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List of All Dog Pokemon

List of All Dog Pokemon

If you’re having a ruff day, here’s a full list of dog Pokemon to cheer you up!

From canine Pokemon like Houndour, to dog like Pokemon such as Arcanine, we’ve ranked them based on their merits and dog Pokemon qualities.


List of Every Dog Pokemon

Here’s a complete list of dog Pokemon from across all generations:

FireGen 1
Fire/RockGen 8
FireGen 1
Fire/RockGen 8
SnubbullFairyGen 2
GranbullFairyGen 2
HoundourDark/FireGen 2
HoundoomDark/FireGen 2
SmeargleNormalGen 2
ElectrikeElectricGen 3
ManectricElectricGen 3
LillipupNormalGen 5
HerdierNormalGen 5
StoutlandNormalGen 5
FurfrouNormalGen 6
RockruffRockGen 7
YamperElectricGen 8
BoltundElectricGen 8
FidoughFairyGen 9
DachsbunFairyGen 9
MaschiffDarkGen 9
MabosstiffDarkGen 9
GreavardGhostGen 9
HoundstoneGhostGen 9

How Many Dog Pokemon Are There?

There are 22 Dog Pokemon in the franchise.

We’ve included the new Scarlet and Violet dogs, like Fidough and Mabosstiff, in that count, as well as the lion-canine-inspired Pokemon Arcanine.

Rockruff with Professor Kukui
Source: Bulbapedia

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22. Electrike

Electrike standing on grass
Source: Bulbapedia

This Electric Dog Pokemon was introduced in Gen 3 and is categorized as the Lightning Pokemon. Interestingly, it’s green all over, which makes it look like a Grass type. 

But make no mistake, it’s actually pure Electric. You can see strips of yellow on its snout and the side of its face, as well as on the tip of its tail.

Electrike takes the charge generated from its fur and uses it to jolt its legs to make it run super fast. It’s essentially a pup having the zoomies!

The Pokedex even notes that you can barely follow it with your eyes when Electrike runs around.

It’s no surprise that one of its highest base stats is Speed. It also has a high Special Attack, so Electrike can definitely enjoy moves like Shock Wave, Discharge, and Thunder while running around and hitting first.

21. Manectric

Manectric getting ready to fight
Source: Bulbapedia

Manectric is the evolution of Electrike. You see elements and details of its type in its design, like its spiky and pointy yellow fur all over its body.

This yellow and blue dog Pokemon combo gets the category of Discharge Pokemon due to its capabilities of gathering electricity and discharging it at will.

Its yellow jagged mane collects electricity from the air all the time. Then, it creates thunderclouds above its head that can send out lightning bolts! Zeus and Thor would be amused.

While that’s rad and all, this can unfortunately cause sudden forest fires when Manectric’s mane sparks a dry leaf or two. And when it Mega Evolves, it can barely control its powers and all the electric energy in its body ends up irritating Manectric.

With great electric power comes great pain and a need for control, it seems.

20. Granbull

Granbull with ribbons and showing its fangs
Source: Bulbapedia

Granbull might look fierce and scary because of its jaws, fang-like protrusions, and angry stare, but it’s actually a big sweetheart. According to the Pokedex, Granbull is actually quite timid and gets easily spooked.

This pink dog Pokemon was introduced in Gen 2 and was originally a Normal type but is now a full Fairy Pokemon. Like its pre-evolution, it seems to be based on the real-life dog breed English bulldog.

But even though Granbull is a bit shy, a scaredy-cat (scaredy-dog?), and a Fairy Pokemon, don’t test its jaw powers!

Its jaw muscles are quite strong, and its fangs are too heavy that Granbull can’t keep its chin up.

It usually tries to push its enemies away, but it might give you a nasty bite if you scare it!

In a way, it’s not so effective as a guard dog due to its timid nature, but its jaw is definitely a deterrent for baddies!

19. Maschiff

Source: Bulbapedia

Joining our list is one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s newest dog Pokemon, Maschiff!

Maschiff is a Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 9. It has strong jaws and fangs that can easily break boulders. No wonder Attack is its highest stat.

It always looks like it’s scowling or tilting its head to intimidate its opponents. According to the Pokedex, it just wants to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, people just can’t help but be amused with its cute expression. It is said that even crying kids find Maschiff’s face amusing and will usually burst into laughter.

Maschiff just can’t take a break.

18. Stoutland

Stoutland in a Pokemon battle
Source: Bulbapedia

Stoutland is known as a smart and brave dog Pokemon that you can trust and depend on.

It’s popular among trainers who want a Pokemon partner for life. It’s also a Pokemon used in a lot of rescue missions in the mountains or at sea.

Stoutland is so fond of humans that you can form a bond with it in just three days!

But as intelligent, loyal, and courageous as they are, Stoutland has one line you shouldn’t cross: its facial hair!

Stoutland is very proud of its mustache and beard. It’s actually a symbol of prestige among Stoutlands! Don’t ever think about cutting it or messing with its fur.

In fact, its fur is really useful in cold climates. This long and warm coat keeps Stoutland toasty when doing snowy mountain rescues. Sadly, Stoutlands in Alola look a bit uncomfortable due to the heat.

May your beard stay immaculate and your days remain comfy and breezy, Stoutland.

17. Snubbull

Snubbull with a crown looking surprised
Source: Bulbapedia

Does Snubbull look scary? Yes. Is it actually a scary pink dog Pokemon? Not really.

Look past its fierce expression and you’ll find that Snubbull isn’t actually a snob at all! Contrary to its looks, it’s actually a playful and affectionate Pokemon who just wants to frolic in the meadows with its trainer and friends.

Unfortunately, Snubbull has a hard time making friends because other Pokemon immediately flee from it due to Snubbull’s face.

Surprisingly, Snubbull itself is a bit cowardly. It growls at opponents, but only to scare and shoo them away! No one will know you’re scared if you scare them away first.

But it’s not all bad for dear Snubbull. As noted by the Pokedex, it’s actually quite popular among women Pokemon trainers. In the anime, Ash and friends meet a Snubbull owned by a rich woman named Madame Muchmoney. Fancy!

We’ve also featured Snubbull in our Ugly Pokemon list and mentioned its ugly-cute charm. Don’t worry, you’re actually endearing in your own special way, Snubbull!

16. Houndour

Houndour leaping to fight
Source: Bulbapedia

Houndour is a Dark/Fire type Pokemon introduced in the Gen 2 games. It looks similar to Dobermanns, and possibly based on hellhounds and folkloric black dogs too.

You can’t help but feel a sinister aura emanating from it. It’s got black fur all over its body, a skull-like protrusion on its face, ridges that look like ribs on its back, and shackles attached on its ankles.

But even though it looks terrifying, you gotta admit that its design theme is unique, well-made, and fits its dual typing.

And it’s more than just a scary dog Pokemon! Houndours hunt in packs, and they show great teamwork and coordination to catch their prey. They even use different barks and howls to communicate to each other their location or declaration of territory.

It’s also fiercely loyal to its pack and won’t just leave a sick member behind. When it bonds with a trainer, it shows this very same loyalty.

Whoever said black dogs are bad omens, show them Houndour.

15. Houndoom

Houndoom in a battle arena
Source: Bulbapedia

Houndour becomes fiercer and more terrifying than ever when it evolves into Houndoom!

Upping its scary aspect, it now has grown two curved horns with very pointy and sharp tips. It still has rib-like ridges and shackles, but it now has a collar and a tiny skull-like emblem below its neck as well.

Houndoom packs decide who the leader is based on whose horns curve back the most. They also battle each other when deciding.

But despite this very violent voting process, Houndooms stay true and loyal to their packs. Just like Houndours, their teamwork stays intact, and after a hunt, they divide their prey evenly amongst themselves. 

While that sounds commendable, it’s best to stay away from a pack of Houndooms. The flame they spout out is nasty! It’s a mix of fire and toxins, and not only does it hurt, but it also smells foul too.

Long ago, Pokemon and people scurry away when they hear their grim reaper-like howls. Seems like Houndoom knows how to bring doom and gloom.

14. Boltund

Boltund running and looking happy
Source: Bulbapedia

Boltund is another Electric Dog Pokemon that loves to run. Its yellow fur and jagged tail show its Electric typing, while its wristband-like design makes it look like a jogger. Its expression also tells you how much it’s enjoying its zoomies!

It seems to be based on real-life Greyhounds or English Foxhound breeds, both of which are bred to be able to chase prey or race as a sport.

Like other Electric type Pokemon, Boltund can also generate electricity on its own. But for this runner Pokemon, it sends electricity to its legs to aid it in running. 

It is said that this boost of energy makes Boltund run for three days! It can even reach a top speed of 50 mph! No wonder the company logo for Densoku is a Boltund.

If it’s speed you want, leave it to Boltund!

13. Smeargle

Smeargle as a detective and looking mischievous
Source: Bulbapedia

Smeargle is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Gen 2. It is based on beagles, as referenced in its name.

Because of its painter theme, the design team made its tail look like a paintbrush, while the fur on its head is similar to a beret.

This tail paintbrush can have differently colored paint ooze and drip from it. The color varies depending on the Smeargle. Its mood affects the paint’s hues too.

Smeargle uses its paint to mark its territory. You usually see Smeargles in cities, particularly in graffiti-filled areas. 

According to its Pokedex entries, over 5000 unique marks, symbols, and graffiti designs made by Smeargle have been identified. Fans of this Pokemon are even willing to pay good money for certain designs.

We love to see an artist thriving and getting paid. Good on you, Smeargle!

12. Greavard


Greavard is from the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. It’s a Ghost type and is aptly categorized as a Ghost Dog Pokemon.

Among the dog Pokemon on our list, Greavard has got to be one of the friendliest so far. It has such a chummy nature and will eagerly show its affectionate side to anyone who merely looks at it.

Watch out though — Greavard can unintentionally absorb your life energy the more you spend time with it!

Greavard mostly buries itself underground, with only its candle sticking out. But if it hears someone approach, it will not hesitate to jump out and yelp a spooky cry!

However, Greavard doesn’t really want to scare people or even draw out their life force. It’s just a really friendly dog who wants to play and get pats.

You’re still a good boi in our tired hearts, Greavard.

11. Houndstone

Source: Bulbapedia

Houndstone is a Ghost type dog Pokemon from Gen 9. Greavard evolves to Houndstone if you level it up at night, which is perfect for its theme and type.

Houndstone’s legs are actually skeletons peeking out from its ghostly fur. On its head is a tombstone, which Houndstone doesn’t want to be touched.

It likes burying itself in the ground, with only the tombstone poking out. When you go near it, Houndstone reacts and springs out from its resting place!

According to its Pokedex entries, Houndstone comes from the souls of lovingly mourned Pokemon. So when a Pokemon is grieved by its trainer, it can be reborn as a Houndstone.

Kinda spooky, but it has touched our hearts.

10. Rockruff

Rockruff standing and looking fierce, ready to fight
Source: Bulbapedia

Don’t underestimate this tiny puppy Pokemon! It’s got quite the potential, not to mention the temper stored in its itty-bitty body can be difficult to manage. Without further ado, here’s Rockruff!

Rockruff is the definition of tiny but mighty. It’s quite tenacious and won’t easily back down even when its foes are way stronger. 

Using the rocks around its neck, it’ll intimidate foes by banging said rocks on the ground. Great use of your Rock type abilities, Rockruff!

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This Gen 7 Pokemon also has the potential to evolve into different types of Lycanroc, depending on the situation it’s in during evolution. Midday, Midnight, or Dusk? Rockruff’s got ya!

While it’s usually recommended as a Pokemon for newbies due to its friendly nature and quick bonding, it eventually becomes too tough to handle the older it gets.

If you want to see this pup in action, Ash catches a Rockruff that eventually evolves into a Dusk Form Lycanroc!

9. Lillipup

Lillipup featured in Pokemon Black and White
Source: Bulbapedia

If Rockruff is tiny but mighty, Lillipup is little but far from being second fiddle! Let this little puppy Pokemon show you why it deserves the 9th rank of our list!

Lillipup is another dog Pokemon that’s recommended for beginners. It can easily pick up instructions from its trainer and is very obedient.

It’s a smart puppy, able to gauge its opponent’s strength and observe its surroundings using its face fur. Lillipup may be courageous, but it sure knows when to bail! What use is bravery if you’re just throwing yourself in danger?

Lillipup also doesn’t yelp, so a lot of trainers who live in apartments get it as a Pokemon. No need to get the HOA involved!

Combine all these qualities and you get a pretty popular puppy Pokemon. It’s also totally adorable, and we couldn’t help but add it to our Cutest Pokemon list!

Smart, obedient, and cute – that’s Lillipup!

8. Furfrou

Furfrou showing different haircuts
Source: Pokemon Fandom, Bulbapedia

Let Furfrou and its glamorous fur wow you in this next entry! At number 8, here’s the chic and fashionable Furfrou!

Taking the runway by storm in Gen 6, this Normal type white dog Pokemon is one of the most unique additions to the series.

It might not have any evolutions or pre-evolutions at the moment, but you can change its looks by having its fur trimmed at a salon!

Including its Natural Form, Furfrou has 10 forms or looks. They are the Heart, Diamond, Star, Pharaoh, Kabuki, La Treine, Matron, Dandy, and Debutante Trims. 

The ones you see above are the Heart and Debutante Trims. Some of these forms have been featured in the anime through the anime-only Pokemon Showcase tournaments. 

In these contests, Pokemon are judged based on their styling and excellence in various skills.

With how customizable Furfrou is, you can see why it’s a popular Pokemon to have for this purpose.

7. Mabosstiff

Source: Bulbapedia

With its puppy-dog eyes and heart-wrenching story in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (don’t worry, we won’t include spoilers!), we just can’t say no to Mabosstiff at number seven!

Mabosstiff is a Gen 9 dog Pokemon and the evolution of Maschiff. While Maschiff usually focuses on looking intimidating, Mabosstiff just wants to protect its family and loved ones.

It’s a very pleasant dog with a gentle nature. Mabostiff enjoys playing with kids and is an excellent companion for young trainers.

If you do threaten it and its family, it will not hold out from protecting itself and others. This is reflected in its high Attack stat and decent Defense in combat.

Friendly, loyal, and will fight for you — that’s Mabosstiff!

6. Arcanine

Arcanine and Hisuian Arcanine standing fiercely
Source: Bulbapedia

Our next dog Pokemon is mesmerizing to behold! At number 6, the mighty Arcanine graces us with its fiery and speedy presence!

Arcanine is noted to be a brave and loyal Pokemon. People also remark on its beauty because of its wondrous mane and its fast and graceful movements.

Its Hisuian Form came to be due to the volcanic activities in its environment. It gets a Fire/Rock dual typing, and you can see volcanic plumes of smoke and ash in its design.

Just like Kantonian Arcanine, this form gets praised by people and a special one is even worshiped due to Arceus’s blessing!

Because it needs a Fire Stone to evolve, it’s actually a bit rare to find Arcanines in the wild. You sometimes see them in grasslands or around active volcanoes.

Since Arcanine seems to be based on lion-dog myth creatures, we’ve previously featured it in our Lion Pokemon rankings. We included it in this ranking to honor its canine half as well.

5. Fidough

Fidough sleeping on bakery counter
Source: Bulbapedia,

Make way for one of the newest, sweetest, and fluffiest dogs in town! At number 5, we’re featuring Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s bread puppy Pokemon – Fidough!

Just like its name, Fidough sort of feels like dough to the touch. It is said to be moist, elastic, and soft but also firm. It can even puff itself up when it gets angry!

This Fairy Pokemon has been a long-time companion to humans due to its yeasty properties. Its breath actually has yeast that is very useful for baking and cooking.

People have been protecting and keeping this tiny puppy for ages because it’s an excellent baking assistant!

You can see these qualities reflected in its design. Fidough has bun-like ears and a neck puff. Its coating also has the color of dough with egg wash brushed on top.

4. Dachsbun

Source: Bulbapedia

Baked to perfection, we have our next bread dog Pokemon fresh from the oven — Dachsbun!

If Fidough is the raw dough, Dachsbun is the baked evolution. Fidough evolves to Dachsbun starting at level 26.

Its name is a wordplay on the dog breed dachshund and buns. Its body parts even look like different baked goods — from brioche and pretzels to bread rolls and bread loaves!

And just like Fidough, it’s a Fairy type dog Pokemon.

It’s an interesting Fairy Pokemon because it specializes in Defense, and even increases it when hit by Fire type moves thanks to its Well-Baked Body ability.

So if you need a tank Fairy Pokemon, you got it right here. Truly a purebread dog Pokemon!

3. Yamper

Yamper asking for treats
Source: Bulbapedia

Next on our list is the energetic and electrifying corgi Pokemon, Yamper!

This puppy Pokemon’s body might be mini, but it generates electricity to give it the energy it needs for extreme zoomies!

Yamper likes to run around and chase after anything that’s moving. Even fast vehicles won’t get past the speedy and active Yamper.

The organ responsible for generating its electricity can be found near its tail. And you’ll be happy to know that it has a heart-shaped mark on its rear end! A cute detail befitting an adorable Pokemon.

Unfortunately, Yamper can’t really store electricity, so it usually just releases sparks when it’s running. For this reason, you sometimes see Joltiks clinging to their back or rear end to feed on their electricity.

Yamper is known to help trainers with farm duties, like herding Wooloos in the Galar region. But little sparky here is a bit mischievous and would only help if you give it treats!

We’ll give you some and the 3rd spot on our list, Yamper.

2. Herdier

Herdier resting and on stand-by
Source: Bulbapedia

Who’s the most loyal boi? You are, Herdier!

We’ve seen a lot of loyal dogs in this list already, but Herdier stands out for actually helping its trainer raise and train other Pokemon! Like its name, Herdier doesn’t mind herding other Pokemon. 

According to its Pokedex entries, there are cave paintings of Herdiers helping ancient people. This supports the theory that Herdier might be the first ever Pokemon to form a partnership with humans! That’s how helpful this Pokemon is.

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And see that cape-like fur? It’s not just for show! As it grows longer and fluffier, it becomes sturdier and can protect Herdier from attacks. It does require effort to maintain and groom, but who wouldn’t want a fluffy shield for their loyal dog Pokemon, right?

Herdier will remain loyal to its trainer as long as it doesn’t get any disrespect. It will also be pleasant and nice to people it respects. If any disrespect happens, say goodbye to a Herdier who listens to you! It won’t follow any commands from you after such mistreatment.

With this Pokemon, you get what you give. And we give you the 2nd spot, Herdier!

1. Growlithe

Growlithe sitting and waiting happily with Officer Jenny
Source: Bulbapedia

And the best canine Pokemon, the top dog, and the best boy on our list is none other than Growlithe!

A lot of us are familiar with Growlithe due to how it’s often portrayed as a police dog and Officer Jenny’s partner Pokemon in the animated series.

This is due to Growlithe’s amazing qualities that are befitting this career.

Growlithe’s loyalty knows no bounds. It is very obedient to its master and follows instructions down to the last detail – it won’t even move unless its trainer says something!

It also works hard to protect its trainer and territory. This fire dog Pokemon will bark, bite, burn, and do whatever it can to drive away enemies. It’s not even afraid of stronger and bigger opponents!

Perhaps the most helpful skill it has when it comes to police work is its excellent sense of smell.

It can sniff various scents and remember them. Its sniffer is so good that it can even detect emotions through smell.

Puppy Growlithe with Officer Jenny
Source: Bulbapedia

But despite this fierce and focused behavior, Growlithe is also a friendly and pleasant companion.

Team Rocket’s James had a Growlithe growing up. Even after James ran away, his Growlithe remained true to him.

You deserve all the pats, pets, treats, and scratches in the world, Growlithe!

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