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All Soft Caps in Elden Ring, Explained

All Soft Caps in Elden Ring, Explained

Stats are essential in how Elden Ring works.

They are attributes in the game that manage everything, from your health to how much damage a certain weapon will do to how much stamina you will have.

Leveling up a stat yields a return, such as leveling up the Vigor attribute increases your health by a certain amount.

A hard cap refers to the highest maximum level a stat can be taken to but soft caps aren’t quite as straightforward.


What Is a Soft Cap?

An attribute soft cap is the point after which leveling up that stat will yield lower gains as compared to previous levels.

For example, from level 1-40, the Vigor stat increases HP by an average of 26 per level, but since 40 is a soft cap, the HP increase from level 41 onwards is 13.

Soft caps are important in Elden Ring, for they are the point of diminishing returns of a stat. Soft caps are often the ideal point to level up a stat to, making them vital for build-making.

Most stats have multiple soft caps. For example, the Strength stat has three soft caps: level 20, level 55, and level 80.

Unless your build relies on a single stat, hitting the second soft cap for a stat should be the perfect place for you to get the most out of it.

The only time players should be looking to go beyond a stat’s second soft cap is when a) they absolutely do not feel like investing a level elsewhere and b) they have a weapon that has a requirement higher than a stats soft cap.

For example, the Giant Crusher has a Strength requirement of 60, which is above the second soft cap of Strength.

If you want to play around with your attributes or restart after learning more about soft caps, this is how you reset your stats in Elden Ring.

Soft Caps for Each Stat

Here are the soft caps (levels) for each stat in Elden Ring:

  • Arcane (Attack): 20, 50, 80
  • Arcane (Incantation): 30, 45
  • Dexterity: 18, 55, 80
  • Endurance (Stamina): 15, 35, 50
  • Endurance (Equipment Load): 25, 60
  • Faith (Attack Rating): 20, 50, 80
  • Faith (Incantation): 60, 80
  • Intelligence (Attack Rating): 20, 50, 80
  • Intelligence (Sorcery Rating): 60, 80
  • Mind: 50, 60
  • Strength: 18, 55, 80
  • Vigor: 40, 60

The first, second and third soft cap are the first, second and third number respectively. If there are only two numbers this shows there are only two soft caps.

If you don’t know which stat to level up, check out our best stats to level up guide in Elden Ring.

What Are Hard Caps?

Unlike soft caps, hard caps are the point after which there is no increase in a stat. Hard caps are essentially the final level for a stat.

Every Elden Ring stat has its hard cap at 99. The stat increase from the final soft cap is minimal.

There is not much point in leveling up to an attribute’s hard cap. The second soft cap for every stat should be optimal for most players.

If you want more from a stat, going up to its third soft cap (if it has one) should be optimal.

The only players looking to level up to a hard cap on any one stat should be the ones that have leveled up all other stats to their final soft cap or if they absolutely want to max out a stat.

For example, the HP increase from the last soft cap of Vigor to its hard cap is just 3-4 points per level, this amount is minimal and will barely make any difference.

List of All Stats in Elden Ring

There are 8 stats in Elden Ring: Vigor, Endurance, Mind, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane.

Attribute (Stat)What Does It Do?
VigorVigor is the health stat in Elden Ring, the higher your Vigor, the larger your health pool.
EnduranceEndurance is the stat for stamina, a higher Endurance means the ability to hit more, roll more, or sprint for a longer duration of time.
MindMind affects your FP, a higher Mind level means a higher amount of Focus Points, essential for mages and sorcerer builds.
StrengthThis stat lets you wield weapons with strength requirements. Also increases the damage of strength build weapons such as the greatsword.
DexterityThis stat lets you wield weapons with dexterity requirements. Also increases the damage of dexterity build weapons such as the Uchigatana.
IntelligenceThis stat is for sorcerers and pyromancers. Increases the damage of weapons that scale with Intelligence and is required for sorcerer weapons such as staffs.
FaithThis stat is essential for mages. Faith lets players cast incantations and use catalysts.
ArcaneSimilar to luck in previous Fromsoft titles, Arcane increases discovery and increases defense against ‘holy’ attacks.