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Fae Farm ‘Coasts of Croakia’ DLC Review: Cute But Won’t Make You Frog-Leap For Joy

Fae Farm ‘Coasts of Croakia’ DLC Review: Cute But Won’t Make You Frog-Leap For Joy

Fae Farm’s much-awaited first DLC has finally been released! Titled Coasts of Croakia, it is a critter-centric addition to the world of Azoria.

While the base game is a cozy experience full of fairies, magical farming, spelunking in dungeons, and romance, many players hoped for more content and bug ironing.

So does the DLC live up to the hype and hopes? Sadly, it doesn’t.

Here is our review and a quick rundown of what this DLC has in store for Fae Farm players.

Fae Farm DLC: Is It Worth It?

Critter Conch in Fae Farm

Let’s quickly jump to why you’re here. Our verdict? The DLC is adorable but is a bit of a miss.

Coasts of Croakia is the first of two announced DLCs for Fae Farm.

You don’t have to finish the base game before playing this new content. In fact, it’s a better experience if you’re just starting.

After downloading the DLC, you’ll get a letter inviting you to this new area called Archi-Pal-igo Park. Its entrance is beside Stay-A-While Bay, which now has a teleportation point for convenience.

Fae Farm DLC shown on the map

REMINDER: You have to reach Chapter 3 first to get this invitation. If you haven’t received the letter, sleep or let the day pass. You should receive it the next day.

We have to admit, the path to this new area is beautiful and the travel method is unique and hilarious (we won’t spoil it so you can enjoy the experience).

You will then meet a new character in the game, Lem. He manages the place and introduces you to two new gameplay mechanics, which are Critter Buddies and Trinkets.

Lem explaining about Trinkets

Critter Buddies are like pets or familiars that follow you around on a broomstick.

Having a tiny critter accompany you on a floating broomstick is such an adorable sight! But they don’t do much besides looking cute.

With Trinkets, you can now have a permanent buff that can help you with certain tasks.

Different Trinkets boost different things, such as your efficiency and power for mining, digging, and logging, your luck with foraging, and even your Mana and Energy capacity.

Different available Trinkets in Fae Farm

So if you’re tired of the temporary buffs from food, Trinkets are a good solution.

However, they do need a lot of gems, ores, and ingots. And if you’re already done with the base game, you don’t need these anymore.

As for the park, it’s a tiny island rich in detail and beautiful art. There’s not much to do, but you do get to jump on huge leaves, swim around, discover new critters, and collect new recipe scrolls.

Fae Farm's new area: Coasts of Croakia

And that’s it. Overall, Coasts of Croakia feels more like a patch than a full-fledged DLC.

The Critter Buddies are cute, the island is beautiful, and the Trinkets do have their use, but the limited content doesn’t feel worth it for us, especially for its price.

If you bought the game on the Nintendo Switch or have the Deluxe Edition on PC, you don’t have to pay for this DLC as it is already bundled with the base game (for $60, it better be). For the Standard Edition, you have to shell out $10 for this DLC.

Here’s hoping that the next DLC wave will be meatier with content than this.

What’s New in Coasts of Croakia

Player character picking up a new scroll

Here’s a quick rundown on what this DLC brings to the game:

  • New Area: Archi-Pal-igo Park is a gorgeous and magical haven for critters. Hop on lily pads, ride on elevator leaves, and swim around the coast of this new land.
  • New Wayshrine: You can now teleport to Stay-A-While Bay. Unlock it with an Emerald Seal.
  • Critter Buddies: With the new Critter Conch tool, you can have limited conversations with critters and invite them as your buddies. They can follow you around like a familiar!
  • Trinkets: Equip these to your Critter Buddies to get a permanent boost on your stats.
  • New Scrolls: There are new crafting recipes to pick up in Archi-Pal-igo Park. I hope you’re ready for frog-themed furniture.

What’s Lacking in Fae Farm’s DLC

Player character running around with their critter buddy

If you’re hoping for these things, we apologize for being the bringer of bad news.

  • No new mines or dungeons
  • No new crops, flowers, or trees
  • No new farm animals
  • No new long quest line
  • No new romanceable candidate
  • Spouse still doesn’t help with farm chores
  • No new food recipes

We’re still hoping that the second DLC will bring these content. And who knows, maybe there’ll be a third one!