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Best Traits to Level up in Remnant 2

Best Traits to Level up in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, you start with a basic set of Traits, but as you progress through the game, you can unlock more.

Traits can be unlocked by defeating bosses, completing quests, and engaging in other side activities.

If you’ve already spent points on Traits that you don’t find effective or have unlocked better ones, don’t worry. Remnant 2 provides a respec system, allowing you to reset all your character’s points.

Given the challenge Remnant 2 presents, knowing which Traits to level up is essential.

That’s why in this guide, we will help you choose the best Traits to level up.

Which Traits Should You Level Up?

Remnant 2 Trait Symbols

The best starting Traits to invest in are Vigor and Endurance since they provide significant help throughout the entire game.

Once you unlock the Barkskin Trait, it becomes a priority as it eases the difficulty to some extent.

The highlighted Traits, which are discussed in more detail below, are versatile and complement all playstyles effectively.

Investing in any of them should result in an enjoyable playthrough.


Vigor Trait Remnant 2

Vigor is a Core Trait that improves your overall health. This allows you to take more damage before you die.

Considering Remnant 2’s challenging nature, investing points into Vigor is wise.

It is highly recommended to max out Vigor as soon as possible since it remains beneficial throughout the entire game.


Endurance Trait Remnant 2

Endurance is another Core Trait that improves your overall stamina.

Stamina allows you to run more when you are surrounded by enemies or need to roll out of the way to evade attacks.

With a higher stamina meter, you won’t need to worry about running out during combat. This provides you with greater mobility and agility in challenging situations.

Maxing out Endurance is essential alongside Vigor, as these two Traits significantly enhance your chances of survival throughout the game.


The Recovery Trait improves stamina regeneration and can be unlocked at Cotton’s Kiln in Losomn.

Stamina is already essential in the game, so by pairing this Trait with Endurance, you can ensure that your character rarely runs out of stamina during battles.

It allows your character to recover even quicker during enemy encounters and especially boss fights.


Spirit Trait Remnant 2

Spirit is a Core Trait that improves your weapon mod power generation.

By increasing weapon mod power generation, it allows for more frequent use of weapon mods during combat. Its effectiveness is directly related to the usefulness of the specific weapon mods you have.

With numerous powerful mods available to unlock in the game, finding your favorite mod will make this Trait useful in battle.


Expertise Trait Remnant 2

Expertise is another Core Trait that improves the cooldown speed of your Archetype skills.

By reducing the cooldown time, you can use these skills more frequently, making them particularly helpful against groups of enemies and bosses.

So the quicker your skills become available, the faster you can use them to your advantage.


Barkskin Trait Remnant 2

The Barkskin Trait reduces all incoming damage in the game, providing you with extra protection against enemies and increasing your chances of survival.

This is an unlockable Trait that you can get from Meidra by answering her questions. However, it’s important to note that your answers must align with the Doe’s nature.

Unlocking the Barkskin Trait is beneficial as it proves to be incredibly useful in the challenging world of Remnant 2.


Longshot Trait Remnant 2

Longshot is an Archetype Trait that increases the effective range of all weapons. It is available when unlocking the Hunter Archetype.

Pairing Quick Hands and Longshot creates the perfect combination as Quick Hands increases reload speed, while Longshot enhances weapon range.

This ensures that you can consistently deal damage with quick reloads and shoot enemies from a safe distance, making it highly effective in gunfights.

Given the game’s emphasis on gunfights, these Traits will undoubtedly be worth investing in.