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Every Pokemon Ash Caught in Order

Every Pokemon Ash Caught in Order

Ever since the Pokemon anime series began in 1997, Ash Ketchum has gone on numerous adventures, met and fought hundreds of trainers, and caught a sizable number of Pokemon.

But with the show having more than a thousand episodes and quite a few theatrical films, it’s understandable that grown-up fans have a hard time keeping track of all the Pokemon he has caught.

So, if you’re wondering how many Pokemon Ash has caught, you’re in luck!

Let’s take a journey of our own to see all Pokemon Ash has caught over the years. From Gen 1 favorites to new companions in Journeys, let’s see ‘em all!


All of Ash’s Pokemon He Caught in the Anime

Ash sitting with all of his Pokemon
Source: Bulbapedia

Here’s a list of all the Pokemon Ash has caught.

If you want to see him catch them in action, we’ve added the series and episode number for each entry.

PokemonSeriesEpisode Number and Title
PikachuPokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E01 (Pokemon – I Choose You!)
Caterpie – Metapod – ButterfreePokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E02 (Pokemon Emergency!)
Pidgeotto – PidgeotPokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E03 (Ash Catches a Pokemon)
BulbasaurPokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E10 (Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village)
Charmander – Charmeleon – CharizardPokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E11 (Charmander – The Stray Pokemon)
SquirtlePokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E12 (Here Comes the Squirtle Squad)
Krabby – KinglerPokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E13 (Mystery at the Lighthouse)
Raticate (Temporarily through a trade)Pokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E15 (Battle Aboard the St. Anne)
PrimeapePokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E25 (Primeape Goes Bananas)
MukPokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E30 (Sparks Fly for Magnemite)
Tauros x 30Pokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E34 (The Legend of Miniryu/Dratini)
Mr. MimePokemon Original Series / Series 1S01E64 (It’s Mr. Mime Time)
LaprasPokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Orange League Arc)S01E84 (The Lost Lapras)
SnorlaxPokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Orange League Arc)S01E119 (A Sappy Ending)
HeracrossPokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Johto League Arc)S01E119 (A Sappy Ending)
Chikorita – BayleefPokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Johto League Arc)S01E126 (The Chikorita Rescue)
Cyndaquil – QuilavaPokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Johto League Arc)S01E141 (Good ‘Quil Hunting)
TotodilePokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Johto League Arc)S01E151 (The Totodile Duel)
Noctowl (Shiny)Pokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Johto League Arc)S01EP154 (Fowl Play!)
Beedrill (Given away)Pokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Johto League Arc)S01E161 (The Bug Stops Here)
Phanpy – Donphan (Started as an egg)Pokemon Original Series / Series 1 (Johto League Arc)S01E228 (Extreme Pokemon!)
Taillow – SwellowPokemon Series 2 (Ruby and Sapphire/Advanced Generation)S02E04 / AG004 (You Never Can Taillow)
Treecko – Grovyle – SceptilePokemon Series 2 (Ruby and Sapphire/Advanced Generation)S02E07 / AG007 (Tree’s a Crowd)
CorphishPokemon Series 2 (Ruby and Sapphire/AdvancedS02E23 / AG023 (Gone Corphishin’)
TorkoalPokemon Series 2 (Ruby and Sapphire/Advanced Generation)S02E58 / AG058 (All Torkoal, No Play)
Snorunt – GlaliePokemon Series 2 (Ruby and Sapphire/Advanced Generation)S02E108 / AG108 (Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snowrunt!)
Aipom (Traded to Dawn)Pokemon Series 2 (Ruby and Sapphire/Advanced Generation)S02E182 / AG182 (Channeling the Battle Zone!)
Starly – Staravia – StaraptorPokemon Series 3 (Diamond and Pearl)S03E02 / DP002 (Two Degrees of Separation!
Turtwig – Grotle – TorterraPokemon Series 3 (Diamond and Pearl)S03E05 / DP005 (Gettin’ Twiggy With It!)
Chimchar – Monferno – InfernapePokemon Series 3 (Diamond and Pearl)S03E52 / DP052 (Smells Like Team Spirit!)
Buizel (Traded from Dawn)Pokemon Series 3 (Diamond and Pearl)S03E55 / DP055 (Throwing the Track Switch)
Gligar – GliscorPokemon Series 3 (Diamond and Pearl)S03E64 / DP064 (Riding the Winds of Change!)
GiblePokemon Series 3 (Diamond and Pearl)S03E156 / DP156 (A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!)
Pidove – Tranquill – UnfezantPokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E02 / BW002 (Enter Iris and Axew!)
OshawottPokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E03 / BW003 (A Sandile Gusher of Change!)
Tepig – PignitePokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E04 / BW004 (The Battle Club and Tepig’s Choice!)
SnivyPokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E07 / BW007 (Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!)
Scraggy (From an Egg)Pokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E12 / BW012 (Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!)
Sewaddle – Swadloon – LeavannyPokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E18 / BW018 (Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!)
PalpitoadPokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E32 / BW032 (Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!)
Roggenrola – BoldorePokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E34 / BW034 (Gotta Catch a Roggenrola!)
Krokorok – KrookodilePokemon Series 4 (Black and White)S04E65 / BW065 (Battling the Bully!)
Froakie – Frogadier – GreninjaPokemon Series 5 (XY)S05E02 / XY002 (Lumiose City Pursuit!)
Fletchling – Fletchinder – TalonflamePokemon Series 5 (XY)S05E03 / XY003 (A Battle of Aerial Mobility!)
HawluchaPokemon Series 5 (XY)S05E35 / XY035 (The Forest Champion!)
Goomy – Sliggoo – GoodraPokemon Series 5 (XY)S05E55 / XY055 (A Slippery Encounter!)
Noibat – Noivern (From an Egg)Pokemon Series 5 (XY)S05E76 / XY076 (A Not-So-Flying Start!)
RowletPokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E04 / SM004 (First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!)
Rockruff – LycanrocPokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E15 / SM015 Rocking Clawmark Hill!)
Litten – Torracat – IncineroarPokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E21 / SM021 (One Journey Ends, Another Begins…)
Buzzwole (Temporarily, then released)Pokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E61 / SM061 (A Mission of Ultra Urgency!
Poipole – NaganadelPokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E67 / SM067 (Love at First Twirl!)
Stakataka (Temporarily, then releasedPokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E85 / SM085 (The Long Vault Home!)
Meltan – MelmetalPokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E112 / SM112 (Got Meltan?)
Pheromosa (Temporarily, then released)Pokemon Series 6 (Sun & Moon)S06E112 / SM114 (Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!)
DragonitePokemon Series 7 (Journeys)S07E10 / JN010 (A Test in Paradise!)
GengarPokemon Series 7 (Journeys)S07E16 / JN016 (A Chilling Curse!)
Riolu – Lucario (From an Egg)Pokemon Series 7 (Journeys)S07E21 / JN021 (Caring for a Mystery!)
Farfetch’d – Sirfetch’dPokemon Series 7 (Journeys)S07E27 / JN027 (Toughing It Out!)
DracovishPokemon Series 7 (Journeys)S07E50 / JN050 (A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!)

How Many Pokemon Did Ash Catch?

Ash proudly showing a Poke Ball after catching a Pokemon
Source: Bulbapedia

Ironically, Ash never actually did “catch ‘em all” during his adventures. Currently, Ash has 77 Pokemon, including the 30 Tauros he caught. 

However, if you count and include all evolutions, and Pokemon that left, released, traded away, or given to others, Ash has caught and owned a total of 98 Pokemon over the years.

How about Shinies? Did Ash catch a Shiny Pokemon? 

Yep, he caught one! Ash’s only Shiny Pokemon is Noctowl. It was also notably smaller than the other Noctowl.

Ash’s Original Pokemon

Ash hugging his original Kanto Pokemon
Source: Bulbapedia

Although Ash has caught a lot of cool Pokemon in his adventures, nothing is more iconic and memorable for a lot of long-time fans than his original six.

This team consists of Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.


Of course, his first ever Pokemon is Pikachu.

Due to his excitement of becoming a Pokemon trainer, he couldn’t immediately sleep the night before and woke up late. He ended up not getting any of the Kanto starter Pokemon from Prof. Oak, but instead got Pikachu.

Pikachu was a handful at first and wouldn’t listen to him or get into a Poke Ball. After running away from a flock of Spearow using Misty’s bike, the two forged a lifelong companionship.


Source: Pokebuzz on Youtube

Ash then caught Caterpie, who dearly wished to evolve into a Butterfree.

It eventually succeeded but had to leave Ash to go with another Butterfree. The episode Bye-Bye Butterfree definitely made a lot of fans cry!


For his third catch, Ash caught Pidgeotto who eventually evolved into Pidgeot and became a reliable Flying Pokemon for the young trainer.


Then comes the ever-responsible Bulbasaur. It acted as a bodyguard for sick and abandoned Pokemon in a remote village.

Touched by Ash’s natural instinct to protect Pokemon, it joined him after being defeated and captured by him fair and square.


Next to be caught was Charmander. This Pokemon had a heartbreaking past before meeting Ash.

Charmander was mistreated and abandoned by its trainer, and it even had to wait in the rain, hoping for its trainer to come back. Charmander’s tail flame almost went out!

Ash running with Charizard, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle
Source: Bulbapedia

Ash invited Charmander to join his team. Realizing how unworthy and mean its former trainer was, Charmander happily joined Ash.

However, as a Charizard it became quite unruly!

Its disobedience cost Ash some important battles. One example is when it loafed around during his battle against Blaine at Cinnabar’s Gym.

It also ridiculed Ritchie’s Charmeleon, Zippo, and refused to battle, making Ash lose in the Indigo League.

It was during their journey in the Orange Islands that Charizard had a change of heart. During a battle, Charizard refused to listen to Ash and ended up being frozen in ice by a Poliwrath’s Ice Beam.

Ash spent the entire night thawing and warming up Charizard. This reminded Charizard of everything Ash did for it when it was still a Charmander. The next day, Charizard woke up with a renewed respect and loyalty for its trainer.

Charizard flying with Bulbasaur and Squirtle on his back
Source: Bulbapedia


Last in Ash’s original six is Squirtle. Who could ever forget the iconic Squirtle Squad! They were rogue Squirtles abandoned by their trainers and decided to cause mayhem in town instead.

But after being betrayed by Team Rocket, saved by Ash, and putting out a forest fire together, the squad’s leader joined Ash while the rest became the town’s official firefighters.

Does Ash Become a Pokemon Champion?

Ash holding his trophy with his Pokemon after becoming Champion
Source: Bulbapedia

In his quest to be the very best, Ash has joined a lot of Pokemon League Conferences to become a Pokemon Champion.

A lot of his attempts didn’t really work out. Still, we’re happy to report that yes, Ash finally became a Pokemon Champion.

This happened when he won the Manalo Conference, which is Alola’s Pokemon League, and later became the new World Coronation Champion by beating Leon.

Prior to both, he won the Orange League, although it wasn’t a Pokemon League Conference.

So technically, his Manalo Conference win was his first Pokemon Champion achievement. Way to go, Ketchum!

Does Ash Nickname Any of His Pokemon?

Some of Ash's Pokemon over the years
Source: Bulbapedia

Ash doesn’t really give nicknames to any of his Pokemon, with the exception of his and his mom’s Mr. Mime called Mimey. In fact, it was Ash’s mom who gave the nickname.

The rest of Ash’s Pokemon retain their species name. We speculate that this makes the young viewers of the show know and remember the Pokemon better.

We’re not Ash, however, so we’ve definitely brainstormed for cute and funny Pokemon nicknames before!

Ash getting ready with his Pokemon team
Source: Bulbapedia

Whew, that was quite a journey. Now that Ash’s adventure is about to end, we hope this has given you a nice trip down memory lane.

We don’t know what’s in store for Ash’s future in the anime, but he’ll always be a champion in our hearts.

For those who want to cosplay as him, here’s our list of Best Pokemon Costumes to inspire you.

Want to include the coolest Pokemon in your team? Check out our picks for the Coolest Pokemon Ever. Some of them are definitely Ash-approved.


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