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Best Rabbit (Bunny) Pokemon Ranked

Best Rabbit (Bunny) Pokemon Ranked

Time for the Pokemon bunnies to hop in! 

Pokemon actually doesn’t have a lot of rabbits. In total, it currently only has eight of these cute critters.

Still, we gathered and ranked them according to how rabbit-like they are. Enjoy this hop-tastic list!

Is Pikachu a rabbit?
Source: Tenor

Firstly though, you may be looking for Pikachu on this list. Is Pikachu a rabbit?

No, Pikachu is not a rabbit Pokemon. It is in fact categorized as a Mouse Pokemon.

List of All Bunny Pokemon

Here is a list of all rabbit Pokemon that can be found in the Pokedex:

AzumarillWater/FairyGen 2
BunearyNormalGen 4
LopunnyNormalGen 4
BunnelbyNormalGen 6
DiggersbyNormal/GroundGen 6
RabootFireGen 8
CinderaceFire Gen 8
ScorbunnyFireGen 8

8. Bunnelby

Bunnelby in bushes
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s start the list with a Pokemon that looks really close to a real-life rabbit!

Bunnelby is a Normal type Pokemon with mostly gray fur. Its neck fur and the tips of its ears and feet have brown coloring instead. You’ll also notice its prominent large upper incisors.

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Its ears are really massive, which Bunnelbies use for digging and burrowing holes. It also keeps an ear out to quickly detect the wing flapping sounds of Corviknights. 

Corviknights are its natural predators, so Bunnelbies really have to be sensitive to any noises they hear. Stay safe, Bunnelby!

7.  Diggersby

Diggersby looking angry
Source: Bulbapedia

Next on our list is Bunnelby’s evolution, the ear-flexing rabbit Diggersby!

True to its category, Diggersby are excellent diggers. Their ears look like muscular forearms and are actually quite strong. If it was great at burrowing holes as a Bunnelby, it’s now exceptional as a Diggersby.

Aside from digging, they also excel at lifting heavy things with their ears. As noted in their Pokedex entries, they are outstanding helpers in construction work due to their strong ears. They can lift heavy boulders or excavate plots of land.

Flex those ears, Diggersby!

6. Azumarill

Azumarill smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

The adorable Azumarill gets the sixth spot on our list! 

I won’t blame you if you didn’t know Azumarill is categorized as a rabbit Pokemon. Its pre-evolution was called the Aqua Mouse Pokemon, so some fans expected Azumarill to be the same.

That’s not the only thing that surprised Pokemon fans about this Pokemon. Initially, Azumarill was listed as a Water type Pokemon. But due to the introduction of Fairy types, it was later changed to have the dual typing Water/Fairy.

And like a helpful water fairy, Azumarill swoops in to help anyone it sees drowning. It’s an amazing swimmer and can make an air balloon in the water to help anyone breathe.

With its cute expression, adorable oval shape, helpful nature, and endearing bunny ears, Azumarill does fit its new typing and the rabbit fairy look!

Now that we have an Aqua Rabbit Pokemon, here’s hoping we get a pink bunny Pokemon in the upcoming gen.

5. Raboot

Raboot in battle
Source: Bulbapedia

At number five, we have Raboot, the second evolution of Scorbunny, and a Pokemon officially categorized as a rabbit Pokemon.

Interestingly, Raboot looks like a humanoid rabbit. It looks like it’s wearing a turtleneck sweater, with footwear-like markings on its feet and front pockets on its dark gray fur.

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Some fans are not fond of how some Pokemon take a bipedal, humanoid look. However, for Raboot, it seems sort of understandable. It uses its “fur clothing” to keep itself warm.

The Scorbunny evolution line loves football, and Raboot definitely shows this. It is said that it uses berries to practice its football kicking and footwork juggling.

4. Cinderace

Cinderace poised for battle
Source: Bulbapedia

The evolution of Raboot and the final form of the Scorbunny line, Cinderace is one tough-looking fire bunny Pokemon.

Given it is the final evolution of a Gen 8 starter-Pokemon, Cinderace is the strongest rabbit Pokemon.

If Raboot was slightly humanoid, Cinderace takes it to a whole new level. It looks like a real football player now, with its fur looking like a sports tank top and pants.

But its football enthusiasm isn’t just for show. Some of Cinderace’s moves and skills are football-related. It can juggle a pebble with its feet and legs until it becomes a ball of fire that it can kick at its enemies!

3. Scorbunny

Scorbunny standing in a field
Source: Bulbapedia

As one of Galar region’s starter Pokemon, we have to give Scorbunny the third spot!

Scorbunny is one energetic rabbit. This fire bunny Pokemon can leave a trail of flames from its mere warm-up run!

According to the anime, its feet can actually bring luck. We’d like some of that, Scorbunny!

2. Lopunny

Lopunny battling in a stadium
Source: Bulbapedia

Six rabbits down, two to go! For the second spot, Lopunny hops in to join our list!

See its beautiful ears? Lopunny is very proud of its fluffy, hair-like ears. It will groom it a few times a day and will retaliate if it gets handled wrong.

Still, Lopunnies are very sweet. As the evolution of Buneary, you need high friendship to be close to it as well. However, when you Mega evolve it, it can get a bit aggressive.

Watch out for this fluffy rabbit!

1. Buneary

Buneary smiling
Image Source: Bulbapedia

And the bunny that we picked as the best rabbit Pokemon is the ever fluffy and adorable Buneary!

Introduced in Gen 4, this bunny only evolves if you have a high friendship with it. It likes to tuck itself into its fluffy fleece-like fur when sleeping.

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To care for a Buneary, keep in mind that its ears are a very important part of it and should be checked often. It uses its ears a lot to hear and detect any danger. When it unrolls one ear, it can actually use it as an attack!

Nevertheless, according to one of its Pokedex entries, when you see a Buneary with its ears both raised and unrolled, something might be wrong with it and you should check on it immediately!

Keep your Buneary’s ears in tip-top shape and everything should be smooth sailing for your bunny friend!