocked the first dungeon in Fae Farm—Saltwater Mines! Thanks to Cleo, she gives you the key to access this dungeon.

But to easily go through all 25 floors of Saltwater Mines, you have to learn how to craft seals.

If you’re as lost as I was when I first started spelunking in the mines, I’ll save you some time and confusion with this quick guide.

So before you continue your journey down the mines, prepare your seals first. Here’s where to get Copper Seals in Fae Farm!

Craft Copper Seals

Fae Farm Copper Seals are your “keys” to the early floors in Saltwater Mines. With seals, you don’t have to step or trigger switches to open doors.

But before you can craft Copper Seals, you have to make a Seal Crafting Station first.

To make it, simply start crafting mode by pressing the down button on your controller’s d-pad or the letter ‘c’ on your keyboard.

Go to the Crafting tab and find the recipe for a Seal Crafting Station. The materials you need for it are 20 x Stones and 10 x Copper Ores. Craft it and place it down on the grid.

Crafting a Copper Seal in Fae Farm

After crafting it, interact with it to open it up and see its recipes. There you will find the recipe for Copper Seals and other important seals.

One Copper Seal will need 4 x Copper Ore. Make how many you need (refer to our Saltwater Mines Seals List) and head back to the mines.

How To Use Copper Seals

Using a Copper Seal on a Pedestal in Fae Farm

See those protruding things near the entrance of each floor in the mines? Those are called pedestals. You have to place the required seal there to activate it.

To use Copper Seals for floors 1 to 4 in Saltwater Mines, all you have to do is click or press ‘a’ on the pedestal, choose ‘activate’, and click or press ‘a’ again but this time hold the button until the gauge fills up.

And that’s it! You’ve unlocked a floor!

Copper Seals Not Working? Here’s Why

Copper Seals not working in Fae Farm

If you have a Copper Seal but can’t place it on the pedestal for some reason, you may have missed the previous floor’s pedestal.

Retrace your steps and check each of the pedestals on every floor. You cannot miss or skip a pedestal. You have to put all the seals in order.

If this is not the case, you may have encountered a bug. You can exit and close your game and open it again to see if it fixes the error itself. Otherwise, contact Phoenix Labs to inform them of this glitch.

Copper Seal vs Hammered Copper Seal

Difference between Copper Seal and Hammered Copper Seal

So what is a Fae Farm Hammered Copper Seal and how is it different from a Copper Seal?

A Copper Seal is needed for early floors and is the base for other seals, while a Hammered Copper Seal is the seal needed for floors 5 to 8.

In Saltwater Mines, the early floors, particularly floors 1 to 4, need Copper Seals.

Floors 5 to 8 will need Hammered Copper Seals, but you can’t make a Hammered Copper Seal without making a Copper Seal first.

Make sure you know which one you need for a particular floor!

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