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The Cutest Pokemon Ever Ranked (Kawaii)

The Cutest Pokemon Ever Ranked (Kawaii)

One of Pokemon’s charms is its adorable and irresistibly cute characters. Fluffy fur and feathers? Squishy cheeks? Adorably tiny voice? Pokemon has got that in spades!

As the Japanese like to put it: KAWAII!

So we’ve ranked the cutest Pokemon ever. From the timeless and electrifying cuteness of Pikachu, to some new ones like Alolan Vulpix and dainty Sylveon!

Ready your hearts as we meet the cute Pokemon that made it to our list.

Cute Pokemon Characters Ranked

35. Charizard

Charizard laughing
Source: Pokemon Company

A cute Charizard might not be your first thought when starting this list, but fiery Dragon Pokemon can be quite adorable. 

As seen in the anime when Ash’s Charizard starts to misbehave, he playfully refuses to listen to him. The act definitely brings Ash some headaches, but you can’t deny it’s quite cute!

34. Gengar

Gengar eating
Source: Pokemon Company

Don’t let this Pokemon spook you! Gengar has its own cute charms, as seen in Pokemon Journeys’ 92nd episode. In it, he gleefully eats a pot of Max Soup so he can Gigantamax!

Gengar continues to be a popular Pokemon in the series. It has numerous merch available at the official Pokemon Center and even gets two new forms – Mega Gengar and Gigantamax Gengar.

33. Litwick

Litwick eating a cake (left) and Litwick smiling (right)
Source: Bulbapedia

This next Pokemon is also in the eerie-yet-adorable realm!

Litwick is a Ghost/Fire Pokemon that can definitely light up your face with glee due to its spooky cuteness.

Just admire it from afar though. Litwick is known to absorb the life energy of anyone it guides in the dark! We’ve heard of trick candles, but not on this level.

32. Umbreon

Umbreon on the beach
Source: Pokemon Company

Umbreon might look brooding most of the time, but that just makes Umbreon’s soft side all the more adorable. Here’s Gladion’s cute Umbreon looking up at him!

An interesting trivia about Umbreon’s rings and marks is posted in various Pokedex entries. The entries say that the marks glow in the moonlight or when Umbreon is excited.

Now that’s ethereal and cute at the same time!

31. Snorlax

Snorlax smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

Oftentimes, when we think cute, we think of something tiny. Snorlax might be huge, but he’s definitely cute!

He’s cuddly and always off to dreamland. Also, he loves to eat as much as he loves to sleep, which is probably relatable on a certain level for a lot of us.

This sleepy adorableness continues to churn out a lot of merch. It’s a smart move from the Pokemon Company.

Who wouldn’t want a huggable Snorlax? A Snorlax plushie sounds like a great sleeping buddy.

30. Vaporeon

Vaporeon swimming
Source: Rayna’s Eevee on Youtube

A cute Vaporeon adds an enchanting charm and a mysterious mermaid vibe to your team. Imagine a fun day out at sea with your Vaporeon!

Thanks to Pokemon Snap, we don’t have to imagine that anymore.

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After the main game, you can unlock the evening tour of Maricopia Reef. In it, you’ll see Vaporeon adorably swimming around and jumping from the water.

Cute Vaporeon from Pokemon Snap deservedly finds its way to our cutest Pokemon list.

29. Mimikyu

Mimikyu with trainer
Source: Bulbapedia

With its crudely-made costume to mimic Pikachu, Mimikyu has a unique cuteness that’s different from others. The way it tilts its head, or at least the costume’s head, is actually pretty cute!

From its Ghost/Fairy type to its eerie Pokedex entries, Mimikyu is supposed to be a bit creepy.

Its Ghost/Fairy dual-type is actually one of a kind, making it one of the Pokemon that has a unique typing.

Knowing that it’s wearing a disguise to get the love and adoration that Pikachu gets, you can’t help but feel for it! Poor Mimikyu just wants a friend.

28. Glaceon

Glaceon diamond in battle
Source: Pokemon Fandom

This Fresh Snow Pokemon takes center stage in the anime. In XYZ’s 8th episode, Sara Lee’s Glaceon performs with costumes and ice sparkles!

From its Pokedex entries, we learn that Glaceon can control its body temperature. This affects the air around it, resulting in diamond-dust flurries. Magical and kawaii!

27. Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur laughing
Source: Bulbapedia

With Bulbasaur’s kawaii plant amphibian aesthetics and adorable smile, it’s hard not to include this little guy. He’s been with us since the first generation as one of the first starters and Ash’s loyal companion.

But what exactly is Bulbasaur? Is it a frog, turtle, or dinosaur? Whatever cute combination Bulbasaur is, we love his endearing green toad-turtle-dino combo.

High vine, Bulbasaur!

26. Flareon

Flareon in the bushes
Source: Pokemon Fandom

Flareon is too cute to pass up. Not only does it have a cute reserved expression, but it also has a fluffy tuft of fiery hair! No wonder Quilladin was infatuated with Flareon in XYZ’s 2nd episode.

According to one of its Pokedex entries, it has a unique way of cooling down when it gets too hot. Flareon will fluff out the fur collar around it to reduce its body temperature.

Sounds like it can definitely burn one’s hand, but don’t you just want to ruffle Flareon’s fluffy fur? It’s a risk I’m willing to take for this cute fiery furball.

25. Squirtle

Squirtle holding a flower
Source: Official Pokemon Facebook Page

Squirtle has definitely shown its cool side numerous times in the anime. Remember the Squirtle Squad? Yep, they were sunglasses-cool, alright.

But Squirtle can be completely adorable as well. In Ruby and Sapphire’s 137th episode, you can see Ash’s Squirtle roaming around a flower field and picking flowers.

Oh, to be a kawaii Squirtle enjoying a flower-filled meadow.

24. Axew

Yamper eating
Source: Bulbapedia

Before the ferocious Haxorus, it starts as a cute and tiny Axew. With its big eyes and stubby tail, you can’t help but squeal kawaii!

Axew was definitely given the spotlight in the games, manga, and anime. As Iris’s beloved Pokemon, Axew would stay nestled in her hair during their journey. It eventually evolved into a mighty Haxorus.

We still remember your cute Axew side, Haxorus.

23. Sprigatito

Sprigatito artwork (left) and Sprigatito in Scarlet Violet (right)

Ready for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? We sure are! We can’t wait to meet this new cat Pokemon, Sprigatito!

Not much is known about this Grass starter at the moment, but the little info we have right now points to it being such a sweet cutie!

Sprigatito kneads its forepaws to release a sweet aroma in its vicinity. This scent can help calm anyone who smells it — even opponents!

22. Yamper

Top 19 Cutest Pokemon - Yamper
Source: Bulbapedia

A corgi Pokemon? That can zap and do the zoomies? It even has a heart mark on its butt! For that alone, you bet we’ll include Yamper in our list.

Yamper is based on Welsh corgis, which is an incredibly cute fact already.

According to its Pokedex entry, it likes to assist people to get treats!

And whenever it runs, its tail makes a crackling sound due to electricity. Cute!

21. Komala

Komala with a bongo
Source: Bulbapedia

Komala is always adorably snoozing away while cuddling its log. It loves sleeping and clinging a lot. It will even cling and snuggle on a friendly trainer’s arm while dozing off.

Did you know there’s a fun fan theory about Komala? Some fans discussed the possibility that the Pokemon is actually the log. Whether Komala is the log or the koala, either option makes Komala cute!

20. Togepi

Togepi crying with Misty
Source: Pokemon Fandom

For those who grew up watching the early seasons of the anime, we’ve all seen Misty cuddle and care for Togepi. It’s literally a kawaii baby in an egg shell!

Togepi’s evolution line are all adorable as well. Togetic and Togekiss both retain Togepi’s cute egg pattern while developing wings to fly!

19. Joltik

Joltik poised for attack
Source: Bulbapedia

Don’t be scared! Joltik might be a bug, but it’s one of the cutest bugs in the series ever. For one, it’s tiny! And two, it has bright baby blue eyes that look up at you so innocently.

Most importantly, its mandibles give off a kawaii expression! I gotta say, Nintendo was really creative with designing Joltik’s mouth.

18. Lillipup

Lillipup standing
Source: Bulbapedia

Lillipup is little and a puppy – from its name alone, we’re already sold! It helps that Lillipup is one fluffy puppy too. It’s based on the real-life dog breed Yorkshire Terrier.

Lillipup’s face fluff isn’t just for show. It can actually act as a radar and detect changes in its environment! Cute and practical.

17. Smoliv

Smoliv artwork (left) and Smoliv in Scarlet Violet (right)

It’s teeny, it’s smol, and it’s oh so cute! Next up is one of Scarlet and Violet’s newest Pokemon, Smoliv!

Smoliv is a Grass/Normal type Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon games. From the tiny (heh) info that we have about it at the moment, it apparently likes sunny climates and places that get lots of sunshine.

Keep an eye out when exploring the new region Paldea — you might spot a bunch of adorable Smolivs sunbathing in the grass!

16. Mew

Mew giggling
Source: Bulbapedia

We present the always adorable, cute Mew as our first Mythical Pokemon on this list. As seen in the anime, Mew can be curious and playful while adorably flying over everyone.

Mew’s morphology seems to be a cross between a jerboa and a cat. Its long skinny tail and large hind legs do contribute to its cuteness.

And have you heard of Mew’s Pokemon cry? Its soft, high-pitched laughter is so sweet.

Mew features highly on our list of Pink Pokemon, too!

15. Pachirisu

Pachirisu smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

Pachirisu’s kawaii details – its cute cheeks and big fluffy tail – scurried its way into our hearts!

Here are some more cute details about Pachirisu. When it sleeps, it curls its tail around its body and uses it as a fluffy pillow. When it meets another Pachirisu that needs electricity, they rub their cheeks together to share their stored electricity.

My heart can’t take this cuteness!

14. Piplup

Piplup smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

The mighty Empoleon gets its humble beginning from this adorable penguin.

With a round head, tiny beak, and little flappy wings, Piplup almost looks like a plushie with its cuteness.

Piplup is most likely based on baby emperor penguins. Nintendo creatively incorporated emperor or prince-like characteristics into Piplup, according to its Pokedex entries.

Firstly, it is known to proudly refuse food from others. Secondly, since it has a tendency to be too proud, it’s not easy to bond or take care of Piplups.

Lastly, and this is the cutest, it has a tendency to fall down due to being a poor walker, but its strong pride makes it get up immediately and puff its chest!

This little proud prince deserves some pats.

13. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff angry
Source: Bulbapedia

Like a pink beach ball, Jigglypuff is a spherical Pokemon that’s full of air.

With its impressive lung capacity, it’ll sing a lullaby until its listeners will fall asleep. It does have quite a sweet voice!

A singing Jigglypuff is already adorable. But an angry Jigglypuff with puffy cheeks is even more adorable! Puff!

12. Charmander

Charmander looking happy
Source: Bulbapedia

Here’s the first of our top 10 cutest Pokemon – Charmander!

Who could ever forget Ash’s cute Charmander? It was so sweet and stayed by his side to become a fearsome Charizard. Its “char” cry is also a huge contributing factor to its cuteness.

In Pokemon Snap, Charmanders show pack behavior. When there’s food, a Charmander will call others so they can all share and eat together. Cute, lovable, and selfless!

11. Rowlet

Rowlet flying
Source: Bulbapedia

What catapulted Rowlet to the 9th rank of this list? Three words: leaf bow tie! Aside from being a fluffy round owl, Rowlet looks pretty cute and dapper.

Ash’s Rowlet is a bit naive and inexperienced. When he asked it to go find Lillie, it came back and brought him a watermelon! What an adorable and funny little fellow. It’s okay, Rowlet, you tried.

10. Fidough

Fidough artwork (left) and Fidough in Scarlet Violet (right)
Source: Bulbapedia

Need a cute assistant in the kitchen? Let Fidough help with your baking!

This Fairy type Pokemon from the upcoming Scarlet and Violet games is known for its yeast-filled breath.

That might sound icky, but people from the Paldea region have protected this dough-like pup for ages due to this helpful trait. Sourdough enthusiasts know.

And just like a rising dough, Fidough can also puff itself up when it gets excited!

Cute and helps make fresh bread? We got our new favorite Pokemon right here.

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9. Dedenne

Dedenne holding its tail
Source: Bulbapedia

Dedenne’s tiny and stubby features are so squishable! That might be a bad idea due to its electric attacks, but I’m willing to risk it for this cute Pokemon!

From its Pokedex info, Dedenne’s top whiskers actually serve as antennas. Dedenne can communicate with others using it. Call the other cute Dedennes, please!

8. Minccino

Minccino happy
Source: Bulbapedia

Fluffy chinchilla Pokemon, you say? You can’t find a more kawaii one than Minccino. Its evolution, Cinccino, even ups the fluffiness!

Its tail is particularly long and furry. Minccino uses it to sweep its den or brush other Minccinos. That seems to be quite an adorable sight to witness!

7. Emolga

Emolga smiling in the sky
Source: Bulbapedia

Pokemon has perfected the winning formula for cute rodent creatures, and Emolga is proof. Let this sky squirrel fly into your heart!

Emolga likes to roast berries with its cheek’s electricity. Sometimes, it stuffs its cheeks with too much food that it ends up flying wonkily. That’s absolutely adorable, but stay safe, Emolga!

6. Vulpix

Vulpix with Alolan Vulpix
Source: Bulbapedia

Fiery Vulpix is lovely as it is, but they went and added another form! Alolan Vulpix is its Ice counterpart and is equally adorable as the first.

Alolan Vulpix got a lot of screentime in the anime. Lillie had a fear of touching Pokemon, but she slowly got over it with the help of her Alolan Vulpix that she named Snowy.

5. Shaymin

Shaymin smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

Shaymin’s strongest point in this fierce cute battle is that it has two forms. Both its land and sky forms are absolutely squee-inducing!

Its two forms also have opposite personalities. In its land form, Shaymin is shy, reserved, and timid. When transformed into its sky form, it becomes courageous, active, and playful. You get two cuties in one!

4. Sylveon

Sylveon with trainer
Source: Bulbapedia

It’s no surprise that Sylveon’s addition to the series was met with a lot of kawaii squealing! When Pokemon added Fairy types, it announced it with a bang with the addition of this new Eeveelution.

Sylveon’s cuteness can be summarized as such: Pink motif, ribbons, and big, blue eyes. Its Pokedex entry says that it likes to hold its trainer with one of its feelers or ribbons while walking. Adorable!

3. Pikachu

Pikachu with Ash's hat
Source: Bulbapedia

Pikachu is the face of the entire franchise for a very good reason. It has perfected being adorable for 26 years! That’s why a cute Pikachu is always a delight to see.

Pikachu fans are definitely well-fed with its cuteness. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you can get a Cosplay Pikachu. You can dress it up as a rock star, pretty belle, pop star, smart academic, or a lucha libre wrestler!

2. Galarian Ponyta

Galarian Ponyta in the anime (left) and Galarian Ponyta artwork (right)
Source: Bulbapedia

Ready to have your heart melted? Brace yourself for the fluffy cuteness that is Galarian Ponyta!

Due to being exposed to life energy present in Galarian forests, Ponyta adapted and became this Psychic cotton candy of a pony.

It absorbs and stores energy in its pastel purple and minty-blue mane, tail, and fetlocks. When it has stored a lot of energy, Galarian Ponyta will start to glow!

This pastel cutie can actually heal others, thanks to its magical horn. Well, your cuteness has healed us already, Galarian Ponyta!

1. Eevee

Eevee glowing eyes
Source: Bulbapedia

The cutest Pokemon is Eevee!

A cute Eevee can present a lot of delightful possibilities but is already adorable as is. Moreover, have you seen Eevee’s Gigantimax form? It’s so fluffy, that we can’t help but squeal, “Eevee kawaii!”

Apparently, anyone who gets caught in Gigantamax Eevee’s luxurious and fluffy fur will become instantly enamored. We’re definitely enamored, alright.

Vulpix, Eevee and Shaymin being held by trainers
Source: Pokemon Fandom

Since Pokemon is amazing at crafting cute Pokemon, this was a difficult journey. Nevertheless, we did it! We managed to pick 30 of the sweetest, most adorable, and cutest Pokemon in the series ever.

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For now, let’s give our hearts a little break from all the squealing and cuteness.


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Sobble should be on this list

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Great suggestion, Harbiner! We'll keep Sobble in mind the next time we make a cutie Pokemon list. :)