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All Elephant Pokemon Ranked

All Elephant Pokemon Ranked

There are a lot of Pokemon based on real-life animals and many of you are probably wondering are there any elephant Pokemon?

There aren’t many, but there are actually 5 elephant Pokemon in total. So, let’s put these majestic creatures on a pedestal.

We’ll talk about their elephant designs and origins, as well as their notable stats, moves, and abilities. Got any guesses on who we’ll pick as the best elephant Pokemon?

List of All Elephant Pokemon

Here is a list of all elephant Pokemon:

PhanpyGroundGen 2
DonphanGroundGen 2
MamoswineIce/GroundGen 4
CufantSteelGen 8
CopperajahSteelGen 8
Great TuskGround/FightingGen 9
Iron TreadsGround/SteelGen 9

7. Phanpy

Phanpy on gravel
Source: Phanpy

What comes into most Pokemon players’ minds when asked about an elephant Pokemon? Most likely, they’ll say Phanpy.

This blue elephant Pokemon was the first ever elephant in the game series. It was introduced during Gen 2, along with its next evolution.

It is playful and affectionate in nature. While this sounds cute, Phanpy is quite strong despite its small stature.

As mentioned by the Pokedex, Phanpy can hurt you or send you flying with its long snout and playful bumps!

Interestingly, its playful character is reflected in its moves and abilities. Phanpy can do Rollout, Bulldoze, and Slam.

Stats-wise, its Attack, and Defense are just okay, with its HP slightly making up for it. Its Sp. Atk is quite low, so it’s best to stick with physical attacks with Phanpy. 

Don’t worry, Phanpy enjoys stomping and rolling around!

6. Donphan

Donphan battling in a stadium
Source: Bulbapedia

Rolling into number four is Donphan!

Phanpy trades its cute attributes with intimidating features when it evolves into Donphan. If you’re fond of cute elephants, this isn’t the trunk-wielding Pokemon for you. 

However, if you like the strong and fierce types, you should definitely be a fan of Donphan.

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It has pointy tusks with long thin ears. Its trunk has a thick hide that resembles a wheel, so when Donphan does Rollout it looks like a spinning tire! 

Watch out when Donphan does this. Apparently, its rolls can easily destroy a house! 

Donphan’s threatening vibe matches how its Attack and Defense increased after evolving. Same as Phanpy, focus on physical attacks with Donphan, like Earthquake, Bulldoze, and Giga Impact.

5. Great Tusk

Source: Bulbapedia

Thanks to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we got two new additions to our elephant list! Let’s tackle this blast-from-the-past version first — Great Tusk.

Great Tusk is a Ground/Fighting Pokemon said to be the ancestor or ancient version of Donphan.

It has curved tusks like mammoths and mastodons of the past, pink tufts of fur around its legs, and colorful plates and spikes all over its body. In general, Great Tusk has a fiercer look than the modern Donphan.

Perhaps due to its ancient nature and prehistoric era, Great Tusk is a very aggressive Pokemon. In Pokemon Scarlet, it was noted that it mercilessly attacked an expedition team and even fatally injured one explorer. As expected, its Attack and Defense stats are pretty high.

Overall, the concept of dinosaur Pokemon is pretty cool and we’re hoping to see more in the future.

4. Iron Treads

Source: Bulbapedia

Ancient elephants? How about futuristic ones! Up next is Donphan’s relative in the far future, Iron Treads.

Iron Treads is a Ground Steel Pokemon who hails from the future. It seems to be what Donphan would become thousands or millions of years into the future.

The concept of this Pokemon is outstanding. It retains its elephant features, but it creatively incorporates its new Steel typing through its trunk treads and metallic body. Whenever it rolls, it curls up and uses its treads to move.

To make it look even more futuristic, its face is a screen with pixelated eyes. It sure looks like a robot!

Like Great Tusk, Iron Treads is highly aggressive. In Pokemon Violet, it attacked an expedition team and unfortunately harmed one of the members. They suspect that it’s some sort of weapon from another world or time.

Stay away from the beep-boop elephant, got it.

3. Cufant

Cufant in Pokemon Sword and Shield
Source: Foolish Banana on Youtube

At number three, Cufant the orange elephant marches in!

Why is Cufant orange, you ask? Apparently, its body has a lot of copper in it, and the rain discolors its skin. Cufant’s design is based on Indian and Thai elephant statues, so this checks out.

And if you remember your chemistry lessons, copper’s symbol is Cu. Thus, Cufant’s name is a clever combo of copper and elephant. Plus, it’s cute too!

Its clever name and design aren’t the only reasons Cufant got the third spot on our list. Back in FireRed, Raichu’s and Ghastly’s Pokedex entries mention Indian elephants. 

There weren’t any Indian elephant Pokemon back then. Now, the Indian elephant mystery has been answered!

2. Mamoswine

Mamoswine climbing a mountain
Source: Bulbapedia

Is Mamoswine really an elephant Pokemon? You bet your trunk it is!

While Mamoswine’s pre-evolutions resemble boars, Mamoswine is part wooly mammoth. Curiously, it doesn’t have a trunk and has a pig snout instead. But its build, tusks, and fur scream mammoth.

According to its Pokedex entries, it got revived when a frozen Mamoswine was found. Apparently, Mamoswines were aplenty 10,000 years ago! You can even find cave drawings of it.

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Its mysteries don’t stop there. Since it’s an ancient Pokemon, you can get a Mamoswine if your Piloswine evolves while knowing the move Ancient Power.

That’s interesting and all, but what about the stats side of things? Well, Mamoswine has high Attack stats! Its Special Attack is not bad either. Thus, it does well with moves like Earthquake and Blizzard.

Everything about Mamoswine is cool and fascinating, and that’s why it gets the second spot on our list.

1. Copperajah

Copperajah battling
Source: Bulbapedia

Stomping in at number one is the grand, majestic, and ornately-designed Copperajah!

The idea behind Copperajah is quite unique and full of history. Like Cufant, its body has copper that eventually turns its skin orange-ish. It’s also why it has copper in its name.

The other part of its name signifies its origins. Cufant and Copperajah were introduced in Gen 8 in Galar. This region is based on the United Kingdom, who colonized India.

In its Pokedex entry, it is noted that Cufant and Copperajah were from another region but later brought to Galar. Rajah also refers to a monarch in India. Lastly, Copperajah resembles Indian elephant statues.

History lesson aside, this orange elephant has pretty good HP and Attack stats. It can also Gigantamax! It becomes a bipedal elephant statue, with a strong trunk that is said to easily level mountains!

Terrifying and mesmerizing – that’s our number one elephant.

Copperajah in a circus
Source: Bulbapedia

Do you think we’ll get another elephant in the upcoming games? Perhaps a pink elephant Pokemon to match the blue one we already have! That’s a cute Pokemon thought, don’t you think?