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What’s The Difference Between CP and IV in Pokemon GO?

What’s The Difference Between CP and IV in Pokemon GO?

In Pokemon GO, there are two metrics that often confuse trainers: IV and CP.

While both give insights into a Pokemon’s strength, they’re not the same.

CP (combat power) represents a Pokemon’s overall strength, while IVs (individual values) are stats that show its potential strength.

Essentially, CP is a snapshot of current power and IVs are its potential.

What is CP in Pokemon GO?

A Pokemon’s CP is shown above the image of the Pokemon

CP is a number indicating a Pokemon’s current strength.

It is therefore an approximate indicator of how strong they are in battle, too.

A Pokemon’s CP is comprised of its base stats, IVs, and level.

Higher CP generally means a Pokemon will perform better in fights but it’s not the only factor to consider.

What are IVs in Pokemon GO?

The Attack, Defense and HP bars show a Pokemon’s IV

A Pokemon’s IVs represent its potential for growth in strength in comparison to its own species.

They range from 0 to 15 for each of the three main stats: Attack, Defense, and Stamina.

Therefore, a Pokemon with perfect IVs would have 15 in all three stats.

To be clear, IVs strictly determine how strong a Pokemon is compared to its same species.

So, if two Pikachu are Level 10, the one with the higher IVs will be stronger.

However, if a Magmar had higher IVs than a Mewtwo, and they were the same level, the Mewtwo would be stronger due to its superior base stats.

This is why Pokemon GO players spend a lot of time trying to find perfect IV Pokemon.

A Pokemon must have 15 IVs across Attack, Defense, and Stamina in order to become as strong as that species of Pokemon can be when it reaches Level 50 (the maximum level a Pokemon can be).

Here’s how to check your Pokemon’s IVs in Pokemon GO.

CP vs IV

CP gives a general idea of a Pokemon’s strength whereas IVs provide insight into its potential.

Notably, a Pokemon with higher IVs will reach a higher max CP when fully powered up compared to a Pokemon with lower IVs of the same species.

This means the same species of Pokemon at the same level can have different CPs due to their differences in IV.

Furthermore, a Pokemon’s CP changes when you power it up or evolve it. In contrast, outside of purifying a Shadow Pokemon or trading, a Pokemon’s IV cannot be changed.