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Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

Maidens offer guidance to the Tarnished seeking the Elden Ring, as they can convert obtained runes into strength.

Without a maiden, you will not be able to level up your character level and you will have no guidance in the Lands Between.

If you plan to advance through White Mask Varre’s questline, you’ll reach a point when he will offer you a white cloth and ask you to soak it in Maiden Blood.

Now, you can’t kill your own Maiden, Melina, but there are other ways how to get the Maiden Blood.

Where to Get Maiden’s Blood?

In Elden Ring, there are two dead Maidens from whom you can get their blood.

The Maiden’s blood can be found in the following locations:

  • Church of Inhibition
  • Chapel of Anticipation

Church of Inhibition

Dead Maiden Church of Inhibition Elden Ring
Dead Maiden at the Church of Inhibition

The quickest way to get the maiden’s blood is to go to the Church of Inhibition.

The Church of Inhibition can be found in the northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes.

The following steps explain how to get to the Church of Inhibition:

  1. Fast travel to Bellum Highway.
  2. Make your way to the Grand Lift of Dectus and head south afterward.
  3. You’ll discover a tower with an orb on top of it that causes Madness.
  4. To avoid being inflicted by Madness, use every boulder and ledge and approach the tower slowly.
  5. When you get to the tower, there will be some frenzied rats at the bottom; kill them first.
  6. After that, climb the ladder.
  7. You’ll find Frenzied Villagers at the top, who are responsible for causing Madness.
  8. Defeat them and the orb will disappear.
  9. Now that you have dealt with the tower, keep heading south until you reach the Frenzied Flame Village.
  10. Keep progressing until you come across the Church of Inhibition.

Once you’re there, you’ll find a dead maiden sitting in the chair next to the Site of Grace. Interact with her and select the option to “dye cloth with maiden’s blood.”

Chapel of Anticipation

Dead Maiden Chapel of Anticipation Elden Ring
Dead Maiden at the Chapel of Anticipation

The second method for obtaining the maiden’s blood is to visit the Chapel of Anticipation.

However, in order to reach the location, you will need to use a portal that requires an Imbued Sword Key in Four Belfries.

Below are the steps to follow to get to the maiden blood in the Chapel of Anticipation:

  1. First, go to the Four Belfries, which is located northwestern in Lurnia of the Lakes.
  2. There, you must locate a chest that is close to the Site of Grace.
  3. Inside the chest, you’ll find an Imbued Sword Key.
  4. In the same location, look for the portal that says: “Precipice of Anticipation”.
  5. Once you use the portal, you will be teleported to the Chapel of Anticipation.
  6. While you’re making your way through the Chapel of Anticipation, you’ll encounter a boss fight.
  7. Defeat Grafted Scion and make your way up.
  8. Once on top, you’ll find a building in front of you.
  9. Inside this building and on your left, you will find another dead maiden you can interact with her and dye cloth with her blood.