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Elden Ring: Recommended Level for Each Area

Elden Ring: Recommended Level for Each Area

Elden Ring is a massive open-world video game which means players can explore the map as they see fit.

The Map, called “The Lands Between”, is divided into unique regions and each of them contains multiple locations (zones).

Unlike other games, Elden Ring doesn’t restrict where you can go, even in the beginning.

You can go to any part of the map you want! That doesn’t mean you can do it successfully, though.

Since the only directional instruction you’ll get is from the occasional NPCs, you can end up in many different areas.

Therefore, players can get ahead of themselves and stumble upon an area higher than their current level. This can result in annoying deaths and more importantly the loss of runes.

It’s worth mentioning that it is possible to finish the game without visiting every location. However, it is advisable to do so as it makes the game far more rewarding.

Elden Ring Areas by Level

Here are the suggested levels for your character and weapons before entering each location on the Elden Ring map:

AreaRecommended Character LevelRecommended Weapon Level
Limgrave West1 to 15+0 to 1
Stormhill10 to 20+1 to 2
Limgrave East10 to 20+2
Weeping Peninsula20 to 30+3
Stormveil Castle30 to 40+3 to 4
Lurnia of the Lakes40 to 50+4 to 5
Academy of Raya Lucaria50 to 60+4 to 6
Ainsel River50 to 60+4 to 6
Siofra River50 to 60+8 to 12
Caelid South60 to 70+10 to 13
Atlus Plateau60 to 80+10 to 14
Nokron, Eternal City70 to 80+15 to 20
Siofra Aqueduct70 to 80+15 to 20
Deeproot Depths80 to 90+15 to 20
Mt Gelmir80 to 100+16 to 20
Lake of Rot80 to 100+16 to 20
Dragonbarrow90 to 110+18 to 22
Leyndell, Royal Capital90 to 110+18 to 22
Forbidden Lands100 to 120+20 to 24
Mountaintop of the Giants100 to 120+20 to 24
Consecrated Grounds100 to 120+20 to 24
Mohgwyn Palace110 to 140+20 to 24
Miquella’s Haligtree120 to 150+20 to 25
Crumbling Farum Azul120 to 150+25
Leyndell, Ashen Capital120 to 150+25
Endings125 to 150+25

Elden Ring Area Order

You don’t have to follow the exact order of locations in the above table to progress through the game.

That’s the beauty of Elden Ring, each playthrough can be unique!

For example, you might want to explore Caelid early in the game, but given that it’s a higher-level area, you might struggle in it.

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On the other hand, if you are exploring all landmarks and leveling up constantly, you might even surpass the recommended level of low-level areas. This will make progress through these areas much easier.

As a result, it depends on your skill and preference on how you want to play the game. These recommended levels are here to make your first playthrough easier.