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Best Spears in Elden Ring Ranked

Best Spears in Elden Ring Ranked

Some of the most interesting weapons players use in Elden Ring are spears.

They let you fight from a further distance, making them a great choice for both newcomers and experienced players.

They provide high damage, long-range, versatility and capability to be combined with shields.

Here are the top 10 best spears in Elden Ring, ranked.

10. Short Spear

Short Spear Elden Ring

One of the most basic yet effective spears is the Short Spear.

It is most effective at the beginning of the game due to its simplicity and ease of access. It also only requires a few basic stats.

Thanks to its small size, it is quite versatile and fast to strike. Despite this, it has a ton of damage potential and can get you past the first few hours in Elden Ring without any difficulty.

The Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold will sell you the Short Spear for 600 runes, or you can start with the Prophet class and get it that way.

The Short Spear requires 14 Strength and Dexterity and it can be infused with Ashes of War.

9. Treespear

Treespear Elden Ring

The Treespear is great for Faith builds, offering a quick, flexible moveset in addition to high faith damage and excellent scaling.

It has a basic moveset but is quick, strong, and does holy damage.

Furthermore, it has a special heavy attack and weapon skill, giving players a little more freedom in their approach than with a basic spear.

The Treespear is available in Liurnia early in the game and requires 22 Dexterity and 18 Faith.

For players who are just beginning their quest in Elden Ring, the Treespear is a fantastic choice.

8. Crystal Spear

Crystal Spear Elden Ring

Another good spear that deals magic damage is the Crystal Spear.

It has an interesting skill that lets you pierce through enemies’ shields.

Despite its limited capabilities, the simplicity of this weapon makes it stand out. The Crystal Spear is essentially what players with some Intelligence scaling use.

This spear’s moveset is similar to that of basic spears, with basic thrusts and a strong thrusting special strike. However, it is not possible to enhance or infuse it.

Overall, it is a fairly straightforward spear that is great for beginners.

You can pick up the Crystal Spear behind a hidden wall in Sellia Hideaway.

Both Dexterity and Intelligence are required for this spear, which has a requirement of 16. It’s a great weapon for Dex builds with high Intelligence.

7. Cross-Naginata

Cross-Naginata Spear Elden Ring

The Cross-Naginata is arguably the most entertaining spear to use in Elden Ring due to its fluidity and extreme lethality.

In contrast to most other spears, it has a special moveset that combines slashes and thrusts. This makes it one of Elden Ring’s most adaptable weapons.

It has a straightforward special attack, the impaling thrust, like other spears, but when utilized properly, it can be lethal.

You can obtain the Cross-Naganita from a corpse in Gael Tunnel. It requires a Strength of 16 and a Dexterity of 20.

6. Death Ritual Spear

Death Ritual Spear Elden Ring

One of the most efficient spears in Elden Ring, due to its scaling and different types of damage, is the Death Ritual spear.

It is most effective in Intelligence builds.

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The Death Ritual Spear can be found on the Mountaintops of the Giants, where the Death Ritual Bird is situated. It deals both physical and magical damage and has strong magic skill.

It requires 18 points of Intelligence and 20 points of Dexterity. It’s important to note that this spear cannot be buffed or infused.

5. Inquisitor’s Girandole

Inquisitor's Girandole Spear Elden Ring

The Inquisitor’s Girandole ticks all the boxes for what a great spear should entail. That’s except for its damage range.

While this is certainly a big downside, when compared to its benefits, this drawback is vastly outweighed.

It has exceptionally good Faith scaling and does both bleed and fire damage.

The Inquisitor’s Girandole is capable to carry the players during mid-to-late sections of the game.

It requires 18 Strength, 15 Dexterity, and 16 Faith, which makes it easy to wield.

It can be located in the depth of Volcano Manor where it is dropped after Abductor Virgins are defeated.

4. Lance

Lance Spear Elden Ring

The Lance features a standard spear moveset, but it moves slowly in exchange for great damage.

It can be enhanced with infusions and buffs and has a thrusting charge as its skill. It can also be upgraded with smithing stones.

Overall, the Lance’s scaling and strong damage make it a great weapon for pure Strength builds.

Strength players won’t regret pushing through the tough learning curve to get the most out of it.

The Lance can be obtained in the first section of the game at the Northwestern Camp.

It has a Dexterity requirement of 14 and a Strength requirement of 20.

3. Vyke’s War Spear

Vyke's War Spear Elden Ring

Vyke’s War Spear is a great spear in Elden Ring.

While several spears have ranged weapon abilities and good stat scaling, only the Vyke’s War spear has a substantial Madness buildup as one of its features.

It is a great weapon for players with high Dexterity builds since it scales largely with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith.

However, players should use it carefully because it causes Madness in both their adversaries and themselves.

Vyke’s War spear requires the following stats: 16 Strength, 20 Dexterity, and 18 Faith.

In order to get this spear, you must beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

2. Bolt of Gransax

Bolt of Gransax Spear Elden Ring

One of the coolest Elden Ring spears is without a doubt the Bolt of Gransax.

While it has a basic moveset, it does feature one of the game’s best weapon skills and deals a lot of lightning damage.

Its primary moveset consists of thrusts that deal lightning damage and a special attack that fires a strong lightning bolt at your enemy.

The Bolt of Gransax is accessible in Lyndell, the Royal Capital after defeating Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

This spear has a Strength rating of 20 and a Dexterity rating of 40. Therefore, it is best for players with Dex builds.

It is important to note that the Bolt of Gransax must be obtained before you burn the Erdtree.

1. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear Elden Ring

The best spear in Elden Ring is Mohgwyn’s Sacred spear.

Despite not having the finest scaling, this weapon has a fantastic, distinctive weapon skill, and is capable of outrageous damage output.

In addition to that, this spear does a lot of bleed damage build-up that adds up to its advantages.

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Its ranking as one of the best weapons in the entire Elden Ring is undeniable.

Mohgwyn’s Sacred spear can be acquired from the Remembrance of the Blood Lord after defeating Mohg.

The requirements to wield this spear are 24 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 27 Arcane.

Short Spear14 Strength – 14 DexterityStarting weapon for Prophet Class. Can be bought from Twin Maiden Husks
Cross-Naginata16 Strength – 20 DexterityGael Tunnel
Treespear22 Dexterity -18 FaithLiurnia
Crystal Spear16 Dexterity – 16 IntelligenceCan be found inside Sellia Hideaway.
Death Ritual Spear20 Dexterity – 18 IntelligenceDropped by the Death Rite Bird in the Mountaintops of the Giants
Inquisitor’s Girandole18 Strength – 15 Dexterity
16 Faith
Dropped by the Abductor Virgins Boss in Volcano Manor’s underground
Lance20 Strength – 14 DexterityLocated at the Northwestern Camp
Vyke’s War Spear16 Strength – 20 Dexterity
18 Faith.
Can be dropped from Festering Fingerprint Vyke
Bolt of Gransax20 Strength – 40 DexterityObtained from Leyndell, Royal Capital after beating Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.
Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear24 Strength -14 Dexterity
27 Arcane.
Can be obtained by trading Remembrance of the Blood Lord with Enia at Roundtable Hold.