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Every Sacred Seal Location in Elden Ring

Every Sacred Seal Location in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Sacred Seals are essential for magic users, especially those who want to use incantations.

They are a type of weapon and they generally relate to the Faith stat and help cast Incantations.


Here are all the locations of every Sacred Seal in Elden Ring:

Finger Seal

Elden Ring Finger Seal
Elden Ring Finger Seal

The Finger Seal is the easiest to get because it is the first seal you will probably have access to.

This seal is good for players who have a Strength build character since its power scales with Strength. However, it is not an ideal option for Faith builds.

In addition, this seal does not provide any boost for multiple incantations even with its respectable damage and healing capabilities.

As a result, this seal is only good for early in the game.

There are two ways to get the Finger Seal:

  • Choose either the Confessor or Prophet class to get it with the base character
  • The second one is by purchasing it from the Twin Maiden Husk in Roundtable Hound for 800 runes

Clawmark Seal

Elden Ring Clawmark Seal
Elden Ring Clawmark Seal

The Clawmark seal is more powerful and flexible than the Finger Seal as an early-game option.

The Clawmark Seal’s stats scaling makes it a great choice for players interested in a hybrid build that blends Faith and Strength.

Furthermore, this seal is perfect for Bestial Incantations since it boosts their effectiveness. 

You can acquire the Clawmark Seal by giving one Deathroot to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman.

Here’s how to get the Clawmark Seal:

  1. Defeat Tibia Mariner in the Summonwater Village in Limgrave which will reward you with Deathroot
  2. Fast travel to the Roundtable Hound and talk to an NPC called D, Hunter of The Dead
  3. D will guide you to the teleporter location which will give you access to Caelid
  4. After getting to Caelid, visit the Bestial Sanctum in the northeast and find Gurranq inside
  5. Talk to Gurranq, give him the Deathroot and he will reward you with the Clawmark Seal

Godslayer Seal

Elden Ring Godslayer's Seal
Elden Ring Godslayer’s Seal

The Godslayer Seal is another one of the first few seals you can obtain early in the game.

This seal boosts the Strength of all Incantations, regardless of the character level. It also gives Godslayer incantations a moderate boost in efficacy.

While the bonus isn’t particularly appealing, there are only five incantations in this category, which severely restrict the usefulness of this seal and the ability to create a build around it.

In order to get this seal, make sure you have at least one Stonesword Key in your inventory.

Here’s how to get the Godslayer Seal:

  1. First, you must defeat Margit, the Fell Omen
  2. Following that, pay a visit to Stormveil Castle
  3. Take the elevator that will take you to a lower level of the castle
  4. Then, progress until you leave the great hall into a courtyard
  5. There you will find stairs that lead you underground into a room filled with rats
  6. After passing through the rats, you will come upon an Imp statue
  7. Use a Stonesword Key to access the room and obtain the Godslayer Seal

Golden Order Seal

Elden Ring Golden Order Seal
Elden Ring Golden Order Seal

The Golden Order Seal provides a hybrid path that improves both sorceries and incantations.

This seal provides a modest increase to Golden Order incantations, but the variety of them compensates for the lower benefit.

Keep in mind that several Golden Order incantations need Intelligence to cast, which makes this seal ideal for this more specialized build of incantations.

So, if you like magic mix builds, grab the Golden Order Seal as early as you can.

The Golden Order Seal is another easy one to get in Elden Ring, and here is how:

  1. Fast travel to the Site of Grace in Minor Erdtree Church in Leyndell Royal Capital
  2. Once you reach there, you will find multiple corpses
  3. Make sure to check all of them to get your Golden Order Seal

Dragon Communion Seal

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal
Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal

Due to its versatility with Faith, Arcane, and Dragon Communion incantations, this Seal is among the best ones.

It can give you an advantage in combat because several of these Dragon Communion incantations grant additional status effects to enemies. It also scales well with Arcane.

This seal is a solid choice to base a build around and use with the several Dragon Communion incantations that are available in the game.

You can find the Dragon Communion Seal in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

Here’s how to obtain the Dragon Communion Seal:

  1. Proceed to descend through the tunnel while avoiding the chariot
  2. You will eventually come to a path intersection that leads up
  3. Following that route will lead you to a chamber with a Banished Knight at the end of it
  4. Defeat the Banished Knight to obtain the Dragon Communion Seal

Giant’s Seal

Elden Ring Giant's Seal
Elden Ring Giant’s Seal

The Giant’s Seal is an excellent choice for players that enjoy casting fire incantations.

This is a better seal for the Pyromancy Build and it scales greatly with Faith. Additionally, you can hold two of the seals in each hand to increase the potency of these incantations.

In any case, The Giant’s Seal is your best choice for a seal that increases the Fire Giant’s spells.

The Giant’s Seal is in the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave on the Mountaintop of the Giants and it is quite tricky to get.

This dungeon is quite complicated to navigate through but here is the easiest way to get the Giant’s Seal:

  1. Progress through the dungeon until you approach an elevator that sends you to the hall that is before where the shadow troll is.
  2. When you are down, simply send the elevator back
  3. Once the elevator is back, you will notice a space where you may enter inside the elevator
  4. Next, interact with the level and swiftly put yourself inside the space to descend
  5. Once at the bottom, walk to the left, ascend the ladder, and you’ll arrive at a room with a Prelate
  6. Finally, you will find the Giant’s Seal to the right of the Prelate enemy

Frenzied Flame Seal

Elden Ring Frenzied Flame Seal
Elden Ring Frenzied Flame Seal

The Frenzied Flame Seal is a must-have for all Elden Ring magic builds, also known as mage builds.

This seal is special because it scales from Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, and Faith being the highest scale level.

It increases the effectiveness of all incantations linked to the Frenzied Flame. Additionally, it enhances the madness status of your enemies, allowing you to win practically almost every enemy encounter.

Essentially, if you’re searching for a seal that can help you defeat the most powerful bosses, the Frenzied Flame Seal is your best bet.

It is rewarded by Hyetta at the end of her quest line.

To get the Frenzied Flame Seal, you must locate her in each of her four locations, which are:

  1. Next to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace
  2. West of the Purified Ruins, outside the small decaying structure
  3. Next to the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace
  4. Inside Bellum Church

After you speak with her at all four locations, Hyetta will travel to the Frenzied Flame Proscription, beneath Leyndell.

When you finally meet Hyetta, interact with the Three Fingers to become the Lord of Chaos.

Speak to her and exhaust her dialogue to finish her quest line and obtain the Frenzied Flame Seal.

Erdtree Seal

Elden Ring Erdtree Seal
Elden Ring Erdtree Seal

The Erdtree Seal is probably the most effective of the Sacred Seals in Elden Ring for Faith-based builds.

While this seal does not provide a boost to a specific kind of incantation, it scales so high that it significantly boosts the base efficiency of all incantations when compared to other seals.

This enables you to use all incantations at a high level of effectiveness.

You can find the Erdtree Seal in the hidden town below Volcano Manor. Here’s how to get it:

  1. First, accomplish the first task in Rya’s quest line
  2. Then, you can visit her at the Grand Lift of Dectus after completing the task where she will transport you to the Volcano Manor
  3. After that, rest at the Site of Grace in Prison Town Church
  4. Next, take the stone path that goes to town
  5. Examine all the prison cells to find a dead body with the Erdtree Seal

Gravel Stone Seal

Elden Ring Gravel Stone Seal
Elden Ring Gravel Stone Seal

The Gravel Stone Seal is a late-game seal that will make your Faith build worthwhile.

This unique Sacred Seal emphasizes Dragon Cult Incantations, which are powerful attacks responsible for dealing with lightning and frozen lightning incantations. It scales very well with Faith.

These incantations have slight variations but mainly focus on lightning damage and effects.

In order to get the Gravel Stone Seal, you must defeat the Knight outside the Fortified Manor in Leydell.

Here is how to get there:

  1. Fast travel to the Side of Grace in the West Capital Rampart
  2. Starting from there, make your way to the Dragon foot to find the Knight
  3. Defeat him and he will drop the Gravel Stone Seal