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List of Banned Pokemon Episodes and Why

List of Banned Pokemon Episodes and Why

The Pokemon animated series has been on the air for more than 26 years now, with 1,266 episodes and counting under its belt.

And while Ash’s Pokemon journey with his Pokemon and cherished friends has left a memorable mark, some rocky moments in the anime and real life led to bans on some episodes.

Here’s a list of banned Pokemon episodes and the reasons for their removal.

Which Pokemon Episodes Are Banned?

Episode NameEpisode Number
Ban Reason
Beauty and the BeachS01E18 (18)Banned due to James’ beach outfit
The Legend of MiniryuS01E35 (35)Banned due to the usage of handguns
Electric Soldier PorygonS01E38 (38)Banned worldwide due to seizure-inducing lights
Holiday Hi-JynxS01E65 (65)Banned due to Jynx’s character design
Stage FightS02E10 (92)Banned due to Jynx’s character design
The Mandarin Island Miss MatchS02E19 (101)Banned due to Jynx’s character design
Touchdown of FriendshipS21E21 (1,005)Banned due to Ash’s face paint

The sections below discuss each of these banned episodes in more detail.

For more information on the Pokemon anime, here’s a list of every Pokemon episode in chronological order.

Beauty and the Beach

Beauty and the Beach Pokemon Episode
Source Bulbapedia

A beach-centric episode is par for the course for anime, but this particular Pokemon episode didn’t make it to the shores outside of Japan.

The US banned James’ beach outfit episode for nearly three years because they considered his outfit too controversial, despite its comedic intent.

The episode finally aired in 2000, but with much of its content cut, leaving only 18 minutes of it on air.

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It was even promoted as “The Lost Episode” and “The Return of the Lost Episode” during its rerun.

The Legend of Miniryu

The Legend of Miniryu Pokemon Episode
Source Bulbapedia

If you’ve ever wondered about Ash’s sudden horde of Tauros, you didn’t miss an episode; they just didn’t broadcast it!

But the rage-filled bull Pokemon that Ash caught didn’t cause the ban, it was the use of firearms.

Numerous times in the episode, one of the characters points a gun at Ash and his friends. At one point, guns were even fired at Team Rocket.

Even though they presented the guns in a light-hearted, humorous manner, 4Kids Entertainment judged it too dark and scrapped the episode in the US.

Unfortunately, it leaves a major plot hole for non-Japanese fans.

This episode depicts Ash catching several Tauros at the Safari Zone, but because of its ban, they never properly show or explain the Tauros.

Electric Soldier Porygon

Electric Soldier Porygon Pokemon Episode
Source Bulbapedia

The Porygon Pokemon episode is an infamous one.

This was the unfortunate episode that had flashing lights and is, therefore, today often referred to as the ‘seizure episode’.

The incident affected as many as 700 people, ranging in age from 3 to 58 years old. Many children skipped school, and some even went to the hospital.

The Japanese press named the whole incident Pokemon Shock, and the show took a four-month hiatus.

Since then, the episode has stayed off TV and doesn’t even appear in commercial releases.

Porygon also never got another major role in the anime, even though it wasn’t the one who caused the flashing lights.

Porygon did nothing wrong!

The Jynx Pokemon Episodes

Jynx Pokemon Episodes
Source Bulbapedia

These notorious Jynx Pokemon episodes were called Holiday Hi-Jynx, Stage Fight, and Mandarin Island.

The three episodes featuring Jynx faced bans because of the controversy surrounding Jynx’s character design.

These episodes aired in 2000 and 2002, but networks and producers pulled them from some TV rotations and releases around 2013.

Japan did try to rectify the situation and changed Jynx’s design, but at that point, it was too late.

Some of these episodes remain banned and absent from certain streaming services, and doesn’t list them.

Touchdown of Friendship

Touchdown of Friendship Pokemon Episode
Source Bulbapedia

The US banned the “Touchdown of Friendship” episode from Sun & Moon most recently.

In this episode, Ash meets a bunch of playful and rowdy Passimian.

To further understand them and their fruit-flinging ways, Ash decides to be like them by dressing up and acting like a Passimian.

While that sounds fun and adorable, the English dub chose to skip this episode to avoid misunderstandings regarding Ash’s face paint.

For those who want to see Ash play with a group of Passimian, you’ll just have to watch the original dub for this one.