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Best Starting Classes in Elden Ring Ranked

Best Starting Classes in Elden Ring Ranked

Elden Ring has several starting classes which allow you to start your journey through the Lands Between in different ways.

The Elden Ring classes determine your starting stats, gear, and additional items.

Beyond this base, you can create your character however you like, therefore choosing a class does not restrict you to a specific playstyle.

It simply provides you with an advantage over a specific playstyle of your choosing.

While each starting class only influences the early game, it is still an important decision.

Starting Class Comparison Table

Elden Ring Starting Class Stats Table
Table showing the stats of every starting class in Elden Ring

Based on the points in the above table, the Confessor class has the highest attributes, followed by Prisoner, Samurai, and Vagabond.

However, there is more to what makes a good starting class than merely adding up the attributes, which we discuss in the rankings below.

For more information on stats, check out our guide for how soft caps work in Elden Ring and what the best stats to level up are.

Here are the best character bases in Elden Ring ranked.

10. Wretch

Wretch class Elden Ring create a character menu
Wretch starting class in Elden Ring

For new players, the Wretch is the weakest starting class.

Given that you only have a basic club with no spells and no armor, this will cause a struggle for new players in Elden Ring.

However, having a balanced stat allocation has its own benefits.

The Wretch class is very easy to shape into whatever playstyle you wish to have. It’s an excellent choice for experimentation due to being able to reset your stats.

This allows you to fully customize your character but it requires starting from scratch while searching for your own weapons and equipment.

This class is only advised for players who are veterans or for those who are seeking a challenging experience in Elden Ring.

9. Bandit

Bandit class Elden Ring create a character menu
Bandit starting class in Elden Ring

The Bandit class is primarily reliant on critical hits and stealth.

Critical hits in Elden Ring refer to backstabs, parried counterattacks, and hits on the enemies’ weak spots.

This class starts with a small knife that hits fast and deals high backstab and counterattack damage.

However, the short range of this knife can be risky since you’ll have to be close to the enemies all the time.

In addition, this class has the Buckler shield. This small shield is great for parrying and will assist you to land those critical hits.

Nonetheless, parrying enemies in Elden Ring is a difficult playstyle that does not work on all enemies, so keep this in mind when you consider choosing this class.

Moreover, the Bandit class has the best base Arcane stat, which grants them the highest Item Discovery rate.

Although Dexterity builds perform well with the Bandit, this class is not recommended for newcomers.

8. Vagabond

Vagabond class Elden Ring create a character menu
Vagabond starting class in Elden Ring

The Vagabond class is suited for those who are new to Elden Ring.

This class has the greatest Vigor stat of any starting class, allowing you to take more hits right from the beginning.

Additionally, it has decent points in both Strength and Dexterity. This will help you equip practically every weapon in the early game.

With a fair composition of Strength and Dexterity, the Vagabond has the proper characteristics for quality builds in Elden Ring.

You start with two fantastic weapons which are a Longsword and a Halberd. Both excel in long-range attacks which means you can hit enemies from a fair distance.

Also, the armor set for this class is a good choice for the first several hours in Elden Ring.

If you’re unsure about which class to choose in Elden Ring, the Vagabond is a safe bet for both newbies and veterans.

7. Warrior

Warrior class Elden Ring create a character menu
Warrior starting class in Elden Ring

With the highest Dexterity attribute of all classes, this is Elden Ring’s Dexterity starting class.

The Warrior class starts with two Scimitars that can be used in a power stance that boosts the damage inflicted. They hit quickly, do a lot of damage, and are fairly easy to use.

Keep in mind that Dexterity builds need you to avoid using your shield to maximize the damage output.

Instead of only blocking and playing defensive, you will develop the skill of dodging properly and hitting repeatedly with this playstyle.

As a result, you should spend your early leveling to Endurance.

The Warrior class is a wonderful option if you want to use fast-hitting weapons and go for a Dexterity build.

6. Hero

Hero class Elden Ring create a character menu
Hero starting class in Elden Ring

The Hero is the Elden Ring Strength starting class.

The basic Strength stat of 16 allows you to easily equip heavy weapons in the early game. This lets you focus your first few levels on other attributes.

Keep in mind that your Dexterity, Intelligence, and Faith stats are relatively low, so it might be a bit challenging to change your build going forward.

With the Champion’s armor set, Battle Axe, and Large Leather shield that this class offer, you’ll have no trouble surviving the early game.

Moreover, the Hero class gives you a fantastic starting health pool and stamina bar given the starting Vigor and Endurance stats.

Hero is the class to choose if you wish to make a Strength build in order to use heavy armor and weapons.

5. Confessor

Confessor class Elden Ring create a character menu
Confessor starting class in Elden Ring

The Confessor is the Spellsword class in Elden Ring.

It is the starting class with the highest level, and it comes with two spells, a sturdy shield, and a Broadsword.

This class comes equipped with the Blue Crest Heater Shield, which effectively blocks all incoming Physical damage and the full set of Confessor’s armor.

In terms of spells, Urgent Heal is a reliable skill for turning FP into HP. Also, Assassins’ Approach can be helpful for sneaking up on enemies.

Although the Broadsword is a good starting weapon, you should expand your incantations as soon as possible to benefit from your high Faith stat.

However, having respectable Strength and Dexterity stats also allows you to use a fair amount of the game’s early weapons.

If you’re an Elden Ring beginner, the Confessor is a fantastic pick for getting a taste of the various weapons and spells available.

4. Prophet

Prophet class Elden Ring create a character menu
Prophet starting class in Elden Ring

The Prophet is a hybrid class that combines pyromancies and miracles.

In Elden Ring, pyromancy and miracles have been combined into a single branch of magic.

Initially, the Prophet class has two spells with the first being offensive and the second defensive.

Capture Flame functions as a short-range flame explosion that inflicts decent damage early in the game, while Heal lets you exchange FP into HP.

In addition, you receive a Short Spear and a Rickety Shield for defensive play.

On the other hand, this class has the lowest Endurance, Intelligence, and Dexterity, but offers 16 Faith and 14 Mind to balance the attributes allocation.

Similar to the Confessor class, if you want to go for a Faith build combining both pyromancies and miracles, the Prophet class is an excellent choice.

3. Prisoner

Prisoner class Elden Ring create a character menu
Prisoner starting class in Elden Ring

The Prisoner is another Spellsword class that gives you access to both Dexterity weapons and sorceries.

The Prisoner class comes with an Estoc, Rift Shield, and the Glinstone staff with which to cast sorceries.

Additionally, you get a spell called the Magic Glintblade which summons a magic tracking sword to inflict damage from a distance after a short delay.

The major disadvantage with the Prisoner is the starting armor set and shield.

As a result, unless you acquire better sorceries, Magic Glintblade will serve as the primary damage source for your early game.

If you want to enjoy a build that merges using weapons and sorceries, you should go with the Prisoner class.

2. Astrologer

Astrologer class Elden Ring create a character menu
Astrologer starting class in Elden Ring

The Astrologer class is the Intelligence class in Elden Ring that offers early access to magic combat.

This class is mostly used for casting sorceries and comes with an Astrologer’s Staff, Scripture Wooden Shield, and the Astrologer robe set.

Out of all the classes, the Astrologer has the highest Intelligence stat of 16, and it comes with two spells.

One such spell is the Glintstone Pebble which shoots a small magic projectile with a quick cast time.

The second one, the Glintstone Arc, lets you unleash a wave of magic on damaging all enemies in front of you.

Although these two spells continue to be the primary way of dealing damage early on in the game, you should consistently maintain your distance due to your low health and physical defense.

For those who want to specialize in sorceries, the Astrologer is the best option.

1. Samurai

Samurai class Elden Ring create a character menu
Samurai starting class in Elden Ring

The Samurai class is the best well-rounded class for a variety of reasons and is therefore the best starting class to use in Elden Ring.

Firstly, the Samurai has the highest Endurance stat of 13. This allows you to attack and dodge more often during combat before backing off.

The second best thing about the Samurai class is it has a high physical defense thanks to its Land of Reeds armor set and Red Thorn Roundshield.

As a result, you’ll be able to dominate those close-range fights more often.

Another thing that makes the Samurai class great is the starting weapons they get, which are the Uchigatana and Longbow.

The Uchigatana has a superb moveset that allows it to bleed enemies and stun them with its Ash of War.

Alternatively, the Longbow offers an additional ranged choice for inflicting damage from a distance to enemies in order to get an advantage in the fight.

Considering all these advantages that the Samurai offers, it tends to be a lot of people’s best choice.