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Fae Farm: How To Change Your Name

Fae Farm: How To Change Your Name

If you’re like me who loves cozy farming games with fairies and magic, then Fae Farm is a dream come true.

But as fun as the game is, one odd thing sticks out, which is the not-so-direct way of changing names in Fae Farm.

Not having your preferred name isn’t game-breaking, but it is distracting and does get in the way of immersion.

In this quick guide, let me show you how to change your name in Fae Farm, as well as edit your farm’s title.

Character creation screen in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

How To Change Your Name in Fae Farm

Upon making your character, the game immediately uses your Phoenix Labs account name.

If you haven’t made or linked a Phoenix Labs account, your Steam or Epic Games name, or your Switch account’s name, will be used instead.

Currently, there is no way to edit or even manually pick your player name in the game, and you’ll be stuck with your Steam, Epic Games, or Switch account name unless you have a Phoenix Labs account. For those wondering what Phoenix Labs is, it’s the game developer for Fae Farm.

If you want to get unstuck from this name problem, follow these steps:

  • Make a Phoenix Labs account: Go to Phoenix Labs’ website to make an account. When launching the game or playing multiplayer, the game will prompt you to sign in or make an account.
  • Link your Steam/Epic Games/Switch accounts: If you’re playing on PC through Steam or Epic Games, then sign in using those accounts. For Switch players, link your Nintendo accounts instead.
  • Use your preferred Fae Farm name on your Phoenix Labs account: While making or editing your Phoenix Labs account, type in the name you want to show up on Fae Farm. 

And that’s it! Wait several minutes for the changes to occur in the game, but you’ll soon see your new name in Fae Farm.

Player running to their farm in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

How To Change Your Homestead Name

Whether you made a typo, wanted a silly name but changed your mind, or didn’t have enough time to brainstorm a proper farm name during the game’s tutorial, there is no shame in changing your Homestead title.

Fortunately, it is way easier to change your farm’s name than your player’s name. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Go inside your home and face your bed: While you can change your Homestead’s name anytime, you can only do it inside your home. After facing your bed, a prompt will show you what button to press.
  • Press ‘F’ on PC or ‘Y’ on Switch: Pressing these buttons will open up your home options. One of these options is changing your Homestead’s name.
  • Type your preferred Homestead name: Do take note that there is a 10-character limit, so make the most of it!

And that’s how to change your Homestead name in Fae Farm.

At the moment, your Homestead name doesn’t do much, gameplay-wise, since the game doesn’t even display it correctly. But we’ll see what Phoenix Labs will do about it in the future.

Player character exploring Fae Farm with a net
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

How To Change Your World Name

Unfortunately, you cannot change or edit your world name in Fae Farm. Once you’ve set it up, there is no changing it back.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to brainstorm for a world name that you really want.

Although the characters in the game refer to the game world as Azoria, your own world name will still come up on loading screens or when you share it with other players during multiplayer. Think of it as a name for your Fae Farm save file!

For more Fae Farm guides, check out our how-tos on crafting, romance, and even divorce. As always, we’ll do our magical best for these guides!