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What Is Focus in Elden Ring?

What Is Focus in Elden Ring?

Focus is a defensive stat in Elden Ring that increases your resistance to Sleep and Madness effects.

It is indirectly increased by leveling up the Mind attribute, and can also be boosted by certain items and equipment.

Certain enemies in the game cast a spell or perform an attack that will increase the buildup of either Sleep or Madness status.

When one of these builds up, you will no longer be able to function properly and will be an easy target for enemies.

Sleep status will make your character unable to perform any action which will cause you to be vulnerable to attacks.

Meanwhile, the Madness status will briefly stun you and cause damage based on your max HP.

Even though they aren’t many enemies that can cause such attacks, it is valuable to understand how to resist them.

How to Increase Focus

Elden Ring Level Up Mind Stat
Leveling up your Mind stat is one way to increase your Focus

Focus is tied directly to the Mind stat, so leveling it up will increase your Focus.

But that isn’t all, your overall Rune Level also affects it too. So whenever you level up, it will give you a small boost to the Focus stat.

Furthermore, there are various items that increase Focus. These range from charms to armor.

A full list of items that increase your Focus stat can be found below:

Clarifying Horn Charm talismanThe Siofra Well
Clarifying Horn Charm talisman +1Nokron, Eternal City
Spiralhorn ShieldUld Palace Ruins in northeast Liurnia of the Lakes
Mottled Necklace talismanNokron, Eternal City
Mottled Necklace talisman +1Nokron, Eternal City
Greathood headpieceA reward for solving the puzzle of the Sorcerer Painting southwest of Castle Sol
Rift ShieldThe Prisoner starting class
Or buy it from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes.
Shield of the GuiltyDemi-Human Forest Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula.
Mushroom Arms gauntletsSeethewater Cave in Mt. Gelmir
Mushroom LegsSeethewater Cave in Mt. Gelmir
Gold WaistwrapAfter completing Brother Corhyn’s questline, you can find it on Goldmask’s body
Cohryn’s Robe chest pieceObtainable from Brother Corhyn after completing Goldmask quest line.
Fire Prelate GreavesDropped by Fire Prelates enemies
Fire Prelate GauntletsDropped by Fire Prelates enemies
Astrologer’s TrouserThe Astrologer starting class
Or buy it from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes

The most effective way to increase Focus is to equip the appropriate armor parts that will provide you with extra Focus.

This way, you can put your Runes level in more important stats depending on your build.

Elden Ring Clarifying Horn Charm
The Clarifying Horn Charm “greatly” increases Focus

Additionally, a good talisman, such as the Clarifying Horn Charm talisman, can greatly improve your Focus.

Pairing these two will grant higher resistance to the Sleep and Madness status effect.

Is the Focus Stat Important?

Focus is important in Elden Ring if you are a spellcaster or if you are facing enemies that use Sleep or Madness attacks.

However, those enemies aren’t too common across the Lands Between.

While the Sleep and Madness status effects are frustrating, you can get by without having a high Focus stat.

It’s also important to consider the type of build you’re using.

For example, Melee builds are less likely to be affected by Sleep or Madness attacks.