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Will There Be an Elden Ring 2?

Will There Be an Elden Ring 2?

With the success of Elden Ring, the possibility of a sequel is high, although not yet assured.

FromSoftware has yet to release any information about Elden Ring 2 but they have confirmed a DLC named “Shadow of the Erdtree” for the original.

This announcement has stirred up excitement among the game’s enthusiasts, as they eagerly anticipate more content from Elden Ring.

Throne Room Leyndell Ashen Capital

Potential Elden Ring 2 Release Date

As of now, FromSoftware hasn’t provided any official release date for Elden Ring 2.

Their attention is directed towards the launch of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. This is in addition to the confirmed Elden Ring DLC that’s being worked on.

This suggests that the prospect of Elden Ring 2 hitting the shelves soon is rather slim.

Given the above, we’d expect a wait time of at least four years. Therefore, Elden Ring 2 won’t release until 2027 at the earliest.

Elden Ring exceeded everyone’s expectations with its gameplay, bosses, lore, and even NPCs. It was even awarded the title of the Game of The Year for 2022.

It’s not surprising gamers are craving another masterpiece crafted by FromSoftware.

Raya Lucaria Academy Building

What Will Elden Ring 2 Be About?

With an Elden Ring 2 release so far away, even at the earliest estimates, it’s hard to speculate on what the story could entail.

There might be some curiosity about whether Elden Ring 2 will take the form of a sequel or a prequel, and the truth is both are possibilities.

From a lore perspective, it’s challenging to think how FromSoftware can outdo itself. Nevertheless, given the history of FromSoftware titles, we certainly expect them to.

The story will probably connect to the original, similar to how the Dark Souls series does.

Additionally, it’s likely Elden Ring 2 will share some characters from its predecessor.

Elsewhere, the introduction of Elden Ring’s open-world element, which deviates from the format of past Souls games, was a praiseworthy choice.

This alteration proved fitting for the game. As a result, it’s almost certain that a sequel would continue with the open-world format.

Another thing we can be sure of is that the game will maintain its hallmark brutality and challenging nature.

Players can look forward to delving into rich hidden lore, encountering interesting and enigmatic NPCs, and exploring a multitude of weapons and builds tailored to their game style of choice.

Should another Elden Ring game happen, it will undoubtedly follow the same pattern and formula, while aiming to surpass its predecessor in every possible way.