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How to Save Runes When You Die in Elden Ring

How to Save Runes When You Die in Elden Ring

During your first playthrough of Elden Ring, you’ll die a lot.

The Lands Between contains a variety of ways that will cause death, regardless of how seasoned of a player you are.

Dying can become a real annoyance as you are penalized with Runes for each and every death.

What Happens When You Die in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring character sitting at the Capital Rampart SItes of Grace

When you die you will lose all your Runes and respawn at the previous checkpoint with full health. These checkpoints are your most recent Site of Grace.

You can however return to where you died after respawning and retrieve your runes there. To find the location of your death, use the compass.

It is strongly advised to stay out of any battle if getting your Runes back is a top priority for you.

You don’t want to die again since that will make your runes permanently lost.

When you know you’re going into a boss encounter, it’s good not to carry around a lot of Runes. It can be difficult to retrieve them, so make sure to spend all of them before engaging in combat.

You can boost your vitality to gain some form of resistance against death. If you die, you will lose all of the runes you have accumulated up to that time.

That’s why you’ll be less likely to die if you invest some points in Vigor to increase your health.

How to Save Runes

Elden Ring Sacrificial Twig information

There is a way to avoid losing Runes on death. You can use Sacrificial Twigs to recover your runes when you die.

There are several ways to obtain Sacrificial Twigs. You can find them in the open world or buy them from specific merchants in the game.

Sacrificial Twig’s is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Since they are considered consumables, they will be lost upon death to prevent Rune loss.

Players will lose the Talisman rather than their Runes, sparing them the trouble and risk of having to go back to the location where they died to retrieve their Runes.

In case of a second death on the way to get back your Runes, you can still use Sacrificial Twigs to grant you a second chance to recover them.

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In this situation, if the player dies twice without retrieving their Runes, the Sacrificial Twig will be consumed, but the player’s original runes won’t be lost since a second rune recovery point won’t be created.

Therefore, the player might attempt to retrieve their Runes one more time.