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Best Pokemon Nicknames List

Best Pokemon Nicknames List

Sometimes a good nickname makes your Pokemon a bit more special.

Nicknames are a good way to make your Pokemon extra dear to you!

We’ve come up with cute, cool, funny, and meaningful nickname ideas for some of the most popular Pokemon. Let’s get to naming, shall we?

Pikachu Nicknames

Pikachu in various costumes
Source: Bulbapedia

As one of the most popular Pokemon in the series, we gotta have Pikachu at the top of our list. Because of its type, we can get creative with electricity and lightning for Pikachu’s nicknames.

Cute Pikachu Nicknames

  • Sparky – Ritchie, a recurring character in the Pokemon animated series, has a Pikachu named Sparky! It’s quite a cute name that shows the lightning spark of Pikachu.
  • Zipzap – Pikachu zips and zaps with its speed and electricity!
  • Chuchu – Chu sounds cute, and repeating it makes it doubly cute! It’s also the Japanese onomatopoeia for a kissy sound.

Meaningful Pikachu Nicknames

  • Rai – Raijin is the Japanese god of lightning, thunder, and storms. You can shorten it Rai to make it sound like a name.
  • Denki – It’s another Japanese word that means lightning.
  • Light – Pikachu’s electricity brings light!
  • Marigold – This bright yellow flower is a good nickname for Pikachu.

Funny Pikachu Nicknames

  • PKthunder – This is a move from the Mother game series. For Smash Bros fans, they know how flashback-inducing this nickname is!
  • Thor – This Norse hammer-wielding god is associated with lightning and thunder. If your Pikachu is god-like in skills, this is a mighty nickname for this electric mouse.
  • Lightbulb – What can Pikachu light up with its electricity? Aha, a light bulb!

If you have other Electric types on your team, these suggestions are also great Electric Pokemon nicknames.

Lucario Nicknames

Lucario fists out
Source: Bulbapedia

Because of his cool demeanor, a lot of players tend to give Lucario cool nicknames. Take a peek at the Meaningful Nicknames section below for some suggestions. In contrast, a cute nickname will give Lucario an adorable charm.

Cute Lucario Nicknames

  • Riri – The “ri” in Lucario’s name can be repeated for a cute-sounding name.
  • Lulu – Same with Riri, you can repeat the “lu” part for a cute nickname. Lulu is also a real name from different parts of the world. The meaning varies, from pearl and precious, to peaceful and calm.

Meaningful Lucario Nicknames

  • Lupin – This Latin name means “of a wolf” or “pertaining to a wolf.” Lucario is based on wolves.
  • Anubis – Lucario’s design could be based on this Egyptian god. Anubis also has the head of an African golden wolf.
  • Lykos – Greek word for wolf. 
  • Luca – This is also a shortened version of Lucario. Luca is also a Latin and Italian name. In Latin, it means “bringer of light.” This fits well with how Lucario evolves during the day.
  • Lucy – It’s another Latin name that means “as of light” or “born at dawn or daylight.” This also fits with Lucario’s evolution requirement.

Funny Lucario Nicknames

  • Bandit – This is due to Lucario’s mask-like detail on its face. 
  • Wolfie – Wolf origins? Why not reflect it on Lucario’s nickname.
  • GoodBoi – Because Lucario deserves pats and is definitely a good boy!

Charizard Nicknames

Charizard and Pikachu friends
Source: Bulbapedia

Charizard is fierce, so we’ve given it some cool nicknames. But that doesn’t mean cute and funny monikers don’t fit it as well!

Cute Charizard Nicknames

  • Chari – This might just be the first part of Charizard’s name, but it’s plenty cute! If you picked this nickname as a kid, I’m sure little-you were being creative.
  • Chacha – Double the cha, double the cuteness.
  • Charla – One of the Charizards from the Pokemon anime had this nickname. It’s also a pretty cute play on the name Darla.
  • Flint – It’s a tiny rock that can help ignite or spark a flame. This also fits a Charmander!

Meaningful Charizard Nicknames

  • Ignatius – This name means fiery and ardent – a perfect name for a Pokemon like Charizard.
  • Aidan – With roots from Irish mythology, Aidan means “little fire.” That sounds like a good nickname for a Charmander too!
  • Blaze – Charizard can definitely set the stage ablaze with his fiery personality.
  • Drake – In Latin and Old Norse, Drake means dragon. You can also name another Pokemon as Josh for a duo combo.

Funny Charizard Nicknames

  • Charles – For those who want their Charizard to seem a little dapper.
  • Smaug – The dragon in The Hobbit hoarded treasures. Charizard probably only hoards Poke Puffs.
  • Lizardon – Charizard’s Japanese name works well in English too.
  • Charaznable – Gundam fans, this is the Charizard nickname for you!
  • Flameo – This time, it’s the Avatar: The Last Airbender fans’ turn. Flameo, hotman!

Many of these will also make great fire Pokemon nicknames, too!

Eevee Nicknames

Eevee looking at each other
Source: Bulbapedia

Like Eevee’s evolution potential, this Pokemon has a lot of probable good nicknames. Take your pick!

Cute Eevee Nicknames

  • Pancake, Biscuit, Cookie, Muffin, Maple, Ginger, Cinnamon, Peanut, Caramel – Basically, a lot of food words fit very well for Eevee!
  • Eve – This is derived from Eevee’s name. Eve also has Latin and Hebrew origins, and means “life” or “living.”
  • Vivi – Also from Eevee’s name, repeating the “vee” part makes it sound cute!

Speaking of cuteness, check out our Top 30 Cutest Pokemon ever!

Meaningful Eevee Nicknames

  • Amaranth – In Greek, it means “unfading.” It is also a plant that has flowers with many colors. It fits how Eevee can evolve into different Pokemon, and a trace of Eevee can still be found in its evolutions.
  • Clay – Like clay, Eevee has a lot of potential and can be molded in different ways to evolve into different Pokemon.

Funny Eevee Nicknames

  • Eeeeee – A squeal sound fitting for Eevee’s cuteness. Eeeeeee!!
  • Floof – Regular Eevee is quite fluffy, but Gigantamax Eevee definitely ups the fluffiness!
  • PkmnMascot2 – Pikachu is Pokemon Mascot 1. Eevee is definitely Pokemon Mascot 2.

Glaceon Nicknames

Glaceon staring
Source: Bulbapedia

This cool Pokemon definitely deserves some cool nicknames! Expect some ice and snow-related names that will leave you shivering with glee.

Cute Glaceon Nicknames

  • Snowflake – This is a classic snow or ice nickname!
  • Powder – Powder snow is newly fallen snow that is delicate and light to the touch. It’s also a cute and dainty nickname!
  • Tinsel – The shiny metal foil decorations we see during Christmas is a cute nickname too. Shine bright, Glaceon!
  • Icee – It’s a slushie drink, but it’s a cute nickname for this Ice Pokemon too.

Meaningful Glaceon Nicknames

  • Avalanche – This is a good nickname to give a Glaceon who sweeps its opponents with its icy might!
  • Noelle – It means Christmas, which is a snowy holiday in the Northern Hemisphere of the world.
  • Fractal – It’s the term for repeating patterns. You can see it in nature, like in snowflakes.

Funny Glaceon Nicknames

  • Elsa – Do you want to build a snowman, Glaceon?
  • Olaf – Or if you want Glaceon to be the snowman, be our guest.
  • Jon Snow – For when your Glaceon, unfortunately, knows nothing.
  • Big Chill – You bet Glaceon is the boss when it comes to chilling.

Leafeon Nicknames

Leafon staring
Source: Bulbapedia

We’ve added a lot of plant-related names for Leafeon. Check out the funny section too for some leafy laughs!

Cute Leafeon Nicknames

  • Leafy or Leafie – Turn the word leaf into a cute one with this nickname!
  • Tea Leaf – For tea aficionados, this is a good nickname for your Leafeon.
  • Bud – It evokes a tiny leaf bud. Leafeon is your buddy too.

Meaningful Leafeon Nicknames

  • Ivy, Moss, Basil, Fern, Jasmine – Plant names are perfect for Leafeon!
  • Verde – In a lot of languages, Verde means green.
  • Chloe – This name has Greek roots. It’s related to “blooming” and “green shoot” during springtime.
  • Ilan or Ilana – These names mean tree in Hebrew.

Funny Leafeon Nicknames

  • Christofern – For the goody two shoes Leafeon in your party.
  • Lucifern – But if your Leafeon walks on the wild side, this might be the nickname for it.
  • Groot – When you think about it, Groot seems like a Pokemon when it repeats its name.
  • Salad – Leafeon promotes healthy eating!
  • Green Bean – Leafeon makes a mean green bean.

Sylveon Nicknames

Sylveon gazing
Source: Bulbapedia

Sylveon is cute, dainty, and pink! So for Sylveon nicknames, we wanted to focus on those elements. Flaunt that cuteness, Sylveon!

Cute Sylveon Nicknames

  • Ribbon – As a Pokemon with lots of ribbons, this nickname suits Sylveon well.
  • Lace – It’s such a dainty nickname for a Fairy type Pokemon like Sylveon.
  • Jellybean – Sylveon is cute and pink and sorta tiny – just like a jelly bean!

Meaningful Sylveon Nicknames

  • Silvia or Silvie – This is from the “Sylv” part of Sylveon’s name. Interestingly, Silvia and Silvie have name meanings pertaining to the woods and forest. Fairies are commonly known to inhabit these places!
  • Sakura – The Cherry Blossom trees and its blossoms reflect Sylveon’s pinkness and prettiness.
  • Fay – This name comes from the Old French word faie, which means fairy. As a Fairy type Pokemon, this is a good nickname for Sylveon.
  • Nymphia – This is Sylveon’s Japanese name, which also works as a nickname.

Funny Sylveon Nicknames

  • Pink Salt – I hope your opponents won’t be too salty when your Sylveon stomps on them on the battlefield! 
  • SailorMoon – With Sylveon’s Moonblast move and long ribbons that look like twin tails, we can’t help but be reminded of Sailor Moon!

Umbreon Nicknames

Umbreon looking unamused
Source: Bulbapedia

With a high enough friendship, Eevee evolves into Umbreon at night. So for Umbreon’s nicknames, we decided to mostly focus on night-themed ones. Here are some cute and cool nicknames for Umbreon!

Cute Umbreon Nicknames

  • Midnight or Moonlight – It’s a great nickname for a Pokemon that evolves at night.
  • Nightingale – Umbreon might not be a bird, but this nickname is too cute to pass up!
  • Pepper – Like the tiny black seasoning that spices up our food, Umbreon spices up your team with its Dark type specialty.

Meaningful Umbreon Nicknames

  • Luna – It means moon in Latin.
  • Selene or Selena – She is the Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Lucine or Altalune – Both are related to the moon. Lucine is light and moon related, while Altalune means “over the moon.”
  • Diana – It means divine. The Roman goddess of the moon is also called Diana.
  • Eclipse – A phenomenon where one celestial body covers another. It’s pretty mysterious like Umbreon!
  • Nightshade – It’s a family of plants that also sounds like a cool nickname.
  • Obsidian – It’s a black volcanic rock that comes from quickly solidifying lava.

Funny Umbreon Nicknames

  • Dark Knight or Dark Star – For trainers who want a bit of an edgy nickname for their Umbreon.
  • Darkseid – One of DC Comics’ most fearsome villains.
  • Nightmare – When you want to strike fear in your enemies with just a name!

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Male and Female Charizard with trainer
Source: Bulbapedia

Did you find a nickname you want to use? Let us know which ones you liked in the comment section below!

You can also suggest more Pokemon we can nickname next time. For now, let’s give Name Rater a visit.