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How To Change Servers in Palia

How To Change Servers in Palia

Like other MMOs, Palia sorts its players in servers, but it’s unclear how it does it or if you get to pick a server.

If you’re wondering how to switch servers in Palia, here’s a quick rundown of how the game handles its servers.

Players immediately switch servers in Palia by going to another area

Can You Switch Servers in Palia?

Yes, you can change your server in Palia but you don’t get to pick which server.

Your server immediately changes whenever you reload the game by going to a new area (say, leaving your home to go to Kilima Village or teleporting from Bahari Bay to your home).

So in a way, it’s a yes and no answer.

Yes, you can switch servers, but no you can’t pick which servers to go to. The game will automatically put you on the best server for your internet connection and location so you get the least latency.

There are pros and cons to this method. The biggest downside is losing people you just met if one of you reloads the game by going to a new area. The upside is you can server-hop to easily get resources like rocks and trees.

Invite other players to your server or to join your party to play in one server

How To Play With Other Players in One Server?

Even though you can’t actively choose which server to go to, you can still play with friends on one single server by inviting them to your server, going to their server, or partying it up with other players.

Go to your friends list, pick the friend you want to play with and choose the icon that says “Invite to Server” (it’s the icon with the two arrows under a player’s name). Your friend can also invite you to theirs using the same method.

You can also form a party with other players by pressing the plus icon that says “Invite to Party”. The game will try to sort all players in a party into the same server.

Your region info is listed at the top left of the player menu

What Are Regional Servers in Palia?

Palia started with only NA servers but has now expanded to have dedicated EU and Asia-Pacific servers.

If you’re from North America, your default would be NA servers. If you live in Europe, you’ll most likely be sorted to one of the EU servers. The same goes for Asia-Pacific players.

So before players are sorted into specific servers, you are first sorted based on your region. The game will automatically pick the best region based on your location.

You can still play with friends in different regions. It might take a few tries for some players, and some have even resorted to using VPNs, but it is possible and problem-free for most players.

If you’re wondering where the game placed you, region-wise, you can check your region info by going to the player menu.

Press ESC for PC players or the ‘+’ button for Switch players. You’ll see your region at the top left corner of the screen.

Players can jump from one server to another in Palia

Do you like how Palia handles its servers? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows, maybe we’ll get to share a server someday.