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What Is the Best Samurai Armor in Elden Ring?

What Is the Best Samurai Armor in Elden Ring?

Players can choose between lots of different builds in Elden Ring and one of the more popular is the Samurai build.

This class prioritizes the use of the Dexterity attribute and Katanas to create a fast and deadly build.

The Samurai class is ideal for players aiming for a melee-focused build that depends on rapid and lethal close-range attacks.

There are quite a few options when it comes to Samurai armor sets in Elden Ring.

Land Of Reeds Armor

Astrologer and Samurai classes in Elden Ring
Source: FromSoftware
  • Physical: 19
  • Magic: 22.1
  • Fire: 24.7
  • Light: 25.8
  • Holy: 23.6
  • Immunity: 143
  • Robustness: 120
  • Focus: 120
  • Vitality: 130
  • Poise: 13

The Land of Reeds set is the starting armor for the Samurai class.

It has the traditional Samurai look to it and is arguably the best starting class armor set in Elden Ring.

It includes the Land of Reeds helmet, the Land of Reeds armor, the Land of Reeds gauntlets, and the Land of Reeds greaves.

While the resistances are not very high, this Samurai armor is more for its looks and low weight than for its defensive capabilities.

The 19.8 weight means that players have a low equip load, allowing them to move quicker, dodge faster, and be more agile.

Given that Samurais are pure DEX builds with a focus on mobility and dodging, the Land of Reeds set is ideal for DEX builds.

White Reed Armor

Bloody Finger Okina Elden Ring
  • Physical: 20.6
  • Magic: 23.6
  • Fire: 23.6
  • Light: 25.8
  • Holy: 22.1
  • Immunity: 159
  • Robustness: 100
  • Focus: 130
  • Vitality: 120
  • Poise: 37

The White Reed set is best for players wielding the Rivers of Blood Katana or the Washing Pole Katana.

It comes with the Okina Mask, White Reed gauntlets, White Reed greaves, and White Reed armor.

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Overall, the White Reed set resembles the Land of Reeds set since the stats and weight are comparable. The only major difference is the Poise stats.

To summarize, the White Reed Set is simply a more flashy and improved version of the Land of Reeds set.

Ronin Armor

Ronin Set, Samurai Armor in Elden Ring
  • Physical: 23
  • Fire: 25.6
  • Light: 26.8
  • Magic: 28.3
  • Holy: 25.6
  • Immunity: 167
  • Robustness: 125
  • Focus: 132
  • Vitality: 140
  • Poise: 15

The Ronin Set is undeniably one of the best armor sets in Elden Ring.

It has a fashionable design,and is reminiscent of Samurais in Sekiro.

It includes the Iron Kasa, Ronin’s armor, Ronin’s Gauntlets, and Ronin’s Greaves.

Generally, the Ronin set’s stats are similar to those of the other two Samurai armors listed, with somewhat stronger resistances and slightly heavier weight.

Given the similarities between the Ronin and the other two mentioned, the Ronin set should function similarly in terms of mobility and quickness.

The Ronin set is not only an excellent DEX build armor, but it is also one of the coolest-looking Samurai sets in Elden Ring.

Briar Armor

Briar Set, Samurai Armor Elden Ring
  • Physical: 25.6 
  • Magic: 24.5
  • Fire: 24.4
  • Light: 24.1
  • Holy: 24.4
  • Immunity: 113
  • Robustness: 140
  • Vitality: 86
  • Focus: 80
  • Poise: 27

The Briar Armor set is statistically the best Samurai armor in Elden Ring.

Because of its menacing look, the Briar set complements high bleed builds effectively.

Dual-wielding a Blood Uchigatana with the Rivers of Blood while wearing the Briar set gives you the appearance of a formidable Samurai in Elden Ring.

It consists of the Briar armor, Briar greaves, Briar helm, and Briar gauntlet.

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The Briar armor is incredibly powerful, as indicated by the stats, making it a superb set for Samurais looking for an additional defensive.

At a weight of 28.1, it is significantly heavier than the other Samurai armors in Elden Ring.

This outfit is more suitable to Samurais with a higher equip load than to an average DEX build.

As a result of its high defense and ability to blend in with other Samurai pieces and looks, the Briar set is one of the best Elden Ring Samurai armors.

Elden Ring Samurai Armor Locations

The locations of the best armor sets for a Samurai build are as follows:

Land of Reeds SetThis set is the starting set for the Samurai class in Elden Ring.
White Reed SetThe Okina Mask is acquired after killing Okina at the Mountaintop of the Giants. The armor, greaves and gauntlets are acquired at the Spiritcaller’s cave. The parts are next to a corpse in the area with Spirit Wolves.
Ronin SetPlayers get this set after completing Yura’s questline.
Briar SetCan be acquired from Enia at the Roundtable Hold after killing Elemer at the Shaded Castle

Best Stats for a Samurai Build

Given that a Samurai build is essentially a version of a pure DEX build, it is recommended to have a high level of Dexterity, Vigor, and Endurance.

For more information on DEX builds you can check out our Elden Ring Dexterity guide.

In order to maximize the damage of your Katanas, you should have a Dexterity level of at least 45 since the Katana weapons rely heavily on the DEX stat.

When it comes to Vigor, you should aim for at least 40. Since the Samurai class concentrates on close-range combat, it is probable that players will get hit a lot.

Having a high Vigor will save you from having to take breaks in the middle of a fight to refill your health bar.

A larger health pool can be extremely useful in tougher encounters and against bosses that can kill you in just a few hits.

A solid Samurai class should also have an Endurance level of at least 35.

Having a high Endurance will allow players to engage in combat for a longer period of time.

The majority of combat using the Samurai class will involve constantly switching between hitting the enemy and dodging.

As a result, a high Endurance level is required to effectively perform these tasks.

The last thing a Samurai wants is for their stamina bar to run out.