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Dark Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Dark Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Dark type’s addition to Pokemon games changed the balance among all the types for good.

It proved to be a good counter for Psychic Pokemon and shook the combat with its status effect moves.

Unlike some of the other types, the strengths and weaknesses of the Dark typing aren’t immediately obvious.

So, let’s shine a light on those Dark Pokemon!


Dark Pokemon Weakness Strengths
Infographic showing Dark Pokemon’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Resistances and Vulnerabilities

What Are Dark Pokemon Weak Against?

Dark Type Pokemon are weak against the following type of moves:

  • Bug
  • Fairy
  • Fighting

That means any Bug, Fairy, or Fighting types moves will be super-effective against Dark types.

However, if you add Poison as a second typing to Dark, you will neutralize these weaknesses and only get one weakness.

Yes, Dark/Poison is only weak to Ground. There are currently only 8 Pokemon with this dual typing.

What Are Dark Pokemon Strong Against?

Dark type moves are really strong against these Pokemon:

  • Ghost
  • Psychic

Dark Pokemon was introduced in Gen 2 to help balance Psychic Pokemon. Not only is Dark strong against Psychic Pokemon, but it is also immune to Psychic moves.

And if you’re having trouble against Ghost Pokemon and their spooky status effects, Dark type moves are a great go-to.

Dark type moves might not have that much base power compared to other type moves, but they shine with their secondary effects. These effects can even boost or double its damage!

Some of the best Dark moves are the following:

Crunch and Bite are classic Dark physical moves that can lower Special Defense or induce flinching, respectively. Payback and Assurance can both double the damage, while Night Slash can land a crit.

Meanwhile, Nasty Plot increases Special Attack, which is a great thing for Special Sweeper Pokemon.

What Are Dark Pokemon Resistant To?

Dark Pokemon can resist Ghost and its own Dark type moves.

On top of being strong against Ghost Pokemon, Dark Pokemon can also resist Ghost moves. This really makes Dark type Pokemon and its moves a great counter for Ghost.

Still, you have to watch out for other Dark types.

Pokemon trainer Gary with his Umbreon
Source: Bulbapedia

Best Counters For Dark Pokemon

Some of the best Pokemon to use to fight Dark Pokemon are Scyther, Volcarona, Lucario, Gardevoir, and Togekiss.

Since Dark Pokemon have three weaknesses (Bug, Fighting, and Fairy), and have a low Defense and Special Defense, it makes sense to hit it where it’s vulnerable.

Scyther (Bug/Flying) has high Attack, Volcarona (Bug/Fire) has high Special Attack, and Lucario (Fighting/Steel) has both high Attack and Special Attack.

Fairy is a favorite for a lot of people when it comes to countering Dark Pokemon.

Fairy Pokemon like Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) and Togekiss (Fairy/Flying) both have high Special Attack and Special Defense.

In Pokemon GO, Volcarona with its Bug Bite and Bug Buzz combo, Lucario with its Counter and Aura Sphere combo, and Gardevoir with its Charm and Dazzling Gleam combo are popular favorites to counter Dark Pokemon.

In the mainline games, Miracle Eye was a Psychic move used to remove Dark Pokemon’s immunity to Psychic attacks. It’s not present in Gen 8, but we’ll have to see if it makes a return in future games.