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15 Best Skyrim Mods for PC in 2023

15 Best Skyrim Mods for PC in 2023

Mods are arguably the reason why Skyrim maintained a massive loyal player base since its release in 2011.

Through the unending support and contributions of the game’s community modders, explorers of Tamriel get to see the Nordic region in new ways that aren’t present in vanilla Skyrim SE.

Apart from the additional features such as graphic updates, most of the best Skyrim mods also contain bug fixes which improves the gaming experience for new and seasoned players alike.

For those unfamiliar with Skyrim modding, here is an easy guide for you on how to install Skyrim Mods.

Before you go for another Elder Scrolls playthrough, here are the best Skyrim mods to use on PC in 2023:

15. The Eyes of Beauty

Skyrim Eyes of Beauty Mod
Source: Nexusmods – LogRaam

Creating a character in Skyrim is probably the most time-consuming part before you start your epic journey.

One of the challenging options in character creation is designing the eyes, where players usually end up with weird alien-like eyes for their characters if they are not careful enough.

As a way to fix this problem, Skyrim modders created a special mod called The Eyes of Beauty, which allows players to choose from a list of gorgeous and fearsome eyes.

The Eyes of Beauty also includes an NPC pack that changes the NPCs’ eyes and a Dawnguard-based option if you want to sport a pair of vampire eyes.

14. Monster Mounts

Monster Mounts enables your character to become a beast master by riding various creatures like troll, mammoth, lion, giant, and triceratops.

The mounts can be accessed in several places in Skyrim, namely the Pelagia Farm, Chillfurrow Farm, Honningbrew Meadery, and the Whiterun Stables.

Some of the mounts are bipedal and flying creatures, but nevertheless, the mod allows you to ride them as you travel around Skyrim.

13. Show Player in Menus

Skyrim Show Players in Menus Mod
Source: Nexusmods – myztikrice

This mod may not bring a significant change to the game, but it can be a worthy addition for anyone who wants to relive the memories of playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The interface provides you with a sight of your character as you check your inventory, which can be handy when checking how good you look when you trying on a new armor or robe.

12. Climates of Tamriel

Skyrim Climates of Tamriel Mod
Source: Nexusmods – jjc71

Climates of Tamriel is widely renowned as the most downloaded weather-based mods in Skyrim.

With more than hundreds of new weather variations, this mod alone can change the vibe every time you travel from one place to another, making your journey more memorable.

Apart from the weather, Climates of Tamriel also creates better visuals during nighttime and intensifies the dark atmosphere in dungeons.

11. Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Skyrim Flora Overhaul Mod
Source: Nexusmods – vurt

Despite being the coldest region in Tamriel, Skyrim is still brimming with lush fields and flora that can be harvested and used for creating potions.

Skyrim’s verdant areas may have aged poorly compared to many modern open-world games, but this fault can be patched by the Skyrim Flora Overhaul.

The mod makes the surrounding landscape more vibrant by replacing the vanilla plants with its more hyperrealistic versions and increasing the population of trees or grass in every plain and forest.

10. Detailed Cities

Skyrim Detailed Cities Mod
Source: Nexusmods – OlivierDoorenbos

From the inns, houses, and merchant shops, every town in Skyrim follows a distinctive architectural design that reflects the rich Nordic culture.

When paired with other elements like trees, rivers, and mountains, the overall terrain forms a beautiful panoramic view of a town if you look at it from afar.

If such scenery is not enough to satisfy your eyes, you can use the Detailed Towns mod, which slightly improves the visuals of the towns without doing much of an overkill that might impact the game’s performance.

The creator of this mod also recommends pairing it with other graphic mods like Detailed Cities and Detailed Outskirts.

9. Become High King of Skyrim V2

Choosing a side during the Stormcloak Rebellion is a common dilemma among many Skyrim fans.

Stormcloaks believe that Skyrim is only for the Nords, while the Imperial Legion intends to keep Skyrim as one of the Empire’s provinces.

However, their common enemy, the Aldmeri Dominion still holds a strategic political advantage regardless of whoever wins the conflict.

So why fight alongside the two factions if you can rule Skyrim yourself?

By installing this mod, you can be crowned as the High King of Skyrim, have your way of forming a band of elite rangers, and live in a castle with a pet dragon.

Becoming the High King in this mod, however, doesn’t happen right after you have the mod.

You need to meet certain requirements first, such as amassing a wealth of 50,000 gold and assassinating either Jarl Ulfric in Windhelm or Elisif the Fair in Solitude.

8. Quality World Map

Skyrim’s in-game map not only helps players reach their destinations but also highlights the extensive landscapes and unique geographical features of Skyrim.

While there’s nothing wrong with the vanilla version’s map, it can be sometimes hard to get to a certain hold or town, especially the first time when you haven’t discovered the area before.

With the Quality World Maps mod, getting lost in steep hills and rocky mountains is now more avoidable, as the main roads connected to relevant Skyrim landmarks are more visible.

The mod also affects the island of Solstheim, which has a separate map since it belongs to the province of Morrowind.

7. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Considering the complexity of Skyrim in terms of gameplay, it’s no surprise that it’s notorious for having a large number of bugs.

Quest-related bugs are by far the most annoying ones because they can hinder your progress, leaving you confused about your next course of action.

Fortunately, a team of modders did something that even Bethesda wasn’t able to accomplish: fix Skyrim’s every known bug!

This mod provides comprehensive bug-fixing features to Skyrim SE, so players can now enjoy a cleaner patch of the game.

6. Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO)

Skyrim Ultimate Follower Overhaul Mod
Source: Nexusmods – guerillamoderno

Followers in Skyrim are usually hated for being either too talkative or having a habit of blocking the player’s path in narrow spaces.

New players, however, tend to disagree since followers are helpful in lower levels, where fighting a pack of wolves or bandits alone can cost your life.

In the vanilla version, you can only have one follower at a time. But the Ultimate Follower Overhaul enables you to have a small unit of bodyguards capable of tearing down anyone or anything that stands in your way.

The mod also added new options to command your troops and have them mounted with horses.

5. Skyrim HD – 2k Textures

Skyrim HD 2K Textures Mod
Source: Nexusmods – NebuLa1

If you’re looking for one best Skyrim mods for PC that enhances the overall aesthetics of the game, this mod is for you.

Skyrim HD Mod creates a more soothing, realistic, and vibrant-looking environment, ranging from better-looking landscapes, sky, buildings, and large cities.

The 2k resolution can be considered an essential upgrade for the game if you want to play Skyrim without the outdated graphics.

Keep in mind that this mod should not affect Skyrim’s FPS on your PC if the vanilla version runs fine.

Some of you may be wondering, what about a 4K mod?

Well, despite the name, the Skyrim HD 2K Textures mod does include 4K assets.

There are alternative 4K mods but this particular mod is known for its stability and other ones can be too strenuous on even powerful PCs.

4. The Forgotten City

If you think you already cleared all of the important quests in Skyrim, you better check out the mods that provide a new set of quests, locations, and stories to tell.

One notable example of these mods is the Forgotten City, an award-winning mod by Nick Pearce, a professional game developer.

Installing this mod enables you to arrive in an underground city, similar to the base game’s Blackreach.

In the city, you are set to solve a murder mystery that requires exploring the entire area and interacting with its inhabitants to find the culprit.

The mod is almost like an official expansion since the player is free to select multiple endings.

Even the cinematic music and dialogue were originally made by professional composers and voice actors.

3. Legacy of the Dragonborn

Legacy of the Dragonborn (also known as Legacy) is another expansion mod worthy of owning a space in your Skyrim mods library.

Widely considered the best Skyrim mod ever made, Legacy features a truckload of unique content and questlines.

You can also meet a new organization, the Explorer’s Guild.

The guild is composed of members who explore faraway places through well-planned expeditions to discover lost treasures and powerful relics.

Legacy also modified the Skyrim capital of Solitude so it will house a large museum where you can display around 3,500 artifacts and rare items that you acquired during your quests.

2. Windhelm Mod Combo

Skyrim Windhelm Bridge
Source: Nexusmods – solandmun

The outskirts of Windhelm are a sight to behold with its trademark bridge and fortified walls nestling at the foot of a snow-capped mountain.

Windhelm City Mod Combo further highlights the beauty of the hold by improving the bridge and other surrounding structures’ architecture.

There are other city overhaul expansions that you can try right now, but this one is by far the most popular mod especially if you favor Jarl Ulfric and his stand on the situation of Skyrim as part of a corrupt crumbling Empire.

Additionally, you can overhaul Windhelm’s internal features as well by installing the Capital Windhelm Expansion mod.

1.  First Person Animation

Playing Skyrim in third-person view is useful when you want to immerse yourself in the environment or explore dark narrow caves where an enemy could jump from your rear.

But once combat starts, first-person is often the best way to deal with any foes, as you can easily aim your slashes and projectiles.

Skyrim SE’s vanilla version still looks sick during battles, but you can install a mod that brings a new flavor to the game’s familiar combat mechanics.

Comprehensive First-Person Animation Overhaul adds a plethora of unique first-person animations whenever you use a specific weapon.

Whether you wield a sword, axe, magical staff, or crossbow, this mod can give you a more satisfying experience as you skillfully utilize your tools of destruction.

This mod can be paired with other mods like Dynamic Impact and Camera Noise if you want to maximize its visual effects during enemy engagements.