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How To Duplicate Remembrance in Elden Ring

How To Duplicate Remembrance in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has arguably some of the toughest bosses in video game history.

Despite their difficulty, these bosses were backed by powerful yet fair combos, incredible lore, and immense scale.

Killing a boss in Elden Ring gives players their remembrances, which they can give to Enia in exchange for a weapon or spell that boss used. Remembrances can also be used once to gain a large number of runes.

How to Duplicate a Remembrance

In order to duplicate a remembrance in Elden Ring, you will have to enter a mausoleum after making it fall. Once a mausoleum has fallen, enter it and walk towards the platform in the middle.

The center platform in a mausoleum will give players the ability to copy a remembrance. Different mausoleums duplicate different remembrances.

The mausoleums with bells are the ones that can duplicate the remembrances of main bosses. The other mausoleums are used for the duplication of all other boss remembrances.

Walking Mausoleum with a bell

Walking Mausoleum Locations

Here are the locations of all the walking mausoleums found in Elden Ring that players can use to duplicate their boss remembrances:

Remembrance LocationDirectionsBell?
Liurnia of the Lakes (1)From the Ruined Labirynth site of grace, head north until you reach the mausoleum.No
Liurnia of the Lakes (2)Head towards the waters in front of the Raya Lucaria academy. Once you see the mausoleum, use torrents double jump to reach its platform.Yes
Liurnia of the Lakes (3)From the mausoleum compound site of grace, head straight until you hear the walking mausoleum. Follow the sound of the mausoleum to reach it.No
Weeping Penunsula Head towards the Isolated merchant’s shack. Head right from the shack until you eventually reach the mausoleum. Yes
Mountaintop Of The GiantsHead towards castle Sol. Right outside castle Sol you will come across the giant mausoleum. Yes
Consecrated SnowfieldHead towards the Apostate Derelict site of grace, there you will be able to find the mausoleum. This mausoleum shoots fire projectiles so players should be careful to avoid those.Yes
Deeproot Depthshead straight from the Nameless Eternal City site of Grace. Players will have to jump on top of this mausoleum. Rather than hitting the grime on the legs, you will have to hit the grime on top of the mausoleum.Yes

What Do Walking Mausoleums Do?

Walking mausoleums allow players to duplicate a remembrance in Elden Ring.

Often times the remembrance of a major boss lets players have access to two very important items.

Through the use of a mausoleum, players are able to duplicate a boss remembrance and gain access to both the items a remembrance gives you.

For example, the remembrance of Radahn gives you the ability to either wield his weapon or use his spell.

If you’re looking to have both in your arsenal, the ability to duplicate a remembrance will ensure that you are able to do so.

To duplicate a remembrance, players will have to go into one of the many giant walking mausoleums scattered throughout the Lands Between.

There are only a limited number of mausoleums in Elden Ring that you can access. One mausoleum can only be accessed once so players have to be sure about what remembrance to duplicate.

A Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring

How to Access a Walking Mausoleum

To enter a walking mausoleum in Elden Ring, players will have to go towards a walking mausoleum’s legs and hit the grime attached to it.

Once the grime on all four legs of a Mausoleum has been removed, the mausoleum will fall.

Once the mausoleum has fallen, players will be able to jump on top of it and enter in order to duplicate their remembrances in Elden ring.

Why Can’t I Duplicate My Remembrance?

The reason you are not able to duplicate a boss remembrance at a mausoleum is that the mausoleum is incompatible with the remembrance.

As mentioned earlier, not all mausoleums can duplicate all remembrances.

For example, the remembrance of Godrick the Grafted can only be duplicated at a mausoleum that has a bell on it since he is a main boss.

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The remembrances of main story bosses should be duplicated carefully for they often contain very important weapons or spells.

Duplicating the wrong remembrance in Elden Ring might end up being a harmful move in the long run.

Should You Duplicate Every Remembrance?

While this is up to personal preference, we do not recommend duplicating every remembrance in Elden Ring.

You should look to duplicate remembrances according to your build.

For example, DEX builds should duplicate Melania’s remembrance to get two of her swords. Sorcerers should look to duplicate Renalla’s remembrance.

What Are the Best Remembrances to Duplicate?

While every player can have a favorite remembrance, we recommend duplicating Melania’s remembrance, Elden Beast’s remembrance, and Maliketh’s remembrance.

This is because the weapons they provide players are very powerful.

Can Walking Mausoleums Hurt You?

While they are not considered foes, walking mausoleums can hurt players with the impact of their feet.

It is best to stay away from the feet of these walking giants for if hit by them, you can lose a large chunk of your health.