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Where to Get Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring

Where to Get Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring

For those who are brave enough to embark on the Dragon Build, hunting dragons and obtaining their coveted Dragon Hearts is essential.

These Dragon Hearts serve as Consumable Items that can be traded for Dragon Communion Incantations.

In order to make the trade, you must visit one of these two locations: Church of Dragon Communion or Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

How To Get a Dragon Heart

To obtain a Dragon Heart you must take on the task of finding and defeating a dragon.

However, this is far from easy since dragons pose formidable challenges as boss fights in the game.

As a result, It is crucial to follow the recommended level range for the area where these dragons reside, maximizing your chances of success.

Dragon Heart Locations

There is a total of 23 Dragon Hearts that can be obtained in one playthrough, and the table below lists all of their locations:

NameLocationNumber of Hearts
Flying Dragon AgheelLimgrave1 Dragon Heart
Glintstone Dragon SmaragLiurnia of the Lakes1 Dragon Heart
Glintstone Dragon AdulaLiurnia of the Lakes3 Dragon Hearts
Magma Wyrm MakarLiurnia of the Lakes1 Dragon Heart
Three Glintstone DragonsLiurnia of the Lakes (Moonlight Altar)1 Dragon Heart per each
Magma Wyrm (Caelid)Caelid1 Dragon Heart
Decaying EkzykesCaelid1 Dragon Heart
Magma Wyrm (Mt. Gelmir)Mt. Gelmir1 Dragon Heart
Magma Wyrm (Volcano Manor)Volcano Manor1 Dragon Heart
Elder Dragon GreyollDragonbarrow5 Dragon Hearts
Flying Dragon GreyllDragonbarrow1 Dragon Heart
Borealis the Freezing FogMountaintops of the Giants1 Dragon Heart
Great Wyrm TheodorixConsecrated Snowfield3 Dragon Hearts

These locations are ordered in how you would find them if you were taking the Best Elden Ring Progression Route.

Flying Dragon Agheel

Flying Dragon Agheel location

In Limgrave, you can find Flying Dragon Agheel at the Dragon-Burnt Ruins situated in the central area of Agheel Lake.

Glintstone Dragon Smarag

Glintstone Dragon Smarag location

In Liurnia of the Lakes, you can locate Glintstone Dragon Smarag northwest of the Rose Church and directly west of Raya Lucaria Academy.

Glintstone Dragon Adula

Glintstone Dragon Adula First Dragon location
Glintstone Dragon Adula – first dragon location

You first encounter the Glintstone Dragon Adula in front of Ranni’s Rise.

Glintstone Dragon Adula Second Dragon location
Glintstone Dragon Adula – second dragon location

However, the Dragon Heart is only obtainable during the second encounter in the Moonlight Altar just outside the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

Magma Wyrm Makar

Magma Wyrm Makar

At the northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes, you can locate the Magma Wyrm Makar atop the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

Three Glintstone Dragons

Three Glintstone Dragons location

The three Glintstone Dragons can be found on the moon-gazing platform in the western area of the Moonlight Altar.

Magma Wyrm (Caelid)

Magma Wyrm (Caelid) Dragons location

Alongside obtaining the Moonveil Katana during the Magma Wyrm boss fight, you will also be rewarded with a Dragon Heart.

Decaying Ekzykes

Decaying Ekzykes location

In Caelid, you can come across Decaying Ekzykes by heading directly southeast of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace.

Magma Wyrm (Mt. Gelmir)

Magma Wyrm Mt. Gelmir location

In Mt. Gelmir, you can find another Magma Wyrm in the lava lake next to the Seethewater Terminus area.

Magma Wyrm (Volcano Manor)

Magma Wyrm Volcano Manor location

In Volcano Manor, you can find the fourth and final Magma Wyrm.

From the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace, head west, descend the stairs and use the elevator to reach a lower level.

Next, drop off the ledge to the east to find the Magma Wyrm roaming in the lava islands.

Elder Dragon Greyoll

Elder Dragon Greyoll location

In the Dragonbarrow region of Caelid, you can locate Elder Dragon Greyoll just west of the Fort Faroth Site of Grace.

Flying Dragon Greyll

Flying Dragon Greyll location

Again in Dragonbarrow, you can come across Flying Dragon Greyll on the bridge south of the Farum Greatbridge Site of Grace.

Borealis the Freezing Fog

Borealis the Freezing Fog location

In Mountaintops of the Giants, you will encounter Borealis the Freezing Fog amidst a blizzard on the frozen lake southeast of the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.

Great Wyrm Theodorix

Great Wyrm Theodorix location

In Consecrated Snowfield, you will discover the final dragon, Great Wyrm Theodorix, who drops a Dragon Heart.

In case you don’t know how to reach that area, follow our guide on how to get to the snow area in Elden Ring.

To find the dragon, start from the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, head north to the ice river, and follow it east to encounter Great Wyrm Theodorix.