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Elden Ring Lore: Explaining The Two Fingers

Elden Ring Lore: Explaining The Two Fingers

FromSoftware games have always had deep and intricate lore that required hours of research to unearth.

Elden Ring is no exception to this rule. Much like previous titles by the publisher, Elden Ring is full of tiny lore details that are very mysterious and connect the lore of the game in unimaginable ways.

The Two Fingers are a part of Elden Ring’s greater lore. While much isn’t discussed about the Two Fingers in-game, the role they play is a major one.

In this guide, we will go over the Two Fingers, going through their connections to Elden Ring’s lore and discussing what they are and where they are found.

What Are The Two Fingers?

A clear picture of the Two Fingers in Elden Ring

While it’s unclear what the Two Fingers are exactly, we do know that they are the interpreters of the Golden Order (also known as the greater will). This is basically the essence of the Elden Ring universe.

To put it simply, the Golden Order is a sort of entity currently ruling the lands between and the Two Fingers convey its messages to the world.

In the lore of Elden Ring, the Tarnished are a group of people that were banished from the Lands Between long ago. After the Elden Ring gets banished, the player character, a Tarnished, is ordered to bring order back to the universe.

During this quest, it is the job of the Two Fingers to guide the Tarnished to enact the will of the Golden Order, which is basically the mending of the ring and becoming the Elden Lord to make the Golden Order rule over the Lands Between again.

The Location of the Two Fingers is at the Roundtable Hold. You can access the Two Fingers in one of the locked rooms at Roundtable Hold once they have killed a major boss (also known as Shardbearer).

Two Fingers Lore

As mentioned earlier, the job of the Two Fingers is to enact the will of the Golden Order. In the lore of Elden Ring, every major boss tower had with them dead Two Fingers.

This shows that every major character in the past, such as Demi-Gods, had Two Fingers that guided them. This ensured they are acting according to the will of the Golden Order.

Upon their banishment, their Two Fingers died for they were no longer in line with the Golden Order.

As discussed above, the Two Fingers convey “The Greater Will has long renounced the demigods. Tarnished, show no mercy. Have their heads. Take all they have left.”

This is further proof that the Tarnished are now the order enacting the will of the Golden Order. This is why they have with them Two Fingers guiding them along their path.

Can You Fight The Two Fingers In Elden Ring?

No, you can’t fight the Two Fingers in Elden Ring. This is because combat is inaccessible in the Roundtable Hold, where the Two Fingers are located.

However, it is possible with the use of mods (PC only). A YouTuber by the name of Garden of Eyes used mods to allow combat in the Roundtable Hold.

Killing the Two Fingers through the use of mods revealed that they have a health bar and a death animation. This suggests that FromSoftware had plans to allow this in the past.

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Beyond this, however, the game remained largely unchained.

There are some ways to indirectly fight the Two Fingers in Elden Ring though, without any literal combat.

One way of doing this is by choosing an ending that does not enact the will of the Golden Order.

Consequently, the player goes against what the Two Fingers had been ordering them to do the entire game.

Who Is Enia, The Finger Reader?

Enia, the Finger Reader, holding a stick
Enia, The Finger Reader

Enia, The Finger Reader is an NPC located next to the Two Fingers in the Roundtable Hold. She conveys the message of the Two Fingers to the player character.

Alongside delivering what the Two Fingers have to say, Enia also transforms boss Remembrances. She turns them into a weapon, item, or spell which that boss used.

Furthermore, she is crucial to Elden Ring’s lore and the game in general. Throughout the journey, she shares important information about the game’s story, in addition to messages from the Two Fingers.