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The Top 55 Best Shiny Pokemon Ever

The Top 55 Best Shiny Pokemon Ever

While each Pokemon is special in their own way, there’s just something extra special about Shinies.

Whether it’s just a mere color swap or a new color palette with more thought put into it, Shiny Pokemon are highly coveted due to their rarity and creativity.

But which ones are actually the best? Before we go Shiny hunting, we decided to check 55 of the best Shiny Pokemon ever. 

From the ever-popular Charizard to the humble Shuckle, we checked their colors, weighed their designs, and ranked which ones are truly worth the time for hunting.

But before we start the list, let’s learn more about Shiny Pokemon first.

Table of contents:

What Are Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon are essentially different colored versions of the original.

Sometimes, they just look a little lighter or fainter version than the original, but other times they have a totally new color palette.

How Rare Are Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon are very rare!

Depending on your method of catching a Shiny Pokemon, they can be as rare as 1 in every 8,192 encounters.

Fortunately, there are ways to drastically improve those odds. These include Breeding, Chaining, the Masuda Method and even holding specific charm items.

The chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon also depend on the game you are playing.

For example, you are far more likely to find Shinies in Pokemon Go than other games.

Are Shiny Pokemon Stronger?

As special as they look, Shiny Pokemon aren’t actually stronger. The only difference is their appearance.

There is no correlation between Shiny Pokemon and higher stats.

Now our Shiny crash course is completed, let’s start the ultimate Shiny Pokemon list!

55. Shiny Charmander

Shiny Charmander is yellow and a paler color compared to its usual deep orange shade
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorOrange
Shiny ColorYellow

We’re off to a fiery start with our fire starter here! At number 55, here’s Shiny Charmander with its washed out colors.

Shiny Charmander stands out from regular Charmander because of its lighter shades. Regular Charmander is a deeper orange, while Shiny Charmander is yellow or looks very light orange.

When Charmander’s Shiny version was introduced in Gen 2, the fire at the tip of its tail was also colored lighter. It had a yellowish glow compared to the red blazing fire regular Charmander has.

Game Freak has since changed this during Gen 3 and onwards. Both Charmanders, regular and Shiny, have the same flame now.

54. Shiny Eevee

Shiny Eevee's color is a really pale beige, with fluff that is all white. Regular Eevee is brown and cream.
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBrown
Shiny ColorVery Light Beige

Up next is the adorable and fluffy Eevee!

Its Shiny version also looks like a faded-out version of the original. Shiny Eevee adapts a very light beige color – almost white, even!

The fluff around its neck and the tip of its tail is also different. Instead of its light beige color, it is now snow white.

Eevee and Shiny Eevee are always so popular among Pokemon fans, so Game Freak always hosts Shiny events for it. For Let’s Go, Eevee!, there was the 2019 Pokemon Festa event that distributed Shiny Eevees.

Let’s hope they’ll distribute more Eevees in the future. Maybe we’ll even have a new Eevee event for future Eeveelutions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

53. Shiny Bulbasaur

Shiny Bulbasaur is yellow green compared to the turquoise green shade of regular Bulbasaur
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeGrass / Poison
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorTurquoise Green
Shiny ColorLight or Yellow Green

Despite looking a bit faded, our next Shiny Pokemon is definitely not green with envy over colors.

Shiny Bulbasaur gives us a different viridescent shade. Instead of the usual turquoise green, this Bulbasaur has a light green or yellow green shade.

The bulb on its back is also lighter in color. Rather than having a very vibrant green, its bulb looks a bit washed out.

But don’t worry! Even though it looks faded, Shiny Bulbasaur’s bulb is definitely healthy and can kick butts with its Grass type moves.

According to the Pokedex, Bulbasaur gets its energy from the nutrients provided by the seed inside its bulb. Pokemon researchers weren’t sure whether to classify Bulbasaur as a Pokemon or a plant!

52. Shiny Vulpix

Shiny Vulpix (Kanto) is a paler yellow and orange compared to its regular brown and reddish colors. Shiny Alolan Vulpix is white and purple, instead of the white and blue colors it regularly has.
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1, Gen 7
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBrown and Reddish Orange (Kantonian)
White with Blue Tinge (Alolan)
Shiny ColorYellow and Light Orange (Kantonian)
White with Purple Tinge (Alolan)

This next spot is shared by this fiery and icy combo! Here are Shiny Kantonian Vulpix and Shiny Alolan Vulpix!

Its brown and red theme for fiery Vulpix gets a subdued version for its Shiny version. Meanwhile, Shiny Alolan Vulpix swaps regular snowy Vulpix’s blue tinge with a purple one. A very pretty swap!

It was quite a surprise when Game Freak added an Ice type Vulpix for Gen 7. Who would’ve thought we’d get an ice counterpart for this fire fox?

It is said that Alolan Vulpix had to survive the frozen climate of Alola’s snowy mountain peaks. As a result, it developed Ice type abilities. Its adaptability is an inspiration!

51. Shiny Dratini

Shiny Dratini swaps its usual blue color with pink
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlue
Shiny ColorPink

Want to swap blue with pink? You’re in luck with Dratini!

Shiny Dratini drops the color blue of regular Dratini and dons a cute shade of pink instead. There’s a slight purplish hint to its color too, which makes it all the more adorable!

In Gen 2, Shiny Dratini actually looked more purple than pink. In later generations, it became a darker shade of pink. Eventually, they lightened its color to the shade of pink we have now.

Quite the colorful change, don’t you think? Interestingly, this matches Dratini’s behavior in the games. 

Dratinis shed their skin over time. However, it’s so shy from humans that not a lot of people have seen this!

50. Shiny Lopunny

Shiny Lopunny's fluff is now pink instead of beige or yellow. Its brown fur is also lighter
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBrown and Light Beige or Yellow
Shiny ColorLight Brown and Pink

Shiny Lopunny is another Pokemon that gets the pink treatment!

Known as the rabbit Pokemon, Lopunny’s color matches what a regular bunny would look like. Brown fur and light yellow fluff are what it has.

But in its Shiny form, it swaps its yellow fluff with pink! Pokemon trainers who are all about the cute and dainty pink life will definitely love this.

The fluff on its huge ears, hands, and legs turns pink. Its brown fur also gets a bit lighter.

If you want to know more about Lopunny or Pokemon rabbits in general, hop into our Best Bunny Pokemon List for a quick read. We featured Lopunny and its pre-evolution Buneary in it!

49. Shiny Hippowdon

Male Hippowdons are usually yellow and grey, while the females are in different grey shades. Their Shiny Hippowdon versions show light yellow and camo green for males and different camo green shades for females.
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorYellow and Grey (male)
Silver Grey and Grey (female)
Shiny ColorLight Yellow and Camo Green (male)
Green and Camo Green (female)

Notice something different? Yep, male and female Hippowdons actually have distinct colors from each other. Thus, their Shiny variants are also quite different!

Male Hippowdons are mustard-y yellow in color, with grey backs, snouts, and feet. The females are grey on grey! They have the same grey backs but the rest of their skin is a lighter grey too.

Because of these differences, their Shinies stand out from each other.

Shiny Hippowdons that are male are light yellow in color, with backs that are in camo green. Female Shiny Hippowdons are all camo green but in different shades.

Form differences between male and female Pokemon are always so fascinating to see. In real life, this is called dimorphism and occurs in animals and plants.

48. Shiny Palkia

Instead of the usual white and light purple, Shiny Palkia dons the colors light pink and red violet
Source: Bulbapedia, Pokemon Fandom
TypeWater / Dragon
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorWhite and Light Purple
Shiny ColorWhite with a tinge of Pink and Red Violet

Ever wondered what a Shiny water dragon Legend that controls and represents space would look like? Well, you’re in luck with this entry!

The Spatial Pokemon, Palkia, gets the next spot on our list. From its white and purple theme, its Shiny version becomes red violet and slightly pink.

In its Origin Forme, both Non-Shiny and Shiny, it becomes even brighter in hue. Palkia in its Shiny Origin Forme is definitely a lot more pinkish. To see this form, just give your Shiny Palkia a Lustrous Globe.

Pink Pokemon collectors, this is another Pokemon you can add to your list!

47. Shiny Garchomp

Shiny Garchomp sports a bluish grey color, while Shiny Mega Garchomp is pink and purple
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeDragon / Ground
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Blue, Red, and Yellow
Shiny ColorGrey-Blue, Orange, and Yellow
Bright Purple and Neon Pink (Mega)

This Dragon/Ground pseudo Legendary Pokemon takes a bite off our list. At number 47, here’s Shiny Garchomp!

In its Shiny form, Garchomp gets a subdued color as well. From its dark blue color, it gets a light grey-bluish shade instead. The red part on its chest gets swapped with orange too.

But what makes Garchomp quite notable in this list of cool Shiny Pokemon is its Shiny Mega Evolution form.

Instead of its muted grey-blue color, it becomes a brightly colored Pokemon with its pink and purple combo! The majority of its skin is bright purple, while its chest and blade edges are neon pink.

That’s one way to stand out!

46. Shiny Umbreon

Shiny Umbreon has a grey fur instead of black. Its markings and rings are blue instead of yellow
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 2
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlack and Light Yellow
Shiny ColorDark Grey and Aqua Blue

Umbreon’s Shiny form is a lot simpler than other Pokemon on this list. It’s not bright, colorful, or eye-catching. However, there is something special in its simplicity!

Instead of the usual jet black fur, Shiny Umbreon gets a softer shade of black. Umbreon’s whole evolution gimmick is tied to the moon and the night. Having grayish fur still links it to this theme.

But the change that absolutely stands out is Umbreon’s markings and rings on its body. From bright yellow, which is sort of related to the moon’s light at night, it becomes aqua blue.

The moon is usually linked to serenity, tranquility, and the tides of the sea. A cool blue color seems fitting, don’t you think?

If you’re eager to get a Shiny Umbreon but need ideas for its nickname, take a peek at our Pokemon nickname suggestions to get inspired!

45. Shiny Espeon

Espeon's lilac color becomes neon green in its shiny form
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 2
Regular/Non-shiny ColorLilac
Shiny ColorNeon Green

Next up is another Eeveelution. Want to read our minds and guess? Yep, it’s Espeon!

Espeon gets an otherworldly aura in this Shiny form. From its soft lilac color in its regular form, its Shiny version turns it into a neon green being. The red gem on its forehead stays the same, however.

It almost feels alien-like when it’s in this form. Not to mention it already seems extraterrestrial due to its psychic powers. Alien fans, you might want to get this Shiny.

This also won’t be the only Psychic Pokemon that trades its purple-ish color with green, which you’ll see later in the list.

44. Shiny Giratina

Giratina swaps its gold and red color with silver and blue in its shiny form
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeGhost / Dragon
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorSilver, Gold, Black, and Red
Shiny ColorLight Beige, Silver, Black, and Aqua Blue

Speaking of alien-like Pokemon, how about this Legendary that represents antimatter?

Giratina’s origin has a lot of speculations. It could be based on angels, a gigantic centipede, or ancient beasts. What we do know is that its Shiny version is pretty cool.

Shiny Giratina swaps its usual regal colors of red and gold into something with cool tones.

Its gold half rings become silver, while its red stripes and wing horns turn into aqua blue. Its skin, which is regularly light brown, turns into a light shade of beige too.

Shiny Giratina’s eyes also change. From blazing red, it becomes a cool blue color. It now gives quite a chilling gaze, which suits its Ghost/Dragon typing.

43. Shiny Tyranitar

From green, Shiny Tyranitar's color turns into a sandy beige shade
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeRock / Dark
IntroducedGen 2
Regular/Non-shiny ColorGreen
Shiny ColorSandy Beige

Tyranitar, the dinosaur and kaiju-like Pokemon, is up next!

In this Shiny form, Shiny Tyranitar sort of looks like a whole different Pokemon. From its green armor-like skin, it is now sandy beige in color. Its stomach area is now purple instead of blue.

Tyranitar is another pseudo Legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon are referred to as such because of their three-stage evolution line, high stats, and high amount of experience at level 100.

For Tyranitar, it starts out as Pupitar, which has the blue color of Tyranitar’s stomach. It then evolves into Larvitar, which is also green, before reaching its final form with Tyranitar. Interestingly, Shiny Pupitar’s color coincides with Shiny Tyranitar.

42. Shiny Darkrai

Shiny Darkrai becomes dark purple with neon pink. Its usual colors were black and red
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlack, Red, and White
Shiny ColorDark Purple, Neon Pink, and White

Let’s get mythical with this entry! Up next is the Dark type Mythical Pokemon Darkrai!

Shiny Darkrai adds a bit more color to its design. Its shadow body now looks darker purple instead of black. The spiky collar around its neck is now bright pink rather than red. It keeps its white mist-like hair, however.

Darkrai is known to show up in dreams and give nightmares to people. While that’s a scary thought, its Pokedex entries note that it doesn’t do it maliciously and only does it as a defense mechanism.

Hopefully, in this new colorful Shiny form, it gives less of a nightmare and more of a pleasant candy land dream.

41. Shiny Lugia

Shiny Lugia has the colors white, maroon, and pink, as opposed to regular Lugia's white and blue theme
Source: Bulbapedia
TypePsychic / Flying
IntroducedGen 2
Regular/Non-shiny ColorWhite, Blue, and Pastel Blue
Shiny ColorWhite, Maroon, and Pink

From blue to pink, Shiny Lugia flies into our list with its strong wings and adorable Shiny form!

Lugia is known to be the guardian of the seas. While it can calm storms and tides with a flap of its wings, it can easily spawn them as well. Thus, its blue color is pretty apt for its abilities.

But turning pink for its shiny form is definitely welcomed. Aside from looking cute in pink and maroon, it can also look fiercer this way.

According to the second Pokemon movie’s scriptwriter, Takeshi Shudo, Lugia was supposed to be a movie-only Pokemon. It was called Pokemon X and symbolized ocean currents. This eventually became Lugia.

We’re definitely glad we got Lugia in the games. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a strong Psychic and Flying Legendary with a cute pink Shiny form!

40. Shiny Zapdos

Shiny Zapdos (Kanto) is deeper yellow, while Shiny Galarian Zapdos is yellow and follows regular Zapdos' colors
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeElectric / Flying
IntroducedGen 1, Gen 8
Regular/Non-shiny ColorYellow (Kantonian)
Dark Orange and Black (Galarian)
Shiny ColorDarker Yellow (Kantonian)
Yellow (Galarian)

Zapping in at number 40, Shiny Zapdos flutters its yellow feathers for all to see!

The Electric/Flying Zapdos we all know and love simply turns its yellow feathers into a deeper shade in its Shiny form. 

It might look like a mere simple change, but this darker shade makes it seem like Shiny Zapdos has a stronger electric current. Of course, the reality is that Shinies aren’t really stronger than their Non-Shiny forms. This new appearance just has that effect!

Game Freak later introduced Zapdos’ Galarian form. This new Zapdos dons a dark orange and black look. Interestingly, its Shiny counterpart has the same color palette as Kantonian Zapdos!

39. Shiny Ho-Oh

Shiny Ho-Oh soars with its orange wings and silver tail
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeFire / Flying
IntroducedGen 2
Regular/Non-shiny ColorRed, White, Yellow, and Green
Shiny ColorOrange, Red, White, Silver

With its huge wingspan and majestic aura, we just have to include the Legendary Ho-Oh!

Ho-Oh normally has red feathers all over its body. Its tail and head fluff are orange. All in all, its feather colors show its dual Fire/Flying typing.

Shiny Ho-Oh swaps this around. Its body is now all orange, and the tips of its feathers are red instead of green. It also changes its orange tail and head fluff into silver.

Ho-Oh was the first Gen 2 Pokemon to be revealed and was the game mascot for past games. It’s also part of the Tower Duo with Lugia and a trio master of the Legendary Beasts Raikou, Entei and Suicune.

38. Shiny Vaporeon

From its blue and water-like color, Shiny Vaporeon changes into purple instead
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorAqua Blue
Shiny ColorPurple

Diving next into our list is Shiny Vaporeon!

Vaporeon turns its aqua blue body into purple in this Shiny form. The top of its head, top of its head fins, and the spiky ridges on its back are in a darker purple shade. Originally, those parts are darker blue.

Because of its long tail and fins, it has been mistaken for a mermaid in the past. A mermaid with a purple tail sounds really pretty, don’t you think?

While its original blue color fits its Water type perfectly, this purple version isn’t so bad at all. We’re all for variety in our mermaids and mermaid-like Pokemon!

Just keep swimming, Shiny Vaporeon!

37. Shiny Lapras

Shiny Lapras is purple in color instead of blue
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeWater / Ice
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlue
Shiny ColorPurple

Here’s another blue Water type Pokemon that turns into purple in its Shiny form!

Lapras, or Laplace in Japanese, is a Water/Ice Pokemon that debuted in Gen 1. Most of its body is blue, with dark blue spots all over and a beige underside. The shell on its back is gray.

Shiny Lapras, on the other hand, gets a purple makeover. Just like Shiny Vaporeon, its body is now purple with dark purple details and spots here and there. It still has a beige underside, but the shell on its back is now silver instead of gray.

Lapras is partially based on the Loch Ness Monster and was originally called Ness. It even had sharp teeth in its early artwork! Quite a different Pokemon from the docile Lapras we have now.

36. Shiny Sylveon

Shiny Sylveon swaps pink with blue
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 6
Regular/Non-shiny ColorPink and a bit of Blue
Shiny ColorBlue and a bit of Pink

The adorable Sylveon definitely gets a spot on our list!

Trainers who aren’t that fond of pink will be happy to know that Shiny Sylveon swaps its pink with blue. While regular pink Sylveon is totally adorable, a cool blue Sylveon is a welcome change.

Basically, Shiny Sylveon just exchanges the pink and blue parts. The fur on its head, ears, tail, ribbon, and legs is now blue. Meanwhile, its inner ears, ribbon tips, and eyes are pink.

Fairy types were introduced during Generation 6, along with Sylveon and other Fairy Pokemon. You could say Sylveon became the flagship Pokemon of this type!

35. Shiny Salazzle

Salazzle sheds off its black salamander skin and turns into a white lizard
Source: Bulbapedia
TypePoison / Fire
IntroducedGen 7
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlack
Shiny ColorWhite

Slithering into our list is lizard-like Pokemon extraordinaire – Salazzle!

Introduced in Gen 7, Salazzle is a Poison/Fire Pokemon that evolves from Salandit. Fun fact, female Salandits are the only ones capable of evolving into Salazzle. Male Salandits don’t evolve at all!

Aside from having an uncommon dual typing combination and a unique evolution requirement, Salazzle has a dazzling Shiny version.

Shiny Salazzle looks like an albino form of regular Salazzle. It swaps its black colors into white but retains its purple and pink front body markings. Its eyes don’t turn red though — it becomes light purple.

Like its name, Salazzles are dazzling and fascinating creatures!

34. Shiny Komala

Shiny Komala's log changes in color instead. It is now white and pink
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 7
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlue with Brown Wood
Shiny ColorBlue with Pink and White Wood

We’ll keep this entry short and simple. We don’t want to wake up this sleepy cutie after all! 

At number 34, Shiny Komala dozes off with its cute wood pillow!

Shiny Komala stands out from other Shiny Pokemon due to its unique Shiny situation. Instead of Komala getting a different color, it’s the log that it’s hugging that gets a recolor!

From an ordinary brown log, it turns into white and pinkish red. Interestingly, it resembles a forest red gum log, which is one of the trees that koalas like.

With this recolor, it makes us question things. Is Komala really the koala or the log?

33. Shiny Breloom

Shiny Breloom looks like a red mushroom with its red orange color
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeGrass / Fighting
IntroducedGen 3
Regular/Non-shiny ColorGreen
Shiny ColorRed

At number 33, it’s mushroom-picking time! But watch out, this mushroom fights back.

Grass/Fighting Breloom was introduced in Gen 3 and evolves from Shroomish. According to its Pokedex entries, it can release poisonous spores and has excellent punching skills like a pro boxer. 

The alarm bells are even more evident in its shiny form. Instead of green, Shiny Breloom now has a red-orange color. Its body, tip of its tail, and mushroom cap on its head adapt into this new color.

All in all, Shiny Breloom looks like a red mushroom!

Seems like that’s an indication to stay away. On second thought, let’s not pick this mushroom.

32. Shiny Shuckle

Shuckle has a red shell, while Shiny Shuckle has blue
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeBug / Rock
IntroducedGen 2
Regular/Non-shiny ColorYellow and Red
Shiny ColorYellow and Blue

Slowly shuffling in at number 32 is the tiny turtle-like Pokemon Shuckle!

Shuckles in the wild are observed to be foragers instead of hunters. They look for berries of all kinds and collect them inside their shells. There, the berries ferment and turn to liquid, which will then be consumed by Shuckle.

Just like the berries it collects, Shuckles and Shiny Shuckles both have colorful shells. While Shuckle normally has a red shell on its back, Shiny Shuckle gets a blue turtle shell instead.

With Shiny Shuckle around, maybe we should avoid driving our karts and being first in the race.

31. Shiny Sableye

Shiny Sableye and Shiny Mega Sableye turn into gold
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeDark / Ghost
IntroducedGen 3
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Purple
Shiny ColorGold

From the depths of dark caves, Shiny Sableye emerges with its glittering gems and gets the 31st spot on our list.

Sableye is a Dark/Ghost Pokemon that has a fascination with gems and jewels. It lives in caves and has adapted to the low-light condition of its home. It sees through its gem-like eyes that sparkle in the dark.

Color-wise, its body is dark purple, while its eyes look like sapphires. It has a red gem on its chest.

In its Shiny form, its body color turns into gold! Its eyes turn clear like diamonds, while the gem on its chest becomes emerald-like.

Sableye can actually Mega Evolve! In this form, it rips out its ruby gem and turns it into a huge shield. Shiny Mega Sableye is also gold but with emerald eyes and a shield.

It turns out that the real treasure is yourself, Sableye.

30. Shiny Dialga

Shiny Dialga gets aqua green as its color
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeSteel / Dragon
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlue and White
Shiny ColorAqua Green and White

Speaking of treasures, Dialga shows us that time is gold, but the time spent getting Shiny Dialga is definitely time well spent.

Regular Dialga is already one of the coolest Dragon Legendaries. With its domain over time, link to Arceus, and blue finish, Dialga remains a popular Pokemon.

But Shiny Dialga shows that a recolor can really up the ante, appearance-wise. If you can risk more time and devote your schedule to getting Shiny Dialga, it’ll be worth it.

Shiny Dialga looks absolutely beautiful with its aqua green and white color combo. It gives a different majestic vibe compared to its regular blue color.

Ruler of time, you deserve the 30th spot on our list!

29. Shiny Lilligant

Shiny Liligant looks adorable in its yellow, teal, and pink colors
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 5
Regular/Non-shiny ColorGreen, Light Green, and Orange
Shiny ColorTeal, Yellow, and Pink

With a twirl and a curtsy, colorful Lilligant shares its flower beauty at number 29 on our list.

Lilligant is a Grass type Pokemon that evolves from a Petilil using a Sun Stone. Plants and flowers do love the sun after all!

As a Lilligant, it grows a huge flower on its head. It kinda looks like a hair accessory, a hat, or a crown!

According to researchers, Lilligant’s flower is not that easy to cultivate and bloom. It can even easily wither if Lilligant is neglected.

Regular Lilligant’s flower is orange in color. The rest of its body is in different shades of green, with its collar in a yellow-green shade.

On the other hand, Shiny Lilligant looks like an exotic plant! Its leaf-like body is yellow and teal, while its big flower is bright pink. Adorable!

Shiny Lilligant is a flower that must be protected at all costs.

28. Shiny Heatmor

Shiny Heatmor heats up its red and maroon colors
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 5
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBrown, Red, and Yellow
Shiny ColorBlack, Maroon, and Red

Fire anteater Heatmor is up next! With flames coming out of its mouth like a tongue, you don’t wanna mess with this Pokemon. Doubly so if you’re an ant!

It’s a pure Fire type Pokemon, which you’ll immediately notice due to its red and yellow body. The light brown portion looks like soil. Because of Heatmor’s body shape, it looks like an anthill with flowing lava!

Shiny Heatmor takes that up another level and intensifies the heat. In this shiny form, the red and yellow stripes turn into red and maroon. This deeper red color definitely shows its Fire type even more.

Shiny Heatmor knows how to heat things up!

27. Shiny Ditto

Shiny Ditto becomes blue instead of pink
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorPinkish Purple
Shiny ColorBlue

Adorable Ditto, who has served countless trainers by helping them make more Pokemon, definitely deserves a spot on our list.

If pink isn’t your thing or if you just want a different Ditto to spice things up, consider finding this Shiny variant. The usual pink color is replaced with a cool blue shade. 

Side by side, these Dittos look like cute pastel goos!

Shiny Ditto made an appearance in the anime series. In the 173rd episode of Diamond and Pearl, a trainer named Narissa had two Dittos, with one being a shiny. They transformed together and confused Ash and friends!

26. Shiny Snorlax

Shiny Snorlax gets a royal blue fur, while Shiny Gigantamax Snorlax gets that change but also re-colors its tree and plants
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Teal
Shiny ColorRoyal Blue

Happily munching then snoring his day away, Snorlax and his Shiny counterpart are up next on our list!

We can’t exactly pinpoint what Snorlax is. But as a huge mammalian creature who likes to eat and sleep, Snorlax remains to be one of the most popular, recognizable, and relatable Pokemon in the games and anime.

In its Shiny version, it turns its dark teal or blue-green fur into a royal blue color. Its face and belly are still cream-colored. Not much of a change, right?

Although Shiny Snorlax only took a simple transformation, Shiny Gigantamax Snorlax is where Snorlax shines!

Aside from also getting blue fur, the growth on Shiny Gigantamax Snorlax’s tummy also changes in color. The bushes and flowers get darker, and the tree transforms from a lush green to a rich orange color. 

It’s like the season changed and turned into fall!

25. Shiny Gigalith

Shiny Gigalith's rock protrusions has a glow-in-the-dark blue color to it
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 5
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Purple and Red
Shiny ColorDark Purple and Turquoise

Gigalith might not be that huge, but its presence is quite gigantic, especially in its shiny form!

Gigalith is a Rock type Pokemon that likes to inhabit caves and underground tunnels. With trainers, it works in mines, construction sites, and anywhere that needs digging.

When you look at Gigalith, the red protruding rocks around its body definitely make it look like a cave dweller. This gives the impression of jagged rocks in a cave.

This appearance is even improved in its Shiny version. Instead of red rocks, the protruding parts are now glowing turquoise.

It’s like it adapted to its low-light habitat and developed glow-in-the-dark rocks to help it see. As far as Shiny forms go, this is one of the most creative!

24. Shiny Staryu

Shiny Staryu has a bleached look with its off-white color
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBrown
Shiny ColorOff-White

Speaking of creative Shinies, Shiny Staryu is definitely a Pokemon we have to include. Not only is it clever, but it also shares an important point about our oceans as well.

Staryu normally has a brown color. It has a gold casing at its core, with a red gem at the center.

In its Shiny form, it loses its color and looks like it’s faded or bleached. This might be a reference to how some people bleach dead starfishes for preservation and decoration purposes.

It might also be a reminder about how coral bleaching is destroying our oceans. Game Freak also reminded us about that with Corsola’s Galarian form.

Coral bleaching happens when ocean waters get too warm. Let’s help our planet, folks!

23. Shiny Primarina

Shiny Primarina turns its hair into blonde
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeWater / Fairy
IntroducedGen 7
Regular/Non-shiny ColorWhite, Blue, and Aqua Blue
Shiny ColorWhite, Blue, and Yellow

This next Pokemon also has some bleaching being done to it. But this time, it’s a bleaching hair makeover!

Primarina is a Water/Fairy Pokemon introduced in Gen 7. It seems to be based on sea lions, mermaids, sirens, and selkies.

In its regular look, it has a blue tail fin, aqua blue hair, and periwinkle drapes on its body. Primarina also has tiny pink fins, a pink nose, and pink starfish accessories that are connected to its tiara.

Shiny Primarina retains the blue tail fin, pink nose, and pink starfishes, but transforms its hair to a bleached blonde color. Its tiara and drapes are now also white.

This is a different kind of bleaching, but bleaching nonetheless.

22. Shiny Dragonite

While Dragonite is yellow orange, Shiny Dragonite is green with purple inner wings
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeDragon / Flying
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorYellow Orange
Shiny ColorGreen

For number 22, let’s soar into the skies with our dragon friend Dragonite!

This Dragon/Flying Pokemon is known to be kindhearted and intelligent, and won’t hesitate to help humans in need. It does have quite the temper though, especially when you threaten its home!

Its altruistic aura matches well with its soft yellow-orange color. Its inner wings have a cool turquoise shade too.

Surprisingly, its shiny form takes on a Halloween-esque transformation! Shiny Dragonite has green skin and purple inner wings, a color combo that goes pretty well. 

You bet Shiny Dragonite would happily chaperone kids during trick-or-treating to keep them safe!

If you’re a big Halloween fan and want to express that in Pokemon, Shiny Dragonite is a surprisingly great addition to your team.

21. Shiny Chandelure

Shiny Chandelure changes its purple flames to orange. Its body is now green as well
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeGhost / Fire
IntroducedGen 5
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlack, Light Blue, and Purple
Shiny ColorBlack, Green, and Orange

Let’s continue this Halloween train with our next entry. Up next is Chandelure, the Ghost/Fire Pokemon that looks like a, well, chandelier!

Normally, Chandelure is bluish purple, both in its circular body and flames. It has black arms that hold the fires, and yellow eyes that can eerily glow in the dark.

Shiny Chandelure, on the other hand, gets a green body and orange flames that make it look like an actual fire. Its eyes are now neon pink too.

Chandelure is said to lure its victims and hypnotize them with its flames. While its flames can’t hurt anyone physically, it can burn its victim’s spirit instead. 

This will curse the spirit into wandering aimlessly in the mortal realm forever. Quite scary, isn’t it?

20. Shiny Mimikyu

While Mimikyu has a pale yellow Pikachu suit, Shiny Mimikyu drains all of the costume's colors
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeGhost / Fairy
IntroducedGen 7
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBeige
Shiny ColorAshen

Since Halloween’s coming up, we’ll add one more Halloween like Pokemon to our list. 

Wanting friendship and affection, Shiny Mimikyu accepts the 20th spot with open arms! Or at least with one black appendage extending from under its rag.

Not much is known about Mimikyu’s true appearance. All we know is that it wears a faded yellow rag sewn and patched to look like Pikachu. 

The rag’s face details are scribbled on. There are also two tiny holes on the rag’s body where its real eyes peek out. Occasionally, you’ll see its real arm crawl out from under its disguise.

In its Shiny form, all of its colors are gone, as if it’s drained. Something about its monotone or black-and-white coloring makes it all the more creepy!

19. Shiny Altaria

Altaria changes its blue feathers into yellow when in Shiny form
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeDragon / Flying
IntroducedGen 3
Regular/Non-shiny ColorAqua Blue and White
Shiny ColorYellow and White

Let’s take a break from all the creepiness and have something lighthearted and fluffy. At number 19, here’s Altaria, in all its cloud-like fluffiness glory!

Altaria likes to soar with the clouds and hum while flying. It hugs people with whom they’ve bonded with their fluffy cloud-like wings. Oh, to be hugged by a cloud!

Normally, Altaria has blue feathers on its body, as well as blue plumes and tail. Its cloud-like wings are appropriately white.

Meanwhile, Shiny Altaria gets quite a transformation! Its fluffy wings are still white, but instead of blue feathers on its body it is now all yellow.

It sort of reminds us of Big Bird! You know what, I’d hug Big Bird Altaria.

18. Shiny Ponyta

Shiny Ponyta gallops away with its cool blue flaming mane
Source: Pokemon Fandom, Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorCream and Orange
Shiny ColorCream and Blue

Galloping a fiery trail up our list is Shiny Ponyta!

Ponyta’s design is great in its simplicity. It’s a Fire type horse, and so they made its mane a red flame burning on its back. The rest of its design is just an off-white horse.

Shiny Ponyta is also simple in its change but executes this transformation perfectly. Its off-white body is still there, but its flames change into blue.

Turning a red blaze into a chill blue flame might be one of the coolest transformations ever! This fine fire horse definitely deserves the 18th spot on our list.

Gallop and blaze away, Shiny Ponyta!

17. Shiny Emboar

Shiny Emboar coolly shows off its blue flames, while regular Emboar has red
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeFire / Fighting
IntroducedGen 5
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlack, Orange, Yellow, and Red
Shiny ColorBlack, Orange, Blue, and Purple

We can’t get enough of blue flames! So here’s Shiny Emboar with its magnificent azure blaze.

Non-Shiny Emboar already looks spectacular. Its size and stature has quite the presence, plus its fierce gaze and burning fire around its neck are intimidating.

Its body is orange, while the fur on its arms, legs, and stomach is black. The fire around its neck is red, which matches its shorts. There are orange swirly details on its torso too.

Shiny Emboar switches everything that’s red in its design with blue. Its flames have changed, even its snout and eyes are now blue!

Blue flames might seem cool and chill, but it actually has the hottest temperature. It’s even hotter than red and white flames!

Shiny Emboar definitely burns hotter.

16. Shiny Magikarp

Shiny Magikarp transforms its orange scales into golden ones
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorOrange
Shiny ColorGold

With a splish and a splash, Shiny Magikarp joins our list at number 16!

Magikarp has orange scales all over its body. It has white pectoral fins and tail, while the fin on its back and underside are yellow.

Magikarps also have two long barbels sprouting from its face. The male Magikarps have yellow barbels, while the females have white.

If you find a Shiny Magikarp, consider yourself lucky – you’ve just struck gold!

Shiny Magikarp is all gold in color. Its scales are gold, as well as its male barbels and top and underside fins.

Seems like all that glitters isn’t gold, some are Shiny Magikarps!

15. Shiny Rayquaza

Shiny Rayquaza fiercely dons grayish black colors instead of green
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeDragon / Flying
IntroducedGen 3
Regular/Non-shiny ColorGreen
Shiny ColorBlack

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s just a black jet-like serpentine snake-dragon flying towards you! At number 15, Shiny Rayquaza shows its terrifying presence in this rare form.

Even in its Non-Shiny form, Rayquaza is already a fearsome Dragon/Flying Legendary beast. It’s all green, with yellow markings all over its body. Its eyes glow yellow too.

In this Shiny version, it swaps its green color with black. This makes its yellow markings and eyes stand out, especially at night.

If you want to see Shiny Rayquaza in action, watch the Pokemon movie Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. You see it roaming the night sky to protect Hoopa, and in some scenes it Mega Evolves and glows!

14. Shiny Greninja

Shiny Greninja shows its ninja-like appearance with black and red
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeWater / Dark
IntroducedGen 6
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Blue, Pink, and Light Yellow
Shiny ColorBlack and Red

At number 14, this frog ninja hops and dashes to our cool Shiny Pokemon list!

Greninja, as is, already looks really cool. It’s a frog Pokemon that acts like a ninja. Its skin is dark blue, like a ninja suit, and it has a scarf-like tongue that wraps around its neck and lower face to conceal its identity.

Shiny Greninja takes its coolness to another level. Instead of blue skin, it is now all black. It has white orbs on its limbs, and its tongue scarf is now red.

This black suit-like appearance is definitely befitting its ninja life. Red on black is also visually appealing!

13. Shiny Lucario

Shiny Lucario exchanges its blue fur with yellow
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeFighting / Steel
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlue, Black, and Yellow
Shiny ColorDark Blue Green, Yellow, Turquoise

Next on our list is Shiny Lucario, a Fighting/Steel Pokemon and definitely a good boi.

Due to its dog-like appearance, Lucario seems to be based on canines. According to some fans, the basis for Lucario’s design could be golden jackals or African golden wolves. 

Non-Shiny Lucario might not seem like it’s based on those two due to its blue fur. But after seeing its Shiny form, we are completely convinced.

Shiny Lucario has bright yellow fur, which is almost golden-like. The black fur on its face, hands, abdomen and feet is also replaced with a dark teal color.

Lucario also Mega Evolves, and its Shiny form still retains the golden yellow glow.

12. Shiny Roselia / Shiny Roserade

Shiny Roselia and Shiny Roserade gets purple and black roses instead of their usual blue and red
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeGrass / Poison
IntroducedGen 3
Regular/Non-shiny ColorGreen, Red, and Blue
Shiny ColorGreen, Purple, Black

Let’s stop and smell the roses for our entry number 12. We’re doing a double feature for this spot with Shiny Roselia and Shiny Roserade!

Roselia and Roserade are one of the prettiest plant and flower Pokemon in the series. Aside from having leafy green and yellow-green bodies, they both carry red and blue roses.

For their Shiny forms, they replace these colorful flowers with morose-colored ones. For Shiny Roselia and Shiny Roserade, these roses are now purple and black.

Pokemon trainers who would like a Halloween or goth vibe theme for their team would probably want one of these rose Pokemon Shinies.

11. Shiny Haxorus

Haxorus sheds its golden colors for black in its Shiny version
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 5
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Gold, Black, and Red
Shiny ColorDark Grey, Black, and Red

At number 11, the mighty Shiny Haxorus joins our list!

Haxorus is already an impressive Pokemon. From its cute pre-evolution Axew, it grows into a fearsome and golden bipedal dragon-like Pokemon.

But it even levels up its coolness in its Shiny form. Gold and red go well together to give a majestic and regal feel. But black and red can give quite a fierce aura as well.

As Shiny Haxorus, it transforms its golden armor into black and gray. With this color combo, the red claws and blade edges stand out in the best way possible.

Honestly, both Haxorus versions are extremely cool. Well done, Game Freak!

10. Shiny Mewtwo

Mewtwo's purple colors gets replaced with white and neon green in its alien-like Shiny Mewtwo variant
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorPurple
Shiny ColorWhite and Green

We’re down to our last 10 Shinies! We’ll start our top 10 with one of the best Pokemon in the games and anime – the artificial and man-made Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Remember when we said that Espeon isn’t the only Psychic Pokemon that transforms into an alien green creature in its Shiny form? Yep, Shiny Mewtwo does the same!

Mewtwo’s skin is a combination of light purple and purple. The rest of its body is light purple, while its lower abdomen and all the way to the tip of its tail is in a darker purple shade.

And just like Espeon, it swaps its purple color with neon green. The majority of Shiny Mewtwo’s body is now white, while its abdomen and tail are neon green in color.

The games later added new forms for Mewtwo. It got two Mega Evolutions, Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. 

Both of these Mega Evolution forms also get the same white and green color palette in their Shiny versions. For Shiny Mega Mewtwo X, its abdomen, tail, and shoulder pads turn green. 

Meanwhile, Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y has a paler green color, which you can see on its fingers and toes. It also doesn’t have a tail, but its head is connected to a long, tube-like appendage that is also pale green.

Regular Mewtwo was already alien-like, but its Shiny form and Mega Evolutions really push the otherworldly design to the extreme!

9. Shiny Shinx

Shiny Shinx shines brightly in its golden yellow and orange colors
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorLight Teal Blue, Yellow, and Black
Shiny ColorYellow, Orange, and Black

You might want to slightly shield your eyes from the glow of our next entry.

With a golden aura emanating from its adorable stature, we present the adorable golden lion Shinx in its Shiny form!

If it’s not immediately obvious to some of you, Shinx is actually an Electric type Pokemon. Shinx’s blue and black fur can definitely throw you for a loop. 

But to be fair, its inner ears, tail tip, and yellow eyes do point out its type. Overall, its design seems to be inspired by lion cubs or lynx kittens. 

However, its Shiny form really showcases its golden lion cub design and Electric type. Shiny Shinx turns its blue fur into golden yellow. Its inner ears, tail, ankles, and eyes are now orange.

Now that’s an electric lion!

8. Shiny Honedge

Honedge coats its silver blade with red in its Shiny form
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeSteel / Ghost
IntroducedGen 6
Regular/Non-shiny ColorSilver and Blue
Shiny ColorMaroon, Red, and Purple

This next Shiny Pokemon takes us back in time to the Middle Ages.

With knights, sword fights, and the bloody reality of wars, Shiny Honedge is here to shake up our list!

Honedge is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon that is based on a sword from the medieval period. It looks like a regular sword, with its blade in steel silver, its hilt in gray, and its sash and tassel in blue.

It is said that Honedge came to be because of a spirit possessing a sword. Its Pokedex entries imply that the spirit inhabiting it was killed by the very blade it is possessing.

Quite a bloody fact, innit? This matches well with Shiny Honedge’s red-blood blade!

In this form, it makes it look like the steel is covered in blood after striking someone. How frightening!

7. Shiny Arceus

Shiny Arceus shows its god-like aura with yellow and gold
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 4
Regular/Non-shiny ColorWhite, Black, and Gold
Shiny ColorYellow and Gold

Known as the creator of multiple Pokemon and the world they inhabit, Arceus is regarded as the god of the Pokemon universe.

Its overall form looks otherworldly but also familiar. Some fans think Arceus resembles a qilin or a centaur, but its head and spikes look unusual.

Non-Shiny Arceus has a white and black body. You’ll also notice golden hooves, a golden part on its forehead, and golden protrusions coming from its sides. 

Arceus also has green gems embedded on its protrusions, as well as on its face. Its sclera is green but its irises are red.

While that looks impressive and god-like already, Shiny Arceus improves on it. Its body is now more golden, with the white part replaced with a light golden yellow shade. It harkens back to golden statues of revered gods and figures of the past. 

When seeing Shiny Arceus, you can’t help but exclaim, “Behold, the Pokemon god!”

6. Shiny Pikachu

Shiny Pikachu stands out with its golden orange color
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorYellow
Shiny ColorYellow Orange

To continue the train for golden Shinies, we have Shiny Pikachu at number 6!

As the face of the Pokemon franchise and one of the most popular and beloved Pokemon ever, we’re all familiar with how Pikachu looks.

It’s an Electric type called the Mouse Pokemon, so it aptly has yellow fur all over it. Its long, rabbit-like ears have black tips, and its cheeks have red circles on them. It stores electricity on its cheeks, so watch out and don’t squish it!

Pikachu also has a zigzaggy tail like a lightning bolt, which also conveys its Electric nature. At the base of its tail is brown fur. Male Pikachus have a straight edge at the end of its tail, while female Pikachus have a curved end resembling a heart.

But how does a Shiny Pikachu stand out from normal Pikachus?

Once you stumble upon a Shiny Pikachu in the wild, you’ll immediately know. The change might not seem as drastic compared to other cool Shiny Pokemon on this list, but it definitely stands out.

Shiny Pikachu’s coat is a deeper color than regular Pikachu. Instead of yellow, it is a deeper golden orange color. Its cheeks are also pink instead of red and the brown fur on its tail is lighter in shade.

If you want to see more of Shiny Pikachu, check out the episode “A Plethora of Pikachu!” from the Sun and Moon animated series. In it, you’ll see a Shiny Pikachu nicknamed Boss. Not only does Boss’s fur stand out, but its pompadour is also quite impressive!

You’re definitely the boss, Shiny Pikachu.

5. Shiny Gyarados

Instead of the usual blue, Shiny Gyarados shows its rage with its red scales
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeWater / Flying
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorBlue
Shiny ColorRed

Roaring in the skies and seas, we have Shiny Gyarados on our top five!

Gyarados is a Water/Flying Pokemon that evolves from Magikarp. It has a mean temper and is known as the “deity of destruction” due to its tendency to demolish places and its inability to stop its rampages until everything is destroyed.

From the seemingly calm Magikarp whose only drive is to splash, it’s a surprise how it turns into Gyarados. Apparently, its evolution process changes its brain structure and makes it rageful.

Unlike its violent nature, regular Gyarados has a cool blue theme for its colors. The majority of its scales are blue, as well as the barbels on its face and the three-pointed crest on its forehead.

On the other hand, Shiny Gyarados shows its rage really well just from its colors. It is deep red, which matches its temper perfectly. It swaps its blue scales with red, the same as its barbels and forehead crest.

Shiny Gyarados is also known as Red Gyarados. It is one of the only two Shiny Pokemon that are canon to the games. This means it actually shows up in the games!

In the Gen 2 games, the player comes across a Red Gyarados inhabiting the Lake of Rage. Because of Red Gyarados attacking boats and swimmers, the place became dangerous to visit. 

It turns out that Team Rocket’s electromagnetic waves from its radio broadcast over the lake induce the Magikarps to evolve. In the anime, it explained that this forceful act gives no time for the Magikarp to change its color to blue. No wonder they’re mad!

Whether it’s blue or red, let’s just stay out of Gyarados’s way, okay?

4. Shiny Mew

The rare Shiny Mew swaps pastel pink with pastel blue
Source: Bulbapedia
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorPastel Pink
Shiny ColorPastel Blue

Floating and adorably giggling at number four, pastel blue Shiny Mew joins our list!

Mew is a Psychic Mythical Pokemon with a curious and playful personality. Its origins in the Pokemon world is shrouded in mystery. 

This is because it rarely shows itself to humans. The meager research from experts suggests it to be the last common ancestor of all Pokemon due to it having all Pokemon DNA.

Character design-wise, it resembles a cat and a jerboa. Originally, it also looked closer to an embryo, which matches the belief that Mew is a link to all Pokemon. Its color is also pastel pink.

Shiny Mew, however, is pastel blue in color. While pastel pink Mew is cute, its pastel blue version is also adorable and perfect for people who are not that fond of pink.

The problem is that it’s incredibly difficult to get Shiny Mew.

The only methods to get it are the 2002 Thanksgiving event, using the Old Sea Map in Pokemon Emerald’s Japanese copy, or doing Pokemon Go’s Kanto Tour Event. Only the last two methods can transfer Shiny Mew to modern games.

If regular Mew is rare, Shiny Mew is even rarer. If you’ve been one of the chosen few to encounter Shiny Mew, let us know in the comment section — so we may bow at your presence!

3. Shiny Gengar

Shiny Gengar gets a faded purple color, while Shiny Mega Gengar looks like a white ghost
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeGhost / Poison
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Purple
Shiny ColorGrey, White (Mega)

We’re down to our last three Shinies. For this third spot, we gotta hand it to Shiny Gengar and its Shiny Mega form!

We have to admit though, regular Gengar’s Shiny form isn’t really that much. Gengar’s color is normally dark purple. As a Ghost/Poison Pokemon, the color matches it well.

But in its Shiny form, it only gets a subdued shade of that color. Its eyes are still red, although slightly lighter. It doesn’t have any other color changes.

However, when you Mega Evolve your Shiny Gengar, this is where it stands out as one of the coolest Shiny Pokemon in the series.

Shiny Mega Gengar turns white like a ghost! It also looks like it’s phasing through the ground.

Its white color has a slight tinge of pinkish purple. Its eyes are now black instead of red, and its third eye is light yellow in color.

Unfortunately, Shiny Mega Gengar is far from being a friendly ghost. Its very nature is warped due to Mega Evolution, so it’s more vicious than usual. 

It would be wise to admire Shiny Mega Gengar from afar.

2. Shiny Charizard

Shiny Charizard has a charcoal-like color instead
Source: Bulbapedia
TypeFire / Flying
IntroducedGen 1
Regular/Non-shiny ColorOrange and Teal
Shiny ColorBlack and Red

Make way for one of the coolest Shiny Pokemon in town! Rising from the burnt embers, here’s Shiny Charizard with its charcoal-like body!

If it’s not obvious by now, Charizard continues to be one of the most popular Pokemon in the games. You can’t blame its fans – it’s a ferocious European dragon-like Pokemon and it breathes fire!

Its orange skin with teal inner wings is iconic. The tip of its tail burns with yellow and red fire.

While the original Charizard looks really cool already, Shiny Charizard greatly improves on it. From the ashes, it rises with its charcoal-colored body and scarlet inner wings. Its tail still burns bright.

Interestingly, Shiny Charizard didn’t always look this way. Back in Gen 2 it had a purple body and green inner wings. Its tail fire was also purple. 

Although Shiny Charizard doesn’t look like that anymore, Game Freak decided to make its Shiny forms for Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y reuse the purple and green color palette.

Shiny Mega Charizard X rocks the teal green color. Its tail tip and the flames coming out from its mouth are a chilling blue fire.

Meanwhile, Shiny Mega Charizard Y takes the purple color. Its flames are still red and yellow just like Shiny Charizard. Both Mega Charizards have red inner wings.

Remember when we said that Charizard is quite popular? Well, in addition to the forms mentioned already, Charizard also gets a Gigantamax form!

Normally, Gigantamax Charizard just uses Charizard’s colors. But in its Shiny version, it mixes charcoal black and purple for a unique dark purple shade.

All of Shiny Charizard’s forms are mega and giga cool!

1. Shiny Lunala

Shiny Lunala gets red wings instead of blue and now looks like a Blood Moon
Source: Bulbapedia
TypePsychic / Ghost
IntroducedGen 7
Regular/Non-shiny ColorDark Purple and Light Yellow
Shiny ColorBlood Red and Light Yellow

From the humble blue Shuckle to the ferocious Red Gyarados and Black Charizard, it has been quite a ride listing down some of the coolest Shiny Pokemon ever.

But we’d like to end this list with a bang! So at number one on our list, and the Shiny Pokemon we’ve crowned as the best there is, may we present Shiny Lunala.

This Psychic/Ghost Legendary Pokemon from the Gen 7 games is based on bats and the moon (Batman would approve). Its wings are in a deep shade of blue, while the skeletal tips are light yellow.

Lunala actually has a Full Moon phase where its wings turn white. It definitely looks like a full moon when it spreads its wings!

However, the Lunala form that really wowed us is its Shiny version. Shiny Lunala swaps its blue wings with scarlet red. When it spreads its wings, it resembles a Blood Moon!

A Blood Moon or a Total Lunar Eclipse is a phenomenon where the moon gets eclipsed by our planet Earth. Our planet gets in the way and covers the moon from the sun, which gives the moon a reddish tinge instead.

The concept of Blood Moon in games, like in Terraria or Breath of the Wild, is always fascinating. For Shiny Lunala, it’s nice to see that Game Freak put a clever reason for its Shiny colors.

If 55 Shiny Pokemon weren’t enough for you, check out our top 30 cutest Pokemon ever!