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List of All Cat Pokemon

List of All Cat Pokemon

Love cat Pokemon? You’re in for a treat! We’re feline good, so we thought we’d feature all cat Pokemon and rank them!

Err, purr-haps we’re pushing the cat puns too far. A-purr-logies!

From the classic Meowth to newcomer Sprigatito, we’ll look into their designs and cat-like behavior to determine who comes up as the top cat above the rest.


List of Every Cat Pokemon

Here’s a complete list of all cat Pokemon:

NormalGen 1
DarkGen 7
SteelGen 8
NormalGen 1
DarkGen 7
SkittyNormalGen 3
DelcattyNormalGen 3
GlameowNormalGen 4
PuruglyNormalGen 4
PurrloinDarkGen 5
LiepardDarkGen 5
EspurrPsychicGen 6
MeowsticPsychicGen 6
LittenFireGen 7
TorracatFireGen 7
ZeraoraElectricGen 7
PerrserkerSteelGen 8
SprigatitoGrassGen 9
FloragatoGrassGen 9
MeowscaradaGrass/DarkGen 9

How Many Cat Pokemon Are There?

There are currently 17 cat Pokemon. Included in this is the new starter Sprigatito.

Some feline Pokemon bear resemblance to tigers and lions, so they are not included in this count. 

Regional forms are counted with their original iteration (i.e. Kantonian, Alolan, and Galarian Meowth are one).

Cat Pokemon Meowth and Alolan Meowth joking around
Source: Bulbapedia

Every Cat Pokemon Ranked

17. Liepard

Cat Pokemon Liepard battling in stadium
Source: Bulbapedia

To start off our list, here’s the silent and sneaky Liepard!

This purple cat Pokemon is known to be quite discreet with its actions. If you’re not careful, Liepard can just vanish in a blink of an eye and strike you from behind.

The secret to their stealthy movements comes from their developed muscles. They have total control of it, gliding silently whenever they please.

Their muscles are also the reason why they look so fit and beautiful. The mask-like detail on their face makes them look like a cat burglar, which also adds to their charm.

Liepard’s design seems to be an amalgamation of different cats in the wild. It looks like it’s partially based on spotted wildcats and Savannah cats, while its spots and name also bear resemblance to leopards.

While Liepard is one cool cat, it gets the lowest rank in our list due to it partially resembling a leopard in its design and name. Don’t strike us from behind, Liepard fans!

16. Zeraora

Cat Pokemon Zeraora staring
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s get mythical in this next entry! Zeraora, the Electric type Mythical Pokemon joins our cat list!

Unlike other Electric type Pokemon, Zeraora doesn’t have an organ in its body that can naturally produce electricity.

So, what it does is it gets electricity from outside sources and stores it as its own. You’ll know when it’s about to use a lot of electricity because its fur will stand and get spiky!

Zeraora was recently added to the Pokemon games through Gen 7’s Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

It seems to be a cross between ordinary house cats and tigers, leaning more on the latter. Amusingly, because of its partially humanoid build, some fans think it resembles a catgirl.

So while it does have cat features, it doesn’t look as cat-like as the other cats in this list. Let’s settle you in this 15th spot, okay, Zeraora? We promise it’s comfy.

15. Purugly

Cat Pokemon Purugly fighting with claws
Source: Bulbapedia

It’s crotchety, it’s spoiled, and it will definitely show you that it doesn’t like you. Grumpily purring at the 15th spot is Purugly!

Purugly shows us what happens to a spoiled pet cat. Not only did it grow large and plump from all the pampering, but its attitude also worsened too. See those claws? Purugly won’t hesitate to show you what they’re for!

It is quite an entitled and selfish cat, barging into any comfortable nests it finds and claiming them as its own.

Purugly will scare the owner away by glaring at it and making itself look intimidating with its tail and chonky body. What a bully!

Purugly definitely stays true to its name. The name seems to come from “purr” and “ugly,” and you bet its behavior is ugly! We’ve even featured Purugly among our ugliest Pokemon.

The lesson to learn from here is to not overly spoil your pets! Beware, lest your pets become a Purugly.

14. Purrloin

Cat Pokemon Purrloin looking mischievous
Source: Bulbapedia

Our next purple cat Pokemon might look sweet, but its actions will definitely put you in a sour mood. Purring cutely while stealing from you is Purrloin!

Purrloin is the pre-evolution of Liepard. Before turning into the stealthy and light-footed leopard-like Pokemon, Purrloin hones its sneaky craft by playing mischievous tricks on people.

It loves to act all sweet, adorable, and nice, before pulling a fast one on you. Once your guard is down, it will steal your possessions and even laugh at your face.

If you do see through its facade, Purrloin won’t be happy and will even scratch you all over. What a nasty cat!

It’s even frustrating to know that it can get away from stealing again and again. Some people get charmed by it and let it go. No wonder it doesn’t learn its lesson!

So while it’s cute, it’s got a terrible attitude. Be careful around Purrloin!

13. Glameow

Cat Pokemon Glameow looking angry
Source: Bulbapedia

Ever wondered how Purugly turned into a spoiled cat? Let’s discover its origins with this next kitten Pokemon. Wagging its tail at number 13 is Glameow!

Glameow is Purugly’s pre-evolution. Both are Normal types and introduced in Gen 4. They’re also based on domesticated or pet cats, particularly ones overly doted by their owners.

Glameow’s notable features are its springy tail, sharp claws, and intense stare. It definitely retains these when it evolves to Purugly.

When it’s happy, it expresses it by purring and gleefully and gracefully swaying its tail like a ribbon.

However, you better run when it’s upset at you for not being fed yet. It can get really impatient and hook your nose with its claws! Ouch!

It can also hypnotize opponents with its fierce stare. Better get that berry snack – Glameow commands it!

So while it’s not as bad as its evolution, Glameow is still a bit spoiled and doesn’t kid around with its claws and glare.

If you’d rather see cute Pokemon that are also nice and sweet, check out the 30 cutest Pokemon we ranked.

12. Meowstic

Cat Pokemon Meowstic standing and using Disarming Voice
Source: Bulbapedia

This Meowstic duo shares the 12th spot of our cat list!

Meowstic is a Psychic type cat Pokemon. While their feline-like stare seems intense, the gaze from their ear-eyes are worse.

You see, these cats hide another pair of “eyes” behind the tips of their curled ears. These eye-like organs can emit a powerful wave of psychic energy strong enough to obliterate a 10-ton truck! Terrifying!

While they both have this ability, they do differ in appearance.

Male Meowstics have blue fur with white details. Meanwhile, the female ones are the opposite, with white fur and blue markings.

They also have a difference in personality.

Male Meowstics are overly protective, while the females are aloof and selfish. A female Meowstic won’t even have second thoughts in tormenting others just to get what it wants. 

But for some reason, some trainers are drawn to this unfriendly charm. We’d recommend you stay away from this Pokemon, but you do you, Meowstic fans.

11. Persian / Alolan Persian

Cat Pokemon Persian being pet by Giovanni
Source : Bulbapedia

The elegant yet fickle Persian gracefully enters our list at number 11!

Persian is a Normal type Pokemon that evolves from Meowth. In Gen 7, they added a Dark type Alolan form.

Persian carries itself in a graceful, elegant, and sophisticated manner. It’s why a lot of trainers are fond of it. In particular, rich people really want it as their pets.

Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to raise. It’s temperamental and fickle, and won’t even hesitate to scratch its own trainer. This kind of behavior even shows when it’s “playing” with its prey. It’ll rip its prey apart – just because! 

A lot of us mostly remember Persian as a Team Rocket cat, specifically Giovanni’s beloved cat Pokemon. He would always have Persian near him, stroking its cream-colored fur while talking to his subordinates.

He may be the leader of a terrible group, but Giovanni seems to be a great pet owner, not hesitating to give his Persian plenty of attention.

10. Perrserker

Cat Pokemon Perrserker battling with daggers
Source: Bulbapedia

Perrserker is a new addition to the Meowth evolution line.

While Meowth usually evolves into a Persian, Perrserker evolves from Galarian Meowth instead. It also gets Steel as its typing.

Everything about Perrserker is the complete opposite of Persian. While Persian is beauty and grace, Perrserker is brash, bold, barbaric, and violent. It also remains bipedal and generally has the same body as Meowth.

Because of these differences, both Meowth evolutions have a mutual disdain towards each other. Persian disapproves of Perrserker’s rough behavior, while Perrserker abhors the other’s refined nature.

Perrserker is also battle-crazy and revels in the excitement of it. Due to fighting a lot, its claws have evolved into dagger-like weapons.

Despite its violent behavior, it’s a cool and unique cat. Its head and ears look like a horned helmet akin to a Viking’s, and it’s got a bushy beard too. 

You hear that, Perrserker? You’re cool, so please don’t shank us in a dark alley.

9. Skitty

Cat Pokemon Skitty smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

Time to lighten up the mood with this adorable pink cat Pokemon. Playfully chasing its tail at number 7 is Skitty!

Skitty is quite popular among trainers due to its cuteness. It has a mix of pink and cream-colored fur, a small body with stumpy legs, fluffy ear tips, and eyes that always look so happy.

Another curious detail is its tail which looks like foxtail grass. It’s mostly slender but with a tip that’s bulky in pink fur with three pin-like extensions.

In the heat of battle, Skitty can puff its tail up to threaten foes. I know it’s for battle purposes, but that sounds too cute!

Skitty gets easily distracted by moving things – even its own tail! Just like cats in real life, if you wag something in front of it, it will most likely chase it.

It gets tired after all the chasing, and will even get dizzy playing and running after its own tail.

8. Delcatty

Cat Pokemon Delcatty looking happy
Source: Bulbapedia

Happy and content at number 8 is Delcatty!

It evolves from Skitty through the use of a Moon Stone. Interestingly, it’s a cat Pokemon that’s mostly active at night.

Unlike some of the cats mentioned in this list, Delcatty is a calm and cheerful cat. It rarely gets into fights and would rather not get involved in conflicts. Delcatty has no time for all that negativity!

Delcatty tries to live life in the most relaxing way. It does things at its own pace and doesn’t really adhere to a strict routine. If it wants to sleep and eat now, it does so without any fuss.

With the stress of everyday life, maybe we should channel Delcatty’s worry-free mindset every now and then.

Aside from its jovial disposition, as well as its relaxed and unfettered lifestyle, Delcatty is popular among female trainers due to its beautiful fur. You’ll surely see Delcatty as a contestant in various competitions!

7. Floragato

Source:, Bulbapedia

This green cat Pokemon merges cat characteristics with its Grass typing. It’s got a mix of green fur in different shades, in contrast with its pink irises and flower bud.

Floragato’s theme seems to be of a trickster. See that pink flower near its neck? It’s not just a fancy accessory — it can suddenly extend like a yo-yo!

Floragato deftly hides the vines that connect to the flower in its fur. It can then dexterously whip it at opponents before quickly pulling it back. The pink flower bud is actually quite solid and packs a punch.

Sometimes, like a mischievous cat, it hits its own trainer instead when it wants to play! It won’t even hesitate to wrap its sleeping trainer in its vines if it wants attention.

Tricky cat! Floragato might be one of the neediest Pokemon cats ever.

6. Meowscarada

Source: Bulbapedia,

Next in our new additions is Meowscarada, Sprigatito’s final evolution.

A lot of Pokemon fans are not fond of bipedal final evolutions of Pokemon starters.

However, we gotta give credit to Meowscarada’s design details, since it gets creative with its Dark and Grass dual typing.

The foliage around Floragato’s neck has finally blossomed and turned into a flower collar.

It even extends into a scarf-cape hybrid. Its dark green fur show its Dark typing, while its mask is a reference to Spain’s carnivals and masquerades.

Remember Floragato’s trickster nature? Well, Meowscarada has leveled that up and is now a magician with sleight-of-hand tricks and illusions!

That floating flower near it is actually supported by a stem. Thanks to Meowscarada’s reflective fur, it scatters light and camouflages the stem, giving the flower a floating illusion.

Meowscarada is a cat that likes to show off and perform magic tricks, alright!

5. Espurr

Cat Pokemon Espurr staring blankly
Source: Bulbapedia

This next kitten Pokemon is tiny, fluffy, and adorable, but staring into its eyes evokes a sense of dread. Can you figure out what Espurr is thinking?

Just like Espeon, Espurr’s name references ESP, which is about the sixth sense and psychic abilities. As a Psychic Pokemon, this suits Espurr well.

It might look calm, but it’s actually trying very hard to suppress its immensely strong psychic powers. It has eye-like organs under its ears, which you can also see in its evolution Meowstic.

Espurr stops this organ from blasting psychic energy by keeping its ears closed and consciously restraining its mind. It’s why it’s categorized as the Restraint Pokemon.

On a lighter note, Espurr’s fluffy cuteness is based on Scottish Fold cats. You can also see Espurr’s blank adorable face and impressive psychic powers in the 14th episode of the Pokemon XY animated series. 

In the episode, Espurr inhabits a mysterious and creepy mansion. Wanna watch this on Halloween?

4. Torracat

Cat Pokemon Torracat fighting stance
Source: Bulbapedia

Torracat sizzles its way up to number 4!

This fire cat Pokemon is the second evolution in the Litten line. It was introduced in the Gen 7 games. It was quite interesting to see a fire-breathing cat roaming the islands of Alola!

To show its typing, Torracat has black and dark orange fur. The tufts on each side of its face look cute, but it isn’t just for show. It’s actually a sensory organ that helps Torracat detect opponents who are hiding, especially in the dark.

You can also immediately know how Torracat is feeling through these tufts. This mini mane droops or flattens when Torracat is not feeling well.

However, when the tufts are perky, it means Torracat is jolly and healthy. It can even get playfully spoiled when it gets close and trusting to its trainer.

See that circular thing hanging from its neck? It’s not actually a bell but Torracat’s flame sac. It makes a ringing sound when Torracat breathes out flames.

3. Sprigatito

Cat Pokemon Sprigatito smiling in flowers
Source: Youtube – The Official Pokemon Channel

This Pokemon might be new to the series but it’s definitely not lagging behind!

At number 3, let’s welcome one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s starter Pokemon, the Grass Cat Pokemon Sprigatito!

It is said that its fur is similar to plants and can photosynthesize. When Sprigatito grooms itself, it adds moisture to its leafy fur and boosts its photosynthesis.

Like real cats, Sprigatito adorably kneads as well. But when it does this kneading move with its paws, it releases a sweet aroma that can enthrall anyone who smells it. It can even calm its opponents! Best of all, it has restorative properties.

2. Litten

Cat Pokemon Litten standing in forest
Source: Bulbapedia

Litten might be a black cat Pokemon, but it’s far from being unlucky. Flaming it up at number 2 is Litten, one of Alola’s Pokemon starters!

Unlike Torracat and Incineroar who likes to engage with others, Litten is a bit of a loner. It doesn’t even express its emotions that much, and people are usually advised not to pet it out of the blue.

Despite this elusive attitude, it isn’t actually impossible to get close to Litten. This fire cat Pokemon just needs time to develop its trust in others.

Once that’s established, Litten will have no problems bonding. Just no surprise pats, please!

It’s an adorable cat Pokemon and at one point topped the rankings in Pokemon HOME’s Global Trading System. Gotta get a Litten, y’all!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Incineroar isn’t on this list, it’s because we’ve featured it before in our Lion and Tiger Pokemon ranking.

1. Meowth / Alolan Meowth / Galarian Meowth

Cat Pokemon Meowth jumping from tree
Source: Bulbapedia, Pokemon Fandom

And for the top cat, the fur-midable feline of the bunch, and the most paw-some one of all, put your paws together for the one and only Meowth!

This beloved Team Rocket Cat has been with us since the late 90s. Thanks to the animated series, a lot of us got to know Meowth more than what the games let on.

Who could forget the heartbreaking past of Team Rocket’s Meowth?

It was implied that he was abandoned but tried to get rich in the city by joining a gang. He decided to learn how to speak human to impress a lady Meowth, but the whole ordeal left him heartbroken.

Its penchant for money is based on the games. Meowth loves shiny things and will collect them.

A Meowth was given to Alolan royalty where it diverged in appearance, but its love for money remained intact.

Meanwhile, Galarian Meowth became hardened by battle, but it still retains its fondness for coins, particularly hardened ones.

Cat Pokemon Meowth Gigantamaxing
Source: Bulbapedia

Whatever form you have, Meowth, we love you all the same, just like how you love your coins. Yes, even your Gigantamax form – nay, most especially your long cat Gigantamax form!